Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Scenes From A Kitchen Window.

Gah, I love Pinterest.  It's had me in stitches the last couple nights.  Wanna see what I think is heeelarious?
Some other time, then. 
I've been pinning crap like this.
Source: via Mandi on Pinterest
Or this.
 And I love this whole kitchen window shelf idea.

 I mean, how much time do I spend staring out my kitchen window in a day?  I deserve to see something beautiful whilst I scrub my pots and pans and my hands dry out and look old and witchy!  I even have a blog post dedicated to scenes from a kitchen window!
So, yeah, I was like, . .
And these shelf brackets I just so happened to have lying around sat like this in my kitchen for two weeks.  I could have cleaned this area up before I took the picture, but that is not the way of my people. 

And the hubs was all,

"So, um. . . what's going on here, then?"
And I'm all,
"Oh I think it'd be just lovely to have a shelf there."
And he's all,
"I think it'd be in the way and kind of annoying."
And after two weeks of having those brackets hanging out there, I knew he was right.  Dang it I hate how he's always right.

But I couldn't give this idea up-- I'm stubborn like that.  And ya know, the only reason why I put the shelf brackets there was just to cover up the crappy job I did on the ends of my backsplash.

Why not a shelf above the window?  Why not?

Got myself a cheap-o piece of 1x10.  Oh!  GOOD NEWS!  My router is fixed!  Yay! 

Also, expect an actually real tutorial on using a handheld router, soon.  Promised a friend.  Contain your excitement.

 Nobody gives a shite,

but I used a 3/8" double roman bit today.

And question not my shelf level-ness! I checked for level and the bubble does not lie!

Ta da.

I don't know what my problem is, but my window sill gathers junk like it's nobody's business. I solemnly swear from now on to keep this area clean. It makes the world a happier place.

Also, this is a dollar store project with dollar store moss that no one cares about and the moss smells the end.

I could have cleaned the outside of the windows, but that is not the way of my people.

And so I like it!

 And the hubs never even noticed it, so there!!


Rach said...

That is so funny that your husband didn't even notice.
You did a mighty fine job.
And I totally follow you on Pinterest, and pin just about every funny thing you pin. You are the reason why I have a laugh category.

DressUpNotDown said...

I believe you on the shelf being level...blinds are making 'em look "off". Luckily, I have no OCD tendencies looks GREAT!!!

Jackie said...

He never noticed. So funny. I love it.

Alicia said...

I am going to follow you on Pinterest right now! I do seriously LOVE your blog!

Trina said...

I love your blog. I just really do.

And I'm REALLY interested in the hand-held router tutorial, because every time I use mine, I picture the people on sitcoms who rent floor buffers and end up spinning themselves straight into an injury.

Love the shelf!

MDF Board said...

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SueAnn Lommler said...

Thank is just like a guy! Ha
And I love the shelf!!
Good job

Patty said...

I just wish I had the tools to do what you do. I had Hubby put a shelf(or two) across my window that doesn't open. My flowers love them. Too bad they are not as pretty as yours.

Libby said...

If I could figure out a way to place a shelf across my corner windows I'd so have a glass shelf (thanks to previous owners I own a bunch of glass shelves) across my kitchen windows.

Years ago I saw a store in Toronto that had coloured glass plates on glass shelves in front of a window & I've coveted that look since.

BTW your windows & sills are cleaner than mine!

Cindy said...

Your shelf turned out perfect! I love how you didn't give up on your idea... and your fabulous irreverence always makes my day...


J Young said...

Ohhhh, looks great :) And yeah, don't you just love it when you wait and wait for your husband to notice something and then doesn't? One of two things happen, one, I can't contain myself anymore and finally ask him what he thinks only to be defalted when he acts un-excited; or two, weeks go by and I have forgotten all about what I did and THEN he says something but by then I'm not excited about it anymore. Sigh.

Katie H said...

I have the same idea for my living room windows, but I am going to use wooden brackets and slide a rod between them and use it for curtains.

Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

your blog makes me happy - just sayin' :)

Love the new shelf and wish my kitchen window worked for the same idea but no:( Will have to wait for another inspiration that only requires the five minutes between crying and nursing baby, and cleaning up after a toddler that I have right now...totally reasonable ;)

Team Tindle said...

I've had a terribly cruddy couple of days but your sense of humor always makes me chuckle. I'd say thanks and all 'but that is not the way of my people' LT

ECKDesign said...

^ I agree with Krista. Love this blog.

Emily said...

What a cute idea to put it above the window!

Evelyn said...

He seriously didn't notice it?? Ha ha, that's awesome! I SOOO want to learn to do stuff like're my hero.

ZoZo's Mama said...

So I have this Black and Decker Matrix drill that you can buy attachments for and switch them out and one attachment is a router and I asked the resident "buildy" old guy at the HD where I work about a router and he was all like you need a router table and this and that I was like can barely walk in my garage no room for that. And then I see you being all router-y with no router table,just clamps. So I'm gonna smack that guy next time I see him and buy that router attachment. So thanks!