Tuesday, November 13, 2012

They Say It's My Birthday.

It was my birfday, yesterday.  'N I had a good day.  And like a 5 year old, I want to show you my new toys. 
But before I be the lame-o that shows you my new toys, I gotta share something real quick. 
Hubs said to me day before last:
"Well you never want anything."
Listen to Phil, Jefffro.  Listen to Phil.

The saddest part about this clip, is that it cuts the end off, when Phil says:

"Oh, yogurt maker! I can't stop thinking about things I want."

That's me, people. That's me. I have a list a mile long.  Please say you watch "Modern Family".  If you don't, I own Seasons 1-3 to borrow.  Let me know.

I am trying to decide if this makes me a big, huge, snot, OR, if it just simply makes me excited about a lot of different things.  I really hope it's the latter.

Now, a robot dog and speakers that look like rocks aren't going to make my list, but other totally random items like an ice cream machine and a Polaroid camera will. (and maybe a couple bits for my router, or a new table saw just like my dad's, or a cotton candy machine. . .)

Anyhow.  I swear I am content about my life.  SWEAR. 

So!  This isn't my present.  But I hope I can still share.

Do you know the game "LittleBig Planet"?  I don't get it.  At all.  But my boys love this game, and so do all their friends.

This is a "Sackbot" from the game.  I know.  I don't get it either, kay?  But I'm sure it's a fun game.

Jamison had this great, mom to son bonding idea of building his own Sackbot you see up there.  I was feeling totally overwhelmed with all I had going on at the time, but totally wanted to do it. 
 So I asked the Daddy-o if he had a spare part or two.  Shockingly, in my huge pile 'o scraps in the garage, I didn't have any cube pieces.  I figured maybe the Daddy-o would have a cube for the head.
Well, he did a lot better than that.  Check it out.

Bam.  He whipped this up for my son in an instant.  I was totally blown away by the sweetness of this.

Daddy-o:  you totally rock.

Okay, so. . . presents.  Since I'm already talking about the Daddy-o, I gotta show you what he got me.

"Why don't you go stun gun yaself?"

It's a flashlight! It's a stungun! It's a flashlight-stungun! (sung in the "PillowPets" jingle).

In my dad's typical protector mode, he bought me a stungun to totally jack someone with when I go running. I dare someone to try 'n jump me while I go for my little jog. I dare.

My total bestie from childhood gave me a new journal,

and this totally awesome book for writing music. I love this. Such a thoughtful gift.

My sister in law got me this fab smelling candle and this BAD TO THE BONE wooden leaf tray:

this is sooo me. I always always walk past the wooden trays/bowls. I am drawn to them. "It's like a tractor beam: sucked me right in."

One of my besties gave me this:

this begs to have new messages written on here. Weekly.  No, daily.  It's not the law, but it might as well be.

And oh my gosh how I love my new mixing bowls from a totally awesome friend. . .

I want to start mixing stuff right now. I have no idea what. I'm open to suggestions.

And finally,

I know I just gave the hubs a hard time about not picking up on my not-so-hints for crap I want, but this one he didn't miss.

Yep.  I really wanted an iPod to "run" with.  "Run" is such a relative term.  Thanks, hon.  You totally went up a notch on "My Best Husbands" list. 

Man, I feel loved, today.  Kinda makes me feel like a big fat jerk for whining last week.   


Evelyn said...

Yay!! You got some awesome stuff. Don't feel bad about whining...I was more thinking along the lines of "Good thing your birthday was a good one, because you NEEDED some good happy moments."

Happy belated!

Little Oak Creations said...

Happy belated birthday! I am loving those mixing bowls, especially the bee hive pattern purple one... any idea on where they were from?

Shirley Moore said...

Ok, gotta ask my kiddos tomorrow if they've ever heard of that game. I'm so glad you got some cool stuff, cause that's what Bdays are all about, right? :D

julie - eab designs said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Love the gifts - Hope you never have to use the stun gun!! My Dad once gave me some mace to carry with me. They love their girls. Wish we were neighbors and I'd come over to borrow Modern Family. We just ordered the first season. We have a lot of laughs to catch up on. Cheers!

Layne Bushell said...

So happy it was a happy day! Loved spending a few minutes of it with you!

Samantha said...

Happy belated birthday!!!

It was my birthday last week too, my 30th in fact. My husband bought me a food mixer.

I'm not sure what's worse, the fact he thought that was a brilliant 30th birthday present for his wife or that I was totally chuffed to receive it!!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Nah!! It is a women's perogative to whine!! A must for womanhood!!
Happy Birthday! Glad you got some cool things! Me...I got nothin'! Waaaaaaa!!!
Maybe next year I will rate like you,

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Happy birthday Beastie Bestie!!!!! I must have been living under a rock this week and totally missed the occasion! So glad you were showered with love from all your peeps - you deserve it! Wishing you a happy, happy, happy year ahead!

Mrs BC said...

Hey, Happy Birthday! Hope you had an amazing day. Those bowls are gorgeous, your friend has excellent taste.
I have an icecream maker and it is really good. I make sorbets with whatever fruit is in season, and icecream flavours that you cannot buy, like dulce de leche pumpkin pie. An icecream maker could be your birthday present to yourself!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Emily said...

I'm so glad you had a good birthday!! You totally deserve it!!

Haley Marie said...

those mixing bowls are too cute! where on earth did she get them?