Thursday, February 28, 2013

In The Spring Time, The Only Pretty Ring Time.

If you're not already so sick of hearing about this from me,
you will be.  "You will be". (said in my best, serious Yoda voice).

This is how I feel about seasons in my area.  And I don't love it. 
But I tried, this year!  I swear, I tried.  Said to the hubs in like, November:
"I'm going to try to love winter.  I'm going to embrace it.  You'll see."
He just laughed, and then said I couldn't change who I am.
But I did try-- I even picked up my own snow boots and snow pants (with a gift card-- remember I'm el cheapo) so I could join in on all this winter "fun".

'N it helped a little. 
But I can't wait for a little a this.

Or this.

And heck, I'll even suck it up and push my little buttmunches on the swing for hours, I swear! Just make the snow stop!

I want to get outside and play with my kids and make a fool of myself in front of the neighbors in the warm sun so bad I can taste it.

Well, last year, I started all my garden shiz from seed.
And it was awesome. 
This year, I'm doing it again, except I'm using white trash cups to house my seedlings.  Hey!  It worked for the Daddy-o last year, okay??  I use what I have, okay?

I'm being more thorough, this time around.  I'm even planting my own flowers.   Yep.  Trying not to spend a dime at the nursery, here.  Do you think a 10 cent packet of flower seeds will grow?  We'll find out.
Now.  Let's talk. 
I have a dream.  For three whole years, I've saved up ideas and pondered and planned and schemed and discussed the idea of a pergola.

I've been carrying around a mag clipping with one of my fave ideas in my purse and it's dirty and ratty and smells like gum.

(This is the very one.)  
I see our deck as the promise of an awesome warm weather place of entertaining.  I wanna be eating out here!  Grilling out here!  Playing cards out here! 

I wanna maybe grow some grapevines that wind around said pergola!  I want an awesome lighting design when the sun goes down!
But I'm on a spending cleanse.  Sometimes I want to punch myself.
Years ago--
Years ago, I talked it over with the Daddy-o.  He warned me to expect the materials alone to cost one grand.
ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS?.?  Seriously??  Say it ain't so!
Source: via KellyRae on Pinterest
 I talked it over with the hubs again, for the millionth time.  Told him I just "wanted to price things out and just know what we're talking about."

First, know that I called for a quote on a vinyl pergola.  Guess the price, kay?  Guess. 

ROUGHLY $6,000.

I just dry heaved a little.

Wanna know my findings?  Wanna know what the cost in lumber alone would be for our massive deck?

$666.  That's what it came out to.  It's a disturbing sign.  We figured with the cost of cement and hardware, it's gonna be right up there with the Daddy-o's estimate. 

The Daddy-o is always right.  Always.

To my everlasting surprise, Jeffro took over the measuring and started sketching up some possible plans.

And then I fell out of my chair from surprise.

 And then when I said "Oh I don't want you to waste your time", and then he said "Actually, it's kinda fun to plan this out." ,

was when I nearly suffered the heart attack from shock.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Oh heck, and your toes.  And your eyes.


Daddy-O said...

I love this post. Heck, I love all your posts but I want this one at Bear Lake. Keep planning! Can I steal?

Samantha said...

Yes, Pergola, YES!

What about a sail, I love the thought of a sail on a pergola so you can expand the shade in the hot summer. Wait, scratch that, I live in Wales. So I can use the outside when it's constantly raining :)

Janelle said...

I am crossing everything!

Layne Bushell said...

When that pergola goes up I'm going to be the very jealous girlfriend. I've wanted one since the day I moved into my house... 7 years ago. But my 1000 bucks gets to fix the van. Sigh. So maybe I can just live vicariously through you and I better get invited to play cards under your pergola!

Dara said...

My husband built our pergola at this house and since i know your backyard all too well, I know mine is bigger and it was not a grand at all. All wood, no grape vines but we do have a sun screen over the top. And my husband built your deck and seating along the deck, so let me know if you would like some help. Not hat you need it, you build everything, my hubster just does it for fun sometimes....anyway, just saying, he could help ya out if needed!

SpaceGirl said...

your pie chart is one of the reasons i love living in central texas so much. i'm not a fan of winter, either. we get a LOT of days of running around in the backyard down here. my kids have already been outside barefoot in shorts.

and, for what it's worth, your garden is awesome (i'm reading all your back posts...i think i'm up to december of 2011 now) and i'm super jealous. but you've given me hope that maybe i, too, can find a way to keep a garden alive someday. :)

SueAnn Lommler said...

Everything I can cross is crossed!!
Good luck
Beautiful pergola!!

Lorilyn Crum said...

OooooOOOoo! My brain is so mush right now that's all I can think to type. But just know, that the OoooooOOOOoo has behind it all my feelings and emotions that words cannot express at this moment.

Stephanie said...

Your weather chart is 110% accurate where I live. Oh to be able to rearrange seasons a little.

WhettenWild said...

You are free to visit me and nicer weather as many times as your heart desires.

WhettenWild said...

You are free to visit me and nicer weather as many times as your heart desires.

Liz said...

I'm a new reader and just love your blog! I also love home projects and I'm getting braver in what I will try :) One quick idea that you may want to look into..I live in your same area and buy most of my lumber, moulding, etc from BMC West building materials. I have found that I can usually save at least 30% and sometimes even up to 60% on the exact same stuff that is sold at Home Depot/Lowes. You can also order stuff from their catalog so you can get about any look that you want. BMC is an extra 5 minutes past our closest Home Depot but I have saved hundreds of dollars over the years. Good luck!!

Maureen said...


You sly dog, you! I couldn't think, for the life of me, what movie you were quoting this time and I finally figured it out!!! The original Willy Wonka movie!!! I could hear (in my mind) someone singing this and could not place it for the world. You keep right on quoting and I will kepp on guessing. Good deal? I mean it, we should be neighbors!!!


P.S. Want to move to Pennsylvania?

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Oh yay yay yay!! A big humungous carpentry project over here! So excited - that is just DREAMY, and the fact that your hubs is on board - and even planned it all out? So awesome. THIS is why the spending cleanse is worth it - so you can do the things you want to your house!! Can't wait!!

Clarachk said...

I too find a lot of giddiness comes from my hubby planning these sort of projects out. Isn't it sweet to have a knowledgeable "better half" that (sometimes) gets on board with your crazy ideas??

We built our own pergola 6 plus years ago and moved it with us when we bought a home in 2008. It is not nearly as fancy schmancy as yours will be but I love it SO much. It looks fabulous in the garden and we are now adding planter boxes around it's sides. It acts as a shade in the summer as my roses have climbed over the top. From my bedroom, I see a sea of pink and green as the top of the pergola butts right up against the b-room window base.

I am excited for you as you have some fantastic wood skills. I just adore what you do and love reading your blog. This cleans of yours will free up some space in your workshop as you whittle away what you have to work with. THEN you can get to working on this dream of yours. Keep at it, chica!!!!

Emily said...

Can I come over when this is done? This looks so nice and relaxing.