Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Phase 33 and 1/3. In Which Mandi Complains About Painting Again.

Is anyone paying attention to how long this entryway makeover is taking me?

What is this, like, week 4 or 5 of phase 3?? Sheesh.

Recall this dreamy entryway that is the lofty and unattainable goal:

Source: houzz.com via Mandi on Pinterest

(How many times can one post this picture? A lot, apparently.  And is there such a thing as too many?)

I blame all this time I'm taking on painting.  Good grief it takes forever.  And you know?

When I painted this wall white two weeks back, I surprisingly. . . actually. . . found it soothing.
I figured it was because I'd complained so much about painting that I'd hit rock bottom, and there was nowhere to go but up.

Well that lasted about 5 seconds and now I'm back to the dark side. ("Anger leads to Hate. Hate leads to suffering. . .")

I suffer.

I'd estimate it takes me about 1/10th the time to rip, cut, and nail my pieces up,

And the rest to paint. I'm saying "paint" like a swear. Or the word "panties", because we all know I hate that word, too. Just had a hard time typing it.


I purposely left the gap between my pieces of ply and my routed 1x3 pieces, so as to add in some lovely, expensive rope moulding.

It's not because I made a stupid measuring error, okay?  Get off my back! 

And since I'm full of nothing but whiney honesty today, know that these still need more caulking. They could use another coat of paint.

And so could the door.  But let us not talk about that right now.  Finding my happy place. . .

But we're getting there, right? 

And. . .um, I've also decided that the door casing needs a massive moulding re-do, and since I had all that time to think while I've painted, I've concocted 2 other massive projects in this space, too. So "Project Entryway" will be done in 2027. Ish.  Wait for it.


Libby said...

I think it is coming along just fine...you do other things than just ripping, nailing and *painting* so it's fine for it to rest a bit.
I agree, your door is looking rather um, thin. with all that molding and since your inspiration photo has lots of molding so shall yours!

Mel@Mellywood's Mansion said...

I hate that word as well, they're undies or under duds at our place!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I will wait for it! I love watching the process!! I know...you hate it!

Maureen said...

But look how far you've come! It is looking awesome. I wish I could come and help. Can you think of a way?


L said...

I love your blog, Mandi...my husband, not so much..haha! Not quite as handy as you but not half bad...so everytime I peruse your projects I end up with more for him to do;)
By chance, did you find your large letter T (above the fab black front door) at the Hob Lob?? Pretty sure I remember seeing them there but we have moved and no Hob Lob nearby (I have shed tears..for real). Love it and need an H!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

omg we NEED to trade. I will come paint. which I like doing. and you can work with the wood which scares me. deal?

jasi said...

yeah i'll gladly trade my caulking skills for some crown molding. i can't cut that stuff worth a darn and i'm super short even with a ladder.

Meranda S said...

I am loving these posts, and posting them to my facebook group....

Thankyou for taking pictures of what it looks like before you paint... you have inspired us all!

Looks amazing!