Monday, April 1, 2013

State of the Tremayne's Union.

So last week, it was all,

and this week, it was all,
And since this beautiful weather just happened to coincide with Easter break, I've been feeling pretty happy.  And fat and sassy.

I have been chomping at the bit to add more molding to the front rooms (it's a sickness, really--), but I knew, while the kiddos were out of school and the weather was behaving so nicely, and there was a lovely holiday going on and all,

that it was time to put away the tools, vacuum up the sawdust, and focus on things like boys 'n sun 'n dirt,

and going to the park and making various flavors of snow cone syrup that has made my floor endlessly sticky.
I'm saying it's been a good week.  'S what I'm saying.
Oh!  And so we had this neighborhood Easter egg hunt 'n stuff, and it was then that I realized--
all I have to do is out-run these kids and hip check people out of my way and the world could be mine?!?!
And so I hooked myself up.

SUCKERS.  But then the hubs was all,
"Honey!  What are you doing??  This is for kids!"
and I'm like,

"WHAT?!?  EW.  Next time I'm marrying for money!"
And there was this audible gasp.
Oh, I kidd.   But my neighbors are cooler than yours.
Unless you are my neighbor.  Then you would have cooler neighbors, because I would be yours.
Oh, I kidd.  But seriously, there was a lot of eating.  Because good weekends always include a lot of eating, don't they?  Of course they do.  Oh good grief these were heavenly.
And have you tried my world famous triple berry syrup?  It's AMAY-ZING.  So amazing, that no one knows about it and no one ever asks for it.
And the nude 5 year old chose maple, instead.
But he can't even dress himself so his opinion doesn't count.
And there was a couple evenings of indoor shmallow roasting-- and half the neighborhood was over here toasting shmallows,

(that's my arm on the right.  Okay it's Jeffro's.) 
and you should know that I have an unnatural fear of fire, so whenever they caught fire, I was like freaking and all "BLOW IT OUT BLOW IT OUT!".  So I might have ruined it a bit by being the freaky mommy.

But other than that--

it was awesome.


Jackie said...

That's so serious eggs for the hunt. I think my kids came home with at least that many from my mother's house. I think she may have overdone it a bit. Or I'm just lazy. I don't put treats in the eggs I didn't hide this year. We didn't have enough time (as in I have paid the dental industry enough money this year alone), but they got the full blown Easter experience anyway. Grandparents are great like that.

Samantha said...

They'll remember the occasion for your freaking out :) They'll forget the boring mum's who just didn't get bothered by the fire lol

Lori said...

how fun, snow really last week! I heart Texas. And your children and your neighbors will never forget you and have a ton of fun stories to tell.

kathy v said...

please, please, pretty please... (alright maybe not pretty please) where did you find the marshmallow roasting thing?

Mandi@TidbitsfromtheTremaynes said...

Hahaha it was a Christmas present, but I'm pretty sure it came from Sams Club. I've seen it on Amazon, too. It's made by Hershey's!

Lorilyn Crum said...

Sometimes my one kid who's only 5 mo stresses me out - but then I see you posts like these and I get really excited for the future.

The Mathematical Chic said...

Where did you get that little marshmallow toaster? It's so cute!

Hippymom83 said...

Wow! Kuddos to you, cuz' my spring break was the POLAR OPPOSITE! My kid sat in front of the boob-tube playing Playstation while I cleaned out closets and made multiple trips to Menards and Walmart and kept feeling guilty about ignoring my son, but I just REALLY had to clean out the spare room and so on, and so on.....
But we did spend time together while he helped hold a light while I re-wired it...That's something right? And then there was that board game I forced him to play with me and hubby....
Yeah, I suck....I shoot me.

Emily said...

I will ask for the recipe of your world famous triple berry syrup. I would choose it over maple. Ü