Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Growing Pains.

I have nothing to say about potty training, except for one thing. It sucks.

This is my daughter, a while back.

She has three older brothers. That should clear up any confusion.

(cupping my hands to my mouth: "It doesn't work like that for us, honey! We all wish it did from time to time, believe me!")

Like I said, I have nothing to say about potty training, except for how bad it sucks.

I don't consider myself a supersitious person, but I'm a big believer in "potty training karma".  Brag about your kid being potty trained? Your kid will crap their pants out of nowhere at the next most inopportune moment.

Make fun of someone else for not having their kid potty trained? It'll take you 2 years on your next kid to work out all the kinks.

Maybe you bragged/made fun and all your kids are trained?  Maybe it'll be you crapping your pants at an older age.  Something to think about.

Like I said: sucks.  That is all.
Let's move on, shall we?

Let me sum up:

I have a little girl, now, as opposed to a baby girl.  This makes me sad.  And happy.  It's a confusing time.

Up 'til recently, she would not let us move her out of her baby cage.

I will never understand it, but she loved her crib.

Then one day while I was hanging her laundry, I watched her climb into it, and then out, and then inandout, and it was all,

"What the. . . ?  Oh forget this!"

And I took apart the crib the next day.  Sheesh.

I've had plans for a mini-makeover in her teensy weensy room forever.


Let's just say it's closer to a year away from when I wrote down my ideas in the first place.

I've decided what's staying, what's going, and contemplated repainting. Sold the rocking chair on KSL (gone in an instant),

and decided not to paint. Because painting sucks. Not as bad as potty training, but kinda close in my book.

It's okay if you don't care for her paint color, because it's not your room. But if it were your room, then I'd say you should paint. But since it's not your room, we are okay here.

Let's talk plans! ("Project!" (Squeal)

The shelf you see in the picture above? Gift from the Daddy-o. That is sooo, so staying. I consider it the jewel of this room.

So, what do I want? Delicate. Pwetty. Slight European look. MORE MOLDING. Oh yes, there will be more molding.

("Is that even possible in that room?")

This is such an interwebs faux pas,

But I don't know where I found this lovely picture. (Everyone tsks their tongue at me).  There will be some of this.  Crown costs a lot, and I'm on what I like to call a "spending cleanse", so I'm going to get very creative here.  Stay tuned.

There will be one of these.

(80% done in the garage for like months)

Oh, and I just had to have this coverlet I saw at Target,

back when I justified every single thing I saw and loved at Target, and it was for the "good of the house". It was twoo wuv. I was smitten. I was in deep smit.

  Aw, there it is. (FYI it's been puked on 3 times since I busted it out.  The nasty, smelly, acidy kind.  It's held up well in the washing machine, though.)

You know what this bed needs? A tufted headboard in linen. I agree. I'll get right on it.


Erica Simon said...

Yes potty training is awful!!! It took my daughter (who will be 4 very soon) until mid December to finally get potty training. Her brother was a breeze compared to her! Wishing you lots of luck in the process and love her big girl room!

stormyyskyy said...

I'm not sure if it was linen, but going with your Paris theme for her room - I think JoAnn's has Paris printed cotton. Not too sure if it's linen, but it's a big girl pattern in big girl colors (read: 26 y/o me was going to use it when redecorating my house). I have an infatuation with France, and always have things around associated with it - such as a Parisian dining room complete with painted table with a French ephemera transferred to the top.

Anonymous said...

Potty training our daughter was a nightmare! As far as the details in your daughter's room, that shelf is indeed a jewel! And all the other details are so pretty! Gosh, I must be nuts, because I love to paint, so much in fact, that I'm considering doing it part time, lol!

Shirley Moore said...

Yep, I'll agree on the potty training. The first kid? one week! the next two? Foreeevvveeerrrrr!!!!
Ok, all I can say about the paint is....it just seems to pale next to her vibrant personality...so there. Go get some paint already!

Maureen said...


My daughter took six years to potty train! Jac is barely in the Autistic Spectrum but I was really ready to rip out my hair. Found out later - like four years after our first attempt - she has Dyspraxia, a form of Autism where the nerve ending don't develop right, and she doesn't always know when she needs to go. I still have to remind her sometimes.
The funny thing is my Mom said that girls are easier and she had three. !?! !?!


Lauras Crafty Life said...

