Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Fought The Crown And The Crown Won.

I am in a molding mood. 
I mean, when was the last time you saw me whip out a molding project?  I don't feel authentic.  I don't feel real.  It's just been building crap and organization around these parts, and it's lame.
I mentioned earlier that I want this:
in the baby girl's room, and it is time to do this.
So I hauled the air compressor up the stairs, said hello to Mr. Nail Gun again, and we got to work.

Aw. . .there's my backside.  It's my best angle.
The bottom piece for this "faux massive crown" look that I'm going for, is the smallest chair rail they make.  That's what I used, 'cause that's what I had in stock in the garage.
It's my new thing, now:
"You wanna use that piece of molding?"
"Well, yeah.  It's what I have in stock."
This is sad.
So I told the hubs I was hitting it to Lowe's for some crown molding, because I don't have that in stock,  and he was all,
"Um, you're getting crown?  That's kind of expensive."
What he's really thinking in his mind is,
"I thought you were going to be smart with your project decisions with your great big stupid spending cleanse, and yet crown costs a lot and there's already a ton of molding in that room so I am pretty confused."
Right you are, Jeffro.  Here's what you do in this kind of a sitch:
you raid the garage for every, single, solitary whatever that you've bought and haven't used from Lowe's: hinges, extra pipe cutter, air vents, hardware, knobs, whatever.  If it's in plastic and not being used, return it.  Then, you buy the cheapest crown known to man, and you walk out with having returned more than you spent.
And that's how it's done.
I was this close to buying these:
because if we've been friends for a while, then you know that I hate to paint.  Annnnd, I hate cutting crown molding.  Because it's evil.
They are crown corner pieces, and they negate the need to cut crown on an angle for corners. 
And they would also make this project cost more than double.  So I gave myself a peptalk instead.
I can do this (deep breath).  I am going to conquer the art of cutting crown!!  I WILL PREVAIL!
There are a million ways to cut crown: hold it on an angle against the fence and cut it with a beveled saw, use a jig. . .
But I'm doing it the "REAL" way.
The way "Severus" (that's the name of my saw if we haven't been friends long), intended it to be.  Crown is cut flat, side that touches the ceiling towards the fence of the saw, with a mitered angle and a beveled angle.
This is getting boring.  Just know,
that it didn't go well.  I ate a lot of valentines chocolate in between cut mess ups.  I thought I got it, but I didn't.  I was like "Tommy Boy", and I was like,
It just. . . ew.  Ew.
Inside left corner, outside right corner. . . bevel left, miter right. . .is this the top of the piece or the bottom. . .
It was ugly.  You know Regina George on "Mean Girls", when she finds out that Cady's been feeding her those bars that are making her fat, and she's all,
"MOTHER!  AAAAAAHHHHHH!" (crazy tantrum girl scream).
Well, it was like that.
But I'm happy to say, that I fought the good fight, and eventually. . . I fought the crown, and I won.
After my husband intervened and explained how my thinking was wrong. (Why is she screaming like that over and over?  Yeesh.)

I just need to paint and spackle, now. And while I'm at it, every piece of molding could use a touch up.  So, expect the final product next year when I peptalk myself into that crap.


Marcy said...

Your hair is so pretty. And so is your crown molding.

Hope your girl-child appreciates having a gorgeous big girl room.

Trish said...

It always amazes me to see what you attempt- let alone complete. You're amazing. Carry on.

COTTAG3 said...

The new crown will be awesome but I had to comment too on your hair. That's a beautiful 'do you got there. Who looks like that when they are doing physical labor? I need to send you a "pony tail" band and an old ballcap so you can look like the rest of us when we roll our sleeves up :)

Evelyn said...

Cutting corners for any molding is evil!! My husband will explain it to me and it still makes no sense...which is a shame, because he's not too careful about his measuring!

I agree with the other comments: Your hair looks incredible.:-)

SueAnn Lommler said...

This is one area I have not entered as of yet...crown moulding!! Ack!
Good job and congrats on overcoming

Anonymous said...

I know just how you feel! I love crown moulding so I have to do it again anyway! Good luck to you... - Susan

funjani said...

I would never in my life think of putting up crown molding myself. So I sat here laughing out loud at your description. I love reading the humor in your blog. Since you are so handy with a saw, come on over to my blog sometime and see how to make a catapult under my tab "Parties" at www.funjani.blogspot.com.

gillian said...

this is really random but you have beeeeeautiful hair!

-Lisa said...

Not only do you torture me with your freakin' talents (mitering a corner to me would be like neurosurgery on the President of the United States!--Too much to bear!), your hair is amazing and your 'backside' photo is simply not fair! Four kiddos and you like you are 15! Geeze, when will it end.
In all seriousness, wonderful perserverence. The room is coming together so nicely.

Ashley said...

Very cute room! I really like that paint color - would you be willing to share the name and brand of the paint?

Libby said...

at least your backside and hair look good! Ok I don't even attempt molding never mind crown stuff and I would so splurge on the corner stuff so I don't have to tear my not-so-great-hair out doing the math. The moulding will look great.

Lorilyn Crum said...

I love all the hair and backside comments because they are toats true. That molding is going to be so classy I can't wait to see the finished result.

WhettenWild said...

Those jeans look so cute on you! Oh yeah, the molding looks awesome too. hahaha