Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Could Be Pretty Comparable To Oscar The Grouch.

I don't mean to get all "Read my diary" on y'all for the hundred thousandth time or anything,
but I've had something on my mind for a while, and I need to get it off my chest. 
Okay, so-- where to start.  My parents like to say that bad things come in threes.  I've found this to be true.  But for the last couple months, a lot of bad things have happened to a lot of good people I know.  Like, one after another. 
Have you had that happen?  Where you're like WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON, HERE??  Like, serious sicknesses, injuries, deaths.?. 
And it shakes you up? 
And you're spending double the time on your knees, praying for people you know and love?
I don't think it's really a coincidence that I chose this quote as my year's resolution.
Now, something I don't want you to know about me that I guess you should:

My personality could be comparable to Oscar the Grouch from time to time.  You know, he's all,
"What's right in this world?  Nuthin!  What gets me hot under the collar?  You name it!"
That could be me. 
If you know me real well, then you probably have picked up on that I can be a serious whiner.  It's part of my mental situation.
"That's the understatement of the year."
"Yeah she's not really a glass-half-full kinda gal."
But I see myself as a happy person.  I can just have a bad attitude.  But I'm happy!  With a seriously bad attitude!
I swear these things can work together to form a whole Mandi.
I have nothing profound to say, today.  I don't even know that I have a point.  It's nothing I haven't said before, (or a million times too many),
but I am really, ree-hee-heally appreciating today. 

"Live in the now!"  (Thank you, Garth.)

I'm grateful for every single day I get to wake up, and have another go.
Making today a special occasion doesn't mean I went sky diving.  Or rocky mountain climbing.  Or 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu.  That's not what it is for me.
But it does mean that the morning I sent my kids to school crying (yes, this happened.  To my everlasting shame, this happened), that I realized what a hag I was being, and I chased my kids out in the yard and grabbed them both, bear hugged them, told them I was sorry, and in so doing embarrassed the crap out of them in front of their friends.
Plus I think I was pretty stinky from a "run" so, double whammy.
This talk was also super timely to help me realize how I can oft times take what I have for granted, and lose sight of my priorities.
(this is one of the many good parts.)

I've talked before about cutting down on my interwebs time, and about priorities, and being happy with the life I always wanted that I have now-- so  again, this is nothing new.


Source: via Shawn on Pinterest

The Daddy-o has told me many a time, that the best time of his life was in his 30's.  He's not just saying it.  It's a "hint hint, Mandi". 

I guess, two of my main thoughts that have been percolating in the brain the last couple months would be,

1. I don't want to waste another minute being the wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend/neighbor/fish owner/whateverer that let my pride hurt my relationships with people around me. 

Because goodness knows I've had a problem, lately.  Would it be inappropriate to throw out a blanket "I'M SORRY FOR BEING A BUTT MUNCH TO EVERYONE I KNOW AND LOVE" right now?


 2.  If tragedy struck my family, heaven forbid, I would miss and plead for the days I have, today.  The calm ones.  The ones that included cooking and cleaning, and kissing my kids goodnight.

I can't promise I won't have this problem again, down the line.  That I won't have yet another stupidfreakin'postaboutblahblahblah again.  But thanks for listening.  'Preciate cha.


Kimbo West said...

we appreciate you paul crewe. one of my favorite quotes recently is the stop the glorification of being busy. so much to do and i miss out on the sweet moments of candy land and being called hot old lady (which is now the new nickname the kids gave me.)

Deanna said...

totally needed these words of inspiration today! Thanks so much! (I don't comment often, but LOVE your blog, your projects, and just....your perspective! Keeping it real.)

Tina said...

That talk totally influenced me for the positive. I love him anyway, but I taught a whole month of mia maids lessons using just a few paragraphs. Love it!

amity said...

i really enjoy reading your blog!! it is so real. i have a very similar life to yours and maybe that is why i love to read your posts. i have been feeling like i am totally in a funk lately. i have even had several emotional breakdowns every day this week, several every day!!! it is so nice to know that i am not the only one. i also have spent many more times this week than usual on my knees pleading with my Heavenly Father. thank you for the perspective. thank you for sharing your real feelings and real life. thanks for posting how many of us feel many times but are not as courageous as you to post for the world to read. you are doing a good job. don't let your feelings get in the way of the fact that you are doing the best you can with what you have. thanks again, amity

Jackie said...

Yeah. Good post.

Zefi said...

I really enjoyed your post. I'm kinda like you (did your father ever visit Greece in the early 60s?). I consider myself quite a happy person in general but I can get really angry over small things. And I can be hell on wheels to those around me. I have to remember that it could all change tomorrow... appreciate what I have now and live without regrets in the future.

J Young said...

That was one of my favorite talks from that session of conference :) Great post and I wish we were friends in real life (not meaning to be creepy or anything...)

SueAnn Lommler said...

This is a good reminder for us all!
Be well dear one
Your are doing fine!

Lori said...

Life is what happens, living is how we handle it. Liked your post. Have a living kind of day.

Clarachk said...

What a beautiful post today... and how appropriate. I almost felt like *I* could have written this myself. I also TOTALLY got the bit about feeling like Oscar and being able to be grumpy AND happy almost at the same time. You could be me. .Or. I could be you.

So, THANK YOU, Mandi! Thanks a bunch for just taking a minute to breath and busk in the quiet for me, and tell me about it. Because I needed this. It came at thee most perfect time and I heart you for it. We have never met, but I somehow feel like you could be the future me simply by reading your bloggy blog. You may just well be the me I am today and the me I want to be "when I grown up". (Does that make any sense?)

Your quotes and little video ditty are lovely and pit perfectly into this blog post... and should fit perfectly into anyone's life who just needed a kick up the rear like this today. Have a beautiful, peaceful weekend with Jeffro and the kiddie winks!! <3