Monday, February 25, 2013

We Eat Food, Here.

Do you remember when I wanted this pantry?
No.  I can't talk about this.  It's too soon. 
Well, about that time, I had this crazy idea that I could make my pantry
(say hello to my pantry. Ew, I do not miss that carpet. I need a new picture.)
fabulous on the inside.  You know, like clean.  Orderly.  Like, you might even want to leave the door open just to show people how fabulous it is inside.?.
Sorta like this awesome pantry.
Or this one.
Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

Here's the thing, though: we like to keep food in our pantry, mainly.  You might be surprised by this, but we don't eat paper towels or Kitchen Aids.  But, you know, everyone's different.  And that's okay.
So.  What I'm saying is, is we keep a lot of food in our pantry.  And once, I cleaned it out once, and I showed you what it looked like once, and I pronounced it officially as clean as it could possibly be.

On the day I showed this picture, my bestie left me a comment.  Something along the lines of:
"Does that tag seriously say 'Crap we don't eat'??"  Yes, Dena.  It does.  Did. 
 Why in H was I letting 'crap we don't eat' take a whole shelf in my closet-sized pantry, when I have a friggin' food storage room downstairs?
(Are you in the mood for cereal?)
So I got all in the mood to "get up in the kitchen, rearrange somethings, and then we certainly could party with the Haitians." (name that movie.)
So, back before I had my money meltdown, and came to my senses, I spent a small fortune on pantry pretties.
These awesome (and large) oil thingy mabobbers:

and these massive rice jars, too.  Do you eat Jasmine rice?  I find it to be so choice.

And then?  I got out in the garage and started building my own crates.  'Cause everything was gonna have it's place, and everything ugly was gonna be concealed.
And then, the insides of my pantry looked like this.  And the heavens opened.  Angels sang. 

Um, I'm thinking that if you have a whole shelf dedicated to Jell-o, then you might want to stop buying Jell-o. 

I make no excuses.  But this is Utah, okay?!?  And we like our Jell-o!!

But as I was saying: the heavens opened.

OR. . .it would have,

except it was time to figure out what to do with the rest of my crap that didn't make the cut.

This cannot be done, I said.  I have deemed the mission impossible.  No one who really eats and cooks their own food can possibly make their pantry like so!
 Actually, to be honest, when I carefully put it it all back, culled, and discarded, I have reopened the possibility of perhaps making my pantry the thing of the gods. 
But meanwhile, back on earth,
I had the clever idea of using the inside bottom of my dutch door for shelving.   Got outside and built a few pieces of crap with scrap.

And got a little crazy with the wood glue. apparently.
These are just Ana's gallery ledges, except I like to put molding on the front, because that makes me feel happy-like.
I had to scrub down the fingerprints and drips off the door just to be able to take a shot of it.  I don't know what is going on in this house but you people are sick!

Yes. I have spice shelves.  But I still have "other" spices I don't use as often.  Does this seem like overkill?  No, don't answer.


Oh my gosh-- I have such cheap spices.  This is so embarrassing. . .  


I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar said...

Great idea. I need some of those babies. I have very cheap spices, too. I won't tell :)


Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Love your pantry, oh how I wish I had one!
Hope your having a great week...

Anonymous said...

As usual you make a simple story about clearing out a pantry entertaining! I do love the changes and the little shelves are marvelous! I bought one of those big Ball jars for rice too... I love it! I so enjoy reading your posts :) - Susan

COTTAG3 said...

Compared to my pantry, yours looked great before you did anything to it. I will never have a pretty pantry. I just won't. It will never happen. We cook too much so we need stuff. I think the pretty pantry people don't cook as much. Now, if I had a huge storage pantry downstairs like you do, maybe I could have pretty pantry in the kitchen if you would do the moulding for it :)

Mallory said...

It does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty!

I bought somma those oil bottles at TJ Maxx! So perty.

Heidi said...

Haha! I always think the same thing about my spices when I look at them, apparently I don't see the need to pay $8 for something I can buy at walmart for $1. Your pantry is amazing!!!

Mindy said...

Laughed out loud about you eating food instead of kitchenaids and paper towels... I had to try to explain to my daughter why I was laughing.

pogonip said...

No pantry ever looked like those. Unless one of Martha's minions styled it for a photo shoot. Or a cook had Mr. Carson looking over her shoulder.

I like yours better anyway!

Mommybreath said...

I have been through the hate/re-do the pantry for over a year now. Build a new home, thought "here is my chance to be organized", spent time gathering kick a** jars, abused my friend's Cricket, then gave up. Good luck. I always say "no judging we live here!" Sheesh! On a side note... could it be that my two favorite boggers are blog buddies!? Love to follow Cheri from Momma. It made me smile to see her comment was first. :)

Jen said...

Those spice shelves are GENIUS!!! I think I'm going to have my hubby make me some.

Lisa C said...

