Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Follow Up.

It's been over 6 months since I made the decision to start running.  And I want to talk about it, today, if ya don't mind.  Do ya mind?  I'm not listening. . .
I guess I should say "running" (huge air quotes).  "Running" is such a relative term.
Wanna know what my favorite "running" song is?  Well do ya?  DO YA? 

This one.  It's a great beat to "run" along to.  It makes me feel like I'm doing something ultra important.  Spee-ecial.  Every time, it's this big life-changing moment.
And I had to check to make sure it was the clean version, because mine's the clean version and this is a family blog, okay?
Also, I would sooo appreciate knowing your favorite running song.  It would mean a lot to me.  Double pound to the chest, real runners.
Anyhow, just know--
that while I'm pretty sure I run like a dufus (and if you tell me so you better protect your face), and I run very slow, and I might not run very far every day, BUT,  in the last 4 months at least,
I have not skipped a day.  Except for Sunday.  Oh and Christmas Day, because I had too much to cook.  Oh, and that one day the pipes froze and we were up all night trying to thaw them, because that sucked and I was tired.
But other than that: 6 days a week.  An average of 20 miles per week.  You can stop snorting, now. 

I've run in the snow.  I've run while it snowed.  I've come home with snow all over my head, and times when I kinda couldn't feel my legs, kinda.  I ran the day we had freezing rain.  I went out all those days it was nearly zero degrees out.  I've frozen my buns off and alternated between totally chilled and sweaty chested. 
So I might be a slow, weird-looking, bum-jiggling, short distance "runner" who oft-times keeps going by motivating myself to not get eaten by imaginary zombies,
but at least I am not a quitter.

(I was gonna show you my awesome hot pink shoes on, next to my man-calves, but that would require shaven legs, and I don't have that.) 
I heard recently that if you started running, then you get to call yourself a "runner".  But I just don't see it.  I can't do it. 
"I didn't know you were a runner!"
"Oh I'm not really- I just am um, . . . I just started "running" and. . . "
I'm still a poser.
A few things I've learned?
People have super strong opinions on exercising and eating, and people give me a lot of unsolicited advice, now.
 Also, people who run feel instant kinship with other people who run.  Even people like me who "run".  I gained some instant friendly-like people.

(This song's also a goodie.  Um, I've heard you're not supposed to bounce when you stretch.  Just what I've heard.)

I don't believe my body shape has improved much.  Don't believe I've budged in the weight department.  Oh, wait-- there is that one weight loss in the only 2 areas I didn't want to lose weight.  And there wasn't much to spare. So that sucks.

But my husband is an extremely smart guy, and tells me my legs are lookin' good.  He's such a liar.  And I love him for it.

I've learned that I am still embarrassed to wear this shirt.

 I have only worn it a handful of times, and all but once it was under a jacket so it didn't matter anyway.

I also keep a running log in the back of my journal now, because someone told me to.  So I do. 
I worry that signing up for an actual race will kinda ruin things.  I've heard a lot about people who trained for something big, and then they quit running for months after because they felt like they met their goal and what was the point.?.

And this brings me full circle.  Why am I doing this?  What was the point in the first place?  Ahhh, yes.  It was for the simple reason of being healthier.  And getting my crazy high resting heart rate down to something a little bit better.

'N so I checked.  Recall that my BPM was in the 90's.  Laying down.  Almost comatose.  Today it was in the 70's.  So I think I'm doing better.  Someone high five me.  Don't leave me hanging.


kkasun said...

The entire Monkey Business cd from Black Eyed Peas.

I know, it's old, but it is good.

And it helps that My Humps reminds me of how big my butt is, so I run a little faster during that one.

Debbie Gisle said...

So...I am not telling anyone (Except people I don't really know on random blogs?!) that I got a gym membership (Because I refuse to run where people can see me) and I did the elliptical thingy. I can only do 10 minutes. Well, I did 20 today, but that's because I decided to bring my phone and watch Netflix and apparently TV is a better distractor for me than music. And I hate runners, so don't become an "official" runner. There is just something about their collective personality that drives me they are better than everyone else that doesn't run (I feel so amazing!!! you should do it. you'll love it to. i promise. no I won't. I don't, so suck it.) But good on ya. My heart shouldn't struggle to beat since I'm rather thin, but as I have learned -- thin does not equal "in shape". I can't believe you haven't missed a day. Another good on ya. I haven't either (but I'm only on day 4). Ramble done.

