Tuesday, April 30, 2013

NOT The Entryway Again. For The Love.

You know what's missing with this picture?
Besides, well, doneness of this project?
The door.  It's the only one without beefed up moulding.  And this is so wrong.  It's been keeping me up nights.  It invades my dreams. . .
and then a few peeps commented on my "thin" door moulding, and that was just the final straw.
("But I have a transom!  What do I do with the transom!"  I said.)
So, the other day, I was showering my hot and bodacious bod.
(I'm 33.  I am so sick of hating my body.  Plus I don't want my kids to pick up on this kind of crap.)
the water was running over my luscious curves, (I come up with my best ideas whilst showering), and it was then that I realized!
"Duh!  I'm sure other people have moulded around a transom!  Get some inspiration, here!  This is so doable!  Der!"
("Der" is my other "Duh" word.  Try it in a sentence today.)
I mean, isn't this one beautiful?
And so I ran on downstairs and crow barred my existing casing right off, because I meant biz-nis.
And it left a huge, dusty mess, and I had vacuumed this entire area right before.  Sometimes I just don't make sense.
So, um, my door doesn't photograph well.  I swear it looks better in real life.  Well, better enough not to bug me.  Let us not speak of this anymore.
And so I started slapping random pieces of moulding up here-- I wasn't even sure exactly what/how I wanted this--
But I knew it needed to involve this moulding, because it is so very choice.
And yet, it's not beefy enough, so I decided to add some height to it.
Okay-- okay.  Let's just get this out of the way--
My monogram "T" that sits above my door-- it's. . . I. . .
No.  It's too soon.  I can't talk about it.  Something went very wrong and now I have to get the stupid huge ladder and fix my wall and it's so heavy I can't even carry it, and I'm very upset, and let us not speak of this anymore!  It is dead to us.  DEAD.
Moving on. 
So!  Some fluting for the sides, a couple more pieces of whatever left in the garage slapped up there for good measure,
and it's a little less "thin".  I like it.  Now someone kick me in the buns to get the beams done in this area, because I need that little push.


Heather said...

It looks AWESOME!!

Okay, I am literally DYING for a tutorial on how you use your router. I got one for my bday last year and it is NOT as easy as Bib Villa makes it out to be. Tips???

Samantha said...

I LOVE IT!!! You are awesome, I love you. Are you weirded out yet? Yeah, I'll back off now, it's ok, I'm many miles away :)

Did I say how impressive this doorway is now? It's definitely a wow!

Lorilyn Crum said...

I don't comment as often anymore just BC the only time I have time to read blogs is when I'm feeding Ransom and that doesn't make it easy to type, but I still read you girl. Anyway, awesome, it looks awesome.

DressUpNotDown said...

Nope, not thin anymore, now it's PHAT! :o) (I couldn't help myself)


Megan said...

I LOVE it! So fantastic! I love moulding and wish I could do cool stuff to my rental house like you do to yours. You are so inspirational and cool. :)

And not to be any more wierder, but I tell people all about your mirror in your music room ("So there is this blog I love and she put this GIGANTIC mirror in her front room and it's soooo cool! You have to see it. It's amazing..."). I love that too.

Suesan Kennard said...

Rock on. I love the molding. I'm working on mine above my kitchen windows this week and the returns are giving me fits because, of course, it can't just be a normal return. It's deeper and I've measure numerous times and I'm off every flipping time. Sigh. Can't you just come out to Ohio for a molding party?

J Young said...

I am so in love with how that transom looks now! I wish I had one just so I could put moulding up around it, sigh.

Jeannine said...

It's awesome! So are you! Nuff said :)

Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

gina said...

YES! YES! YES! What a difference that made - love it!

Bon-Bon said...

Now I think I am in need of serious moldings in my lackluster house. The only problem is I have neither saw, nor plywood, nor random moldings, nor capable handyperson hanging around in my garage. Help!
(I love any chance to use neither/nor! But is it nee-ther or ny-ther??) ~B. in VA

Bon-Bon said...

Honestly, I mean *moulding.*

Anne said...

Wow I am jealous, this looks amazing!

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