Ugh! Potty training is rough. We are working with my daughter right now. She was doing so well, got really sick and we were back to square one. Luckily we are on the right path again. So funny about how you can totally jinx potty training! I feel the same way about talking about sleep. My daughter is not a good sleeper. She never has been. I don't even tell anyone when she starts to get some good sleep in because inevitably the next night she is up 10 times! So fun she is getting a "big girl" room! We are contemplating that with my daughter now as well. She turns three this week but still really loves her crib. She doesn't climb in or out, so not sure I am ready to give up having her contained. :)

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I actually really like the color. Love the shelf. and I have nothing to say about potty training because you have put the fear of potty training karma into me.

Jen said...

Oh, man! She is going to come at you somethin' fierce when she's older for that first picture!!! I LOVE it!!!! My niece, who also has 3 older brothers used to do the very same thing. :)

SueAnn Lommler said...

OMGEEEE!! I never laughed to hard...your daughter trying to pee standing up!! Oh I am dying here!!

Anonymous said...

Your sense of humor and honesty make me smile! Since the hubs and I are D.I.N.Ks (Dual Income No Kids) I will make a memory deposit of NOT to brag about my child's awesome ability to potty train whenever we have a kiddo! Good stuff!

Janelle said...

She is so darling. Have fun with all the girlie stuff.

I also hate the potty stuff. I thought I had it down, then I had my fourth child come around and he didn't have it down. I like your take- I cursed myself.

Lorilyn Crum said...

Dude, I feel the same, painting is a pain in my A$$. For one, it takes like a full day - let there be no mistake. Two, it's expensive. For a good can of paint, that will run you $40 to $50. That's a lot of money in my book. And yes anyone reading this, we've done a lot of painting these past three years and BM paint is vastly superb to other brands. One coat and full coverage? DontmindifIdothankyouverymuch. Anyhoo - one of my besties has a 9 month old and her nursery is SO similar to this, and I love it.

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

Can you be my Mom so I can have a room like that? I love it, all of it. And I can't wait to see how your other projects turn out. P.S. I'm sorry that potty training sucks, but it's something to someday remind your daughter of when she's making the same complaint, because ya know, karma ;)

Emily said...

Ohh her room looks so peaceful! What a lucky little girl

Blue Eyes said...

I am not allowed to paint, hub does the painting. He slays me - straight cut -in no tape. Is there anything sexy-er? Clear the room, buy the paint, get him a damp rag and he is on it. (His daddy was a painter.)
LOVE LOVE LOVE the molding. (looking at my ceiling/wall corners necked {X rated} and jealousy is steaming out my ears. )
Please do tell about the headboard. Wanted one for vera own for YEARS.
Ok, relax about the potty training. What adult - other than someone incontinent due to physiological impairment do you know that didn't end up using the bathroom? I rest my case. It happens. Just not on an imposed time schedule.

GustoBones said...

McKenna's room is beautiful. Potty training is the worst part of motherhood. Whenever I have had a baby it is what I dread from the moment they are born (no lie). That is why most all my kids werent trained until what some would consider "late". I decided I didnt care. Why should I be anxious to be tortured? Hope its downhill from here:).

Libby said...

3 boys 1 girl (yep, same order as you)...potty training...thought #3 boy would be going to kindergarten with a spare diaper! It all worked out before then (thanks Grampa!). I teach them to recognize how their body feels. I don't want to be trained (putting them on the toilet at set times), I want them to know when to go. on their own. Worked (I can't jinx myself because they're all adults now).
Love the room. And yes, that shelf IS a jewel! Wait until she wants a specific colour for the walls and then she can paint it! I personally like it...it isn't too girly girl.

Maureen said...


Read through the edition again and what about a canopy bed for Mckenna? That can get pretty fancy-shmancy fast. I don't know if the room is large enough for one but I grew up with one and loved it. Just a thought.


Nat and Holly said...

I freaking love you!! I can't believe my RSS subscription somehow stopped working to your blog and I kinda forgot about it {I'm really sorry about that} and I just saw a comment you left on a blog I was reading and I was like, OHMYHGOSH!! I LOVE her and I haven't read her blog forever!! So I have been happily reading your last two posts. And I just added you on GFC so hopefully I will be getting your awesomeness in my reader now. Ok, anyway now that you think I am a freak I just had to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and how hilarious you are. Can't wait to look around and see what I've missed!! - Holly

Laurie said...

thank GAWD I'm not the only one who is paying for bragging about how my eldest child essentially "potty trained herself!"...number 2 is almost 4 and we JUST within the last month have gotten it down. I will never brag again...comes back and bites you in the tush!