Mandy Beyeler said...

wowza - - two hands up for the double high five!

Jennifer said...

I just started C25k this week and I totally feel like a poser when I say I'm going to run. I really need more Eminem on my playlist, though.

smithcindyk said...

Running every day, that is an awesome accomplishment. I want to call myself a runner one day but I am having trouble getting past day 3 of week 3 of Couch to 5K. Here are some songs on my workout playlist: Thrift Shop, Don’t Stop the Party, Shoop, Air Force Ones, Break Your Heart and Right Round. I am now adding Lose Yourself, thanks for the suggestion.

JennRose said...

Way to go, Mandi! I also started "running" a few years back and still feel like a poser. I totally understand what you mean. I am one of those people that needed to have a goal and I finished a 5k and two 10k runs, but still feel like I barely fake it when I run!

I am in awe that you have been able to stick to it and not give up through the hard weather of winter months, because that's what always get me.

So I send you Kudos!


Mallory said...

Good for you, lady! I did Couch 2 5K and then kinda quit, like you said. I have attempted to start my 10K training program, but I got lazy. And I am not as bada$$ as you and willing to run in the snow.

Joy said...

Congratulations on sticking to your plan. Running 6 days a week is a major accomplishment!

I LOVE running to Lose Yourself. I like using it to motivate me on speed workout days.

And anyone who runs is a special form or anything required.

Samantha said...

You rock! Well done you! x

monagrif said...

I like Mambo #5 and Dry Town by Miranda Lambert

R- said...

I understand your comment about not feeling comfortable about telling people you're a runner. I feel the same about gaming. I suck horribly at it (I rented Halo and spent over an hour trying to figure out what I was supposed to do, then got stuck in an airship and couldn't get onto the next part. Totally humiliating!), but I love it and talk really fast and enthusiatically about it.

Just recently, after 15 years of being an ashamed, closet gamer, I realized, I needed to say I'm a gamer, without shame or embarrassment. I think of it this way: true gamers understand the love of gaming and encourage others into the that same love. This doesn't mean they won't shoot you in the back, but they want to share the thrill that comes with gaming.

I write this, seemingly off topic reply, because I felt how you feel about running. I think your dedication to running and especially in that horrible weather, says you have a runner's heart. So, no, you're not a poser. You're a runner.

Which brings me to another off topic post: what makes a hard core gamer? Is it a person who plays 1st person shooting games only and very well, or is it someone who plays any game across the board, without snide remarks?

And who exactly makes these rules? (Another off topic post: I went trick or treating all dressed up with my husband when we were newly married and living in a small town. I had to really talk my husband into dressing up, and we went around 9pm, so not to take away from little ones. One woman opened her door, and after our bright "Trick or Treat", said, "You're too old to be trick or treating." and slammed the door in our faces. Again, who makes up these rules? And where are they posted? Is it the same place they post the secret of life? *sigh*)

Okay, long post, but you're a runner. Wear the T-shirt. Don't judge how others are judging you. They really don't care because they are doing the same thing only about themselves. Have fun. One day it won't matter.

Hope this has helped!

(man! in the snow?! really?? you're aces in my book.)

RachelK said...

High five! I only go out jogging (I can't call it running either) when it's above 40 degrees. I was doing workout videos at home, and decided to buy a yoga mat to be more comfortable. Bought the yoga mat and haven't done a video since. I really should start back up, videos and running! Thanks for the encouragement!

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

"Eye of the Tiger". I think we would make great "running" buddies. My "run" is somewhere between a slow shuffle, which was perfected in high school PE, and a jog. At best.

Ashlee said...

Eminem. Yes. I love that song as well as the real slim shady:) total white girl here:) good on you running. I don't even pretend I make it for about 2 days every time I make the goal.

GustoBones said...

You are awesome. Commited with a capital C. Here are two of my favorite running songs Looks like I will have to paste the t hem separately.

GustoBones said...

Here is the other one I like a lot.

Lorilyn Crum said...

Dream On by Aerosmith, hands down is my favorite.

You my internet friend, are a freaking stud. What you did, that's a big deal.

I went on my second "run" since giving birth and I made it about .5 miles then walked the rest of the way. Then I started to jog again and got worried I would pee my pants. Baby steps I say.

