Monday, March 11, 2013

And Then I Manned Up.

Remember that little thing I started a week (or was it two? Stop counting) ago?   Where was I?

Ahhh. Yes.  The last time I showed you my derriere.
I suddenly have this overwhelming desire to start in on: "Oh.My.Gosh, Becky-- look at her butt. It is so big." (tsk)

I had a dream the very next night after this picture was taken that my husband took me aside and said "Honey, I need to tell you that your A#$ is HUGE.  Like, HUGE."

I was very upset in this dream.  And my husband thinks this dream is hilarious.

I didn't want to get back up on the freaking step ladder and finish this off--

but I have this new rule.  I can't start something big-ish until the last big-ish item is done.  Cuts down on the chaos. And since I've got all these crazy ideas rolling around in the noggin these days, I knew I had to finish.
Oh, thanks for asking! I want to talk about my most exciting project, too.  Here's a little hint.  A sneaky peeky.
Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

My entry way will look nothing like this.  Except for in my dreams.  But I'm going to try.
so Mckenna "Mckiller" Tremayne's room needed to be finished up.  Fine-nuh.  Gosh.  Give me a paintbrush and the stupid step ladder again.
I honestly lost count of how many times I moved the step ladder to give this crown another coat.  It was like, "Oh. . .just one more and then I think we'll be done.  Okay, one more.  ONE more. . ."
And then I realized it really, ree-hee-heally needed to be caulked.  So I had to get up there and caulk all the way around, and that sucked. 
So, to be perfectly honest--

do I love all the millions of coats and the money and the work it took to get this crown up there?



 Um. . . ?  I honestly don't think it made this massive difference.  I don't walk in there and go. . "WOW that crown really made this room."  I just don't.


I mean-- I do like it. And I like more white in here, I do. I'll tell you what I DO like in here, though--

(I brought up a nightstand I made-over eons ago and I really like the look of it in here)

Her room seems sooo peaceful and serene. Probably just because I cleaned all her crap up just to take the pictures.


Now if I'll just get off my buns, finish one more piece of furniture that's meant for this room, possibly rearrange some of the wall hangings, and then maybe move everything around to another angle, then, you can stick a fork in this room.  Because it will be done.

And let's just hope I can do all that before my daughter's old enough to have her own opinion and then wants to start all over in here.


Samantha said...

I think your bum is far from massive in that photo. I can't say about real life obviously. I also really like the crown now that it's all done. It may be cause of the pinky hue to the photos though, I'm a sucker for pink :)

alamama alamama said...

love her room.. i think the molding makes the room. um, if your bum is big than mine is monsterous!

Libby said...

It really has changed the look from basic builder to classy...I agree, something is missing to take it to the next level. Perhaps a poster of Justin Bierber taped up next to the window? JK! frame it ;o)

You aren NOT a candidate for a remake of Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" photo.

-Lisa said...

Wow! Mckiller has such a rockin' girly room! It all looks so classy and feminine. Crown molding is a definite thumbs up. Hope she likes it.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I love, love, love the pretty, soft, sweet colors in this room. It's so girly and cute, and yes, enjoy it until she starts begging you for a room makeover with neon pink and Biebs posters. Ok the next project???? Oh Nelly. Can't wait!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I really like it as opposed to the "before", Mandi. Besides, you don't really want to notice the crown molding as the FIRST thing you see when you are in her room. That fabulous chandy takes care of that!

P.S. I think you look lovely, even if it is a back view! : )

Janelle said...

I love the crown. really. I think you have just stared at it too much and it doesn't jump out at you anymore. Look at the before and then the after. It is a huge wow factor. Love it.

Carla said...

who even noticed your bum, when i'm trying to figure out how to make my hair look that gorgeous?

Joy said...

I agree with Carla...your derriere is hardly noticeable because of your gorgeous hair! Although the derriere is hardly large in any way, shape, or form.

I think the crown molding adds a lot to the room. It looks great. You must feels a nice sense of accomplishment.

RachelK said...

When I saw the finished crown molding, I thought, "Oh my that looks a-MAZ-ing!" I finished putting up new baseboard trim in about half the house 7 months ago, and I still can't bring myself to finish the caulking. Worst. Job. Ever. I really need to find a husband to do the jobs I don't want to do.

And I'll echo what others said. Your small booty is not even noticeable in the picture with all that pretty hair.

Lorilyn Crum said...

I think the crown molding finishes off the room - like a skinny tie to a well fitted slim suit does. I do love that pink color too - it's soft enough that it reads (at least on my monitor) more like a "neutral" as opposed to omgherwallsaresofreakinpink.

It's funny, the only room in my house that I would call "Finished!!" is Ransom's room, while the most unfinished is my room. Why is that...

Audra said...

Love it, I simply just love her little big girl room....even the crown molding. It finishes the room nicely. Pat your self on the back! Great Job!

Hippymom83 said...

Obviously, I'm a little late to comment on this project (I'm attempting to catch up on MONTHS of email), but I personally think the crown is the icing on this room's cake. The before picture looked slightly unbalanced; like a cupcake with no icing - but now it is iced and yummy and totally NOT on my diet so I hope you enjoy it immensely on my behalf. :)
Nice job!