Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Got A Wild Hair.

(I say "Dude" before anything even mildly important-)
I think I am out to completely cover my front rooms in molding.  And I am having a hoot while doing so.
Also?  I'd like to officially announce that the month of March is now "Quarter Inch Plywood Month".  Or at least it should be.
Gah.  I don't even want to show you the inspiration of this idea I had-- it's like comparing apples to oranges.  Men to women.  It's a champagne taste on a beer budget. 
No.  Make me.  ("I don't make monkeys- I just train 'em." Pee Wee voice).
Okay-- keep in mind what I said-- champagne taste on a beer budget:
Isn't this lovely?  I mean, c'mon!  The crazy hard work and the math and the cuts and routings to get this look?
my head spinneths.
But I thought my music room could use a similar look (and by similar, I mean only faintly resembling). 
And this wall's the first to get it.

Oh my heck, I have to tell a story.  Stop me if I've already told it.
So when I first moved in, a neighbor stopped by, and she was all,
"I think it is soooo funny. . ."
(and she didn't mean "funny haha".  Sorry I'll stop interrupting.)
". . . that you own a grand piano when you don't even play the piano."
So, naturally, I told my sister this story.  Naturally.  And she was like,
"Tell me you corrected her, hello!"
And I was like, "No, I was stunned and I sat there with my mouth open, especially 'cause she'd seen me play the piano already several times for church.?."
Some people are so funny.
But not "funny haha".
Okay, so back to this wild hair I had.
I have an idea!  Let's count how many cuts this wall took!  Yes!  Let's!

47!  With a dull blade.  And an air compressor that still leaks and refills every 5 minutes or so.  And if you come by and check for square I will cut you. (said through clenched teeth.  Flared nostrils.)
Um, so, if there was the painting police, I would be up for a huge spanking.  I hate to tape stuff off.  I rarely move or cover anything.  And I never change my clothes.
I made this e-card.  No, really.  I did.
But I did cover up my piano.  I'm not a savage!

And then I did a coat and stepped back and was like. . . hmm. . . I'm not seein' it. . .
2nd coat.  Still not seeing it. . .
Final coat. . . Okay. I think I made the right choice.?.
Shelf, music print I made eons ago, and tchotckes back up. . .

now step back. . . frame with thumbs and forefingers. . .pause to let the tension mount. . .

I like it.  Guess it's time to do the wall next to it, too.


R- said...

When you have finally molded every last spare space in your house, then you know it will be time to move.

Samantha said...

It's incredibly Georgian to panel your walls like this. We watched a programme on restoring historical homes last night and they were doing one on a Georgian house in Bristol (UK, did I say I'm British?) and said that it was a sign of wealth to have your rooms panelled which is why the panelling was only in the reception rooms, not the bedrooms because no one would see in there.

So with every wall you panel, in British history, you're going up in the world!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

You are a MOLDING SUPERSTAR Mandi Tremayne! Love it! So dramatic and I adore the white with the black piano that you don't even know how to play :) Are you doing the whole room? (Wait - is there puttying involved? Caulking? Please tell me no.) It's looking fab - can't wait to see more!

ECKDesign said...

PLEEEEEASE tell us how you did this! I want to do this to one of my walls... after the rest of my "want to do" projects! O_O

gina said...

Oh Love it! I wonder how this would look behind my bed....we need a headboard.....

-Lisa said...

I believe you must have a huge staff of people that actually do the work and you just sit back, blog about it and take all the credit!
your energy level is through the roof. I absolutely LOVE the wall, it lightens up the space a bit. We have a black 9 foot concert piano in our home and it could easily weigh a room down. This wall balances everything so nicely.

Thanks for sharing. Oh and that lady that made the comment about you not playing the piano sounds like she might just be a little jealous!

SueAnn Lommler said...

I like it too!! Beautiful!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

Gorgeous! How do you do it with younger kids? You are amazing!

Cindy said...

It looks great! You're so funny, i love your blog, and really enjoy your amazing projects!


Jeannine said...

Well I'm certainly seeing it, and it looks amazing!! No doubts you'll have that room looking like the inspiration pic in no time!! As for checking for level, if someone tried to do that in my house I think I'd be borrowing your knife!!! Level, what's that?

Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

Shirley Moore said...

I love all the cool stuff you show me, and how you can add interest to new houses. That wall really looks good!

WhettenWild said...

That looks beautiful! Really adds to the room!

Lorilyn Crum said...

Once again, we'll played Mandi. I'm brainstorming for my basement right now and that would make a great accent wall....

Julie said...

I have been planning to do this in our dining room but I like the look of your wall better due to the thickness of wood you've used. PLEASEEEEEEEEE would you mind sharing a bit of info as far as what materials you used for this project?!?!?!?! Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Very inspirational work :)

Emily said...

That looks awesome I can't wait to see the whole thing done.