Lastly and slightly unrelated - people who talk while they run. I don't get it. When I'm running, I'm trying to breath. I don't have extra air to spend carrying on a conversation with anyone.

james and bess said...

air five!

i call myself a jogger, but then i explain that it's more like a hoppy walk. :)

i love 'billionaire' by the glee cast, 'stereo hearts' by gym class heroes w/ adam levine, 'tonight tonight' by hot chelle rae, 'say hey (i love you)' by all rebel rockers, and 'country girl shake it for me' by luke bryan. :) jog on!


SueAnn Lommler said...

Go ahead and wear the tshirt. You deserve to wear it.....I am a walker and you are a runner!! Hold your head high!!
Be proud of your accomplishment!!

Anonymous said...

I used to hate people who run and then talk about it all the time - then I join the ranks. I also started "running" recently and besides the health benefits, it's great to just have that time to yourself again. Especially with 3 kids, it's often needed. I'm doing my first 10km tomorrow and probably going to end up walking half of it, but whatevs, at least I'm trying and doing it for me.

Kimbur said...

I love "Less Talk More Rock" but it has to be the "Guitar Hero" version. It's my push song because it builds and goes faster and then slower, then faster. I love running races it's kind of like performing and it gets very addicting. Runners have an awesome "energy" and it's fun to be surrounded by them. Before a race reminds me so much of being backstage before a performance. I love it!

laura said...

An awesome "race" to sign up for would be a ColorMeRad or a color run. No competition. No rush, just a lot of fun getting blasted with colored water and colored cornstarch. It was my first 5K ever last year and I loved it. It's something your whole family can do, too!

Libby said...

Sorry no music from my vast collection...I cycle so no music for me while I ride. I tried running and got bored (ok and struggled to breathe). Pretty much got the breathing worked out (air in, air out. Repeat for a really long time).

I'm aiming for a Gran Fondo in Niagara Falls, Ontario this September...cycling about 125km in 7hours or so. I'm excited about doing it. Last year I did 120km in just over 7hrs in the rain, uphill so with even more training maybe I'll remember to unclip my feet when I stop at the end without having my hubby yell "unclip!!unclip!! at brain dead me.
Call yourself a runner, I've been wearing the spandex for a year now and wouldn't trade it nor my shoes for anything and have just started describing myself as a cyclist. Mainly to those who don't really know anything about cycling more than running their car over a kid's bike in the driveway can ruin a bike (kid not on bike of course, or we hope not).

Hats off on the 6 days a week (Beatles reference there!). I don't get that much cycling in & I can do it inside. It snowed again yesterday so no outside riding for me just yet. (I'm a fair weather cyclist).

Run on girl! & I bet your calves have some definition by now. Or starting to.

Jackie said...

I couldn't be a great runner because I don't have great stamina, and I don't like to be cold, or really hot, so there's only a few months out of the year that I can get out to go on walks. I won't even be doing that any time soon because I caught pneumonia...again. Twice in four months.

Emily said...

First of all, I am NOT a runner either even though I attempt it. If I run with my husband I feel like he could walk quickly and keep up with me. Sad. But anyway, my favorite running song is "Fallen Leave" by Billy Talent. It's weird and doesn't really make sense, but it makes me want to pump my fists in the air. You should look it up :)

Emily said...

"Fallen Leaves", plural. My bad.

Maureen said...


I thought you ran so that you could eat the "extra _____". Yes, food is totally my motivation. :)


Andrea Dean said...

I always feel like a poser when I say I went for a run, or my Nike + says that I ran today... Right now its 100% walking.

This week the hubs is having me do some jogging, 30 secs on and then walk etc... the goal is to be able to run the Detroit half marathon in December

Jenn Corazzo said...

I ALWAYS run to Girl Talk, it's a constant beat which keeps you on pace! Happy Running :)

Heather said...

I am not a runner, but I did start running 5 weeks ago, and I have stuck with it. My favorite song is:

It just pumps me up and makes me feel like I can do this! My body won't tell me no! I won't quit!

Anyway... I did sign up for a 5K, and can now run 3 miles (slowly) without stopping... so I will be ready for that in a month. I am contemplating signing up for a 10K during the summer just to keep up the training.

BTW, I love your blog!

Susan said...

Congrats! I too have recently started "running". I have started and restarted the Couch to 5k a handful of times and am determined to finish the darn thing this time 'round.

I have loved It has many many mixes that are set at different tempos to help keep you running at the same speed, etc. They have all kinds of genres of music. Look 'em up!