Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fully Operational. Like the Death Star.

I have been all over this whole "ORGANIZATION 2013!!" thing. 
Today's mission, should we choose to accept it?  Corralling the clutter. 

I just need to take this moment to say, that typically, my announcement of projects bring on that face the hubs makes.  You know, the one  I talked about earlier in the week? The  "Oh Boy" face? 

He is loving me for all this organizing I'm doing.  I have his full support.  It's a beautiful thing.

allow me to offer up a little embarrassing pi-ece de info:
I had not one, not two, but four different clutter "spots".  You know, places where you shove papers 'n crap and make them "disappear"?  I had four of those.  3 drawers and a spot in the cabinet for complete, utter crap.
Anyone who's been to my house is like, "Yeah I know, 'cause I've  seen 'em.  Pathetic.  Scary." 
So, you know what I want?  One a those "Command Centers" everyone's doing.
You know, like this:

or this:

Except not even half as cool. 

But it will be functional.  Oh yes, it will be fully functional.  I put my thinking cap on for this one, and really let this percolate:

"What kind of clutter gets brought into my house?  What needs a spot?  Let us be completely, utterly thorough!"  And so forth.

This may be my last wall in my entire house that isn't covered in something.  It held my mail for years.  'N I liked it.  It worked for me.  I had a "Clip Me", a "Shred Me", and a "Pay Me".  And I kinda sorta followed those instructions.  Usually.  Mostly.

Whilst I thought on this little "Command Center" of mine, I had a friend ask if I wanted an old, ready to go to the DI, magnet board.

Sure.  Don't mind if I do.  Thanks, friend.

This thing has great construction. I'd never build anything this solid, believe me.

Gave it the quickest makeover of its life by running it through the router right quick,

just for some curves, and then spray painted.

This thing fits the wall almost perfectly, and it instantly cleaned off my fridge. No more nothin' on my fridge for me. 'S like a new fridge.

Oh.  Oh, wait.  Let's talk about that quote up there:

this free printable really gives me a pep talk.  I like to tell myself when I have screwed something up royally, that it's okay, 'cause I "GET THINGS DONE."

Poorly.  But done.


my old mail sorter just wasn't going to work for me anymore-- I needed something horizontal. And I've always really needed 5 slots instead of 3. Yes, this needed to be very custom, so I threw some scraps together out in the garage.

I was like,
"Oh, let's just try this piece of molding and see if it's even long enough."  And it fit.  Exactly.  And I was like, "Shut.up.  SHUT.UP!" 

It was meant to be.

Each slot kinda-sorta tightly holds mail-sized crap. I still have my "Pay Me", my "Shred Me", and my "Clip Me", but now I have "Save Me" (for receipts for potential returns), and a "File Me" (for junk I guess I'm supposed to keep just in case I get audited and have to serve time again.)

If I was cool, then I'd cut my own vinyl and label these, but I have not been cool for a couple years since my machine busted, and therefore I'll just go with these little labels.

And finally? My final clutter collector to finalize this finally?

Everyone gets a folder to hold their important school and whatever papers.
Mine holds magazine clippings of stuff I like but have banned myself from buying, as well as a menu for my favorite Chinese place that somehow is still staying in business despite my lack of patronization.
Hubs doesn't get a folder.  Apparently he doesn't bring home any clutter.

You know what this wall needs? An over sized, vintage paper clip.

Ooooh, yee-ah. That finished things off.


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Sweet! Love the piece you made, Mandi. In my house it's the opposite ~ my husband brings home receipts and leaves them on the side counter with his wallet and keys. Receipts we don't need and some we do. I buy him a cardboard wallet thing from the office supply store to put his receipts in. It keeps me from losing it when I see these little pieces of paper and he can find his receipts when something has to be returned. Oh, and the paperclip totally made that wall! : )

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

I'm in love and a little bit jealous of your awesome wall. I'm one of the most disorganized people on the planet (running just behind my Mom in that category).

And this might sound weird, but I'd totally cut out some vinyl labels for your mail sorter, if you'd like. E-mail me if your interested.

Janelle said...

fabulous! Now you will be super organized. I am jealous.

SueAnn Lommler said...

First I need a wall to do something like this?? Hmmmm...must work on that!
Love yours..very cool and so organized.
Good for you...high fives!!


Anonymous said...

I love the little scrap wood organization center you made, very clever! Good luck with keeping organized! - Susan

Shirley Moore said...

Yes, I do love your command center. I really liked the rusty trolley pic too, but I just know I'd have to get rid of some of that rust...:)
Since I have an open floor plan, walls are rather scarce around here, so I've gotta find a plan B. Cause your plan rocks, as always!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Totally diggin your command center. So organized ….ahhh! I need a place like that for receipts, thanks for the idea! I have a spot like this inside my pantry door with file folders - they work great for me too.

Lorilyn Crum said...

Gaaah I love it! I have a closet I turned into a nook that I need to do this for. I don't even have kids and all this crap still piles up.

My husband keeps showing my pictures of organized pantries, so unfortunately that will probably be first on my list. Maybe it will be his V-Day prezzie. I'm romantic like that.

WhettenWild said...

That looks great! I totally need to figure something like that out.

Shell said...

Mandi !!! You AMAZE me! If I had to "throw" together a command center, it would take 3 lists, a plan from an engineer, and 2 months! Wow! You could so sell that mail organizer you made!! Cuz I know I'd buy it!! Your posts always make me smile : ) Thanks Girl !!

SpaceGirl said...

as usual, i am in awe. and super jealous. and totally wishing i was as creative as you. and also totally thinking of finding a way to modify your idea so it works in my house.

love, love, love your blog. hope you don't mind, i linked to it from mine.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! So glad you like the's true though... Perfect can be a killer, getting things done is much better.

I love, LOVE, that receipt holder! That is genius! We are a two self-employed adult household, and we have a lot of receipts.

It looks great!
Thanks for sharing my print!

Hippymom83 said...

You know what I love best about your blog? The geeky pop culture references! Always makes my day to know that there is another woman out there who has random song lyrics from the 80's and sci-fi movie trivia floating around in her head. :)

And your exceptionally awesome ideas for organizing and decorating are great too. :)

Emily said...

I have one of these organization centers by my fridge. I love it.