That is a beautiful thing. Btw, I love that you are a Frito-buyin' Mom. ; )

Shirley Moore said...

Oh! Still gasping with laughter! You know I have pantry envy, right? Cause my pantry in this house is an armoire! That's what happens when builders think 'open concept' houses are the way to go. :( The armoire is actually a pretty good sub, except for the drawers, which are just the tiniest bit too short to hold the cough syrup bottles...
And, yes, I'd love to have some racks to hold my cheap spices.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I'm in love with labeled stuff. Crap We Don't Eat could find a place in my pantry too! It must feel good to open it up and have a place for everything, and all the not-so -pretty stuff stashed in your boxes and baskets. You are so creative!

Debbie Gisle said...

I love the idea. And my pantry will never look as clean as yours because...I don't care enough to clean it out (that IS what the door is for). putting those oils and spices on the bottom door a good choice? Maybe I'm thinking of my rugrats that must touch, open, and pour out anything that closely resembles something of Mom's. (Side note: I dumped cinnamon oil on myself when I was a wee one. My Mom doesn't like to talk about it and apparently I have blocked it out.) Well done. I wish I knew how to work with wood (don't giggle...okay fine, I'm giggling). Wish I had your skills, Lady! Very nice.

SpaceGirl said...

as usual, you've made great use of what you have. i'm still certain we're going to eventually see a post where you finally tore out the back wall of your pantry and built a new one using that walkway. but i'm sure this will tide you over for now. :) we're in the middle of closing in part of the garage and turning it into a huge, walk-in pantry (we don't get basements in central Texas). it's such an awesome feeling to finally feel like you're putting stuff away for real.

and i have those exact same spice bottles in my kitchen, don't feel bad for a second!

DressUpNotDown said...

Doesn't everybody have "other" spices? And I'm pretty sure everyone refills their pricey spice jars with cheap spices. :o)

Ali said...

Clueless. (to answer the quote) That show is so representative of a fantastic stage of my life :)
Love your organizing ideas. Keep sharing them and maybe I'll actually do something about my organization lack-of-skills.

Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

Honest, I have never refilled my spice rack that was given to me over 4 years ago...I'm scared of spices. The only one my mom ever used was oregano and I still use that sparingly, lol. I need a cooking class so they don't feel so sad never getting used! And maybe hubby would say my cooking is good rather than 'I'd eat it' as a response each time:S

Jeannine said...

Oh finally, someone said it! No one who actually lives in a house can have a pantry that looks like those pretty ones. We eat here too. And it shows!
And I was cracking up at your cereal picture caption. I had just showed my husband the picture and told him "now this is how you buy cereal, there's gotta be 8 boxes of Cheerios there!"
And "crap we don't eat" ... FABULOUS!!

Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

Karen said...

Hi, I'm from Brisbane, Australia. A hot place normally. We have no "spring" or "autumn/fall" we just have summer/hot or winter/cold. No snow though. I really love to read blogs where people LOVE autumn/fall. What is that? We don't have leaves, we don't have colour, just hot (and I mean hot) or cold (not really cold, we're just wusses with thin blood). I enjoyed your post so much I just wanted to reply from the other side of the globe where summer is now giving up and winter will be with us sooner than I'd like.

Re your pantry. I wish you could see mine. It's a mess and I have these triangle cardboard thingys that are loaded with poison to catch pantry-moths. They always tumble down on me when I open the door so I do a juggley thing and they stick to me fingers......well you get the idea. It usually involves a bit of "blue" words (Australian for swearing).
Your pantry looks WONDERFUL. I can't show you mine cause um um......well I don't own a camera. LIAR LIAR pants on fire.

RachelK said...

I have a cereal addiction. Can I come visit? :)

Emily said...

Those pantries on pinterest kill me too. Mine would never look like that. It's kinda like the MTV cribs when they open the fridge and have it all organized and all sorts of healthy food. I think no ones fridge actually looks like that. They paid someone to clean it out and make it look pretty.
Those spice racks on the doors are just plain awesome!

Muhammad Amir said...

Like, you might even want survival warehouse review to leave the door open just to show people how fabulous it is inside.?.

Jen said...

Geh! Laughed SO hard at this post. So been there where the pantry looks all pretty and then you have all this crap sitting on your counter that has nowhere to go! LOVE your humor.

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I can't believe only one other person knew it was Clueless. And I'll bet everyone else read it as "party with the 'hay-shins'", instead of 'Haiti-ins'. Great, now I want to watch Clueless. Thanks, Mandi. Oh, and all of those pantries on Pinterest...they don't show all the crap that didn't make the cut. It's all staged for the picture. I'm glad you also take a picture of the crap that didn't make the cut. Thanks for keeping it real. :)

Potter's Hands said...

so i really want to spice up my spices with your cooool racks- how did you attach them, without nails/screws showing through the cabinet? gorilla glue? help, help- i need to do this right away- my spices are falling on my head when i'm looking for one not in the front...