Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Still Thanksgiving Weekend, Right?

Can I still talk about what I'm thankful for?  Maybe I'm a little late. 
Okay.  I've written this, in my head, a half dozen times, over the course of a few months.  Wrote it out in my journal, and it was basically nonsensical.  You needed to speak "Mandi", but more than that.  It was "Mandi's trying to make a point but can't make it, so get out your decoder ring", speak.
Let's try this again.  I need it.  For me.
You know when they ask you when you're a kid what you wanted to be when you grow up?
I have no idea what I answered.  I don't think I ever really had an answer.  I remember the Daddy-o telling me I could be anything I wanted to, and that I should be a doctor.
He's a good daddy, that Daddy-o.
I remember my best friend telling me she was going to grow up and be a "bubble gum flavor maker."
That is an awesome job.  I wish I would have thought of something bad to the bone like that.
I guess what I'm saying is, is that I don't dream big.  I don't want to be famous.  Yes, I occasionally sing (badly) into my hairbrush from time to time, but that doesn't count.
I didn't ever want to be president of the United States.  I don't dream of being a (and I would be awesome at this one) billionaire.  I don't want to start my own company. . . none of those big things.
Am I simple-minded?  Yes.  Maybe.  No!
Let me tell you what I've always wanted:

a house to call my own.  One that felt cozy.  Inviting.  Happy.  Warm.  Delicious.
I wanted children.  Happy-ish children.  Children that wanted to be home, because they liked it there so much.

I just had little dreams.

-Little visions of kids sipping cocoa around the counter. 

-Or a husband that really liked me.
-Or me, making a little sumthin' sumthin' for the kids before they got home from school. 
-Or a row of galoshes in a mudroom.

-Or being close to my family.
-Or a really organized closet with a fabulous array of high heels.

-Or a vanity table. I'm serious. I envisioned myself in a house I loved, in a totally cute nightgown, brushing my hair at a vanity table.
(Off to find the cute nightgown.)

-Or reading a great story and kissing the kids goodnight.

-Or weekends with a "I just ordered pizza for the kids and Chinese for us, hon!" night.  Perhaps a movie night thrown in there, too.

I'm saying I'm simple folk.  It's the little things. 

And for all the whining, the complaining, the "I wish. . " 's  and the "I'm sooo sick of. . ." 's or "If I have to tell you one more time. . .!" 's that I pull on a weekly, nay, daily basis,

I kinda have everything I ever really wanted.  Well, anything that matters, anyway. 
Thanks for listening.


SueAnn Lommler said...

And what really matters is that you are content and happy!
Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm impressed! So nice to hear from people who are happy with, and can get great pleasure from...the happy things! People make life too complicated! It doesn't need to be complicated. It CAN be purely simple, and nice. And have that be Ok.

Camille said...

I hear ya sista! I on the other hand remember having big dreams of having a PhD. 6 kiddos and an awesome husband have given me more to be fulfilled by than any PhD could. I love being a simple wife and mother. Although I don't know if my husband would use simple to describe me ;-) Hope you and your family are having a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday.

Jean @ said...

Well, then I'm really simple, too. 'Cuz all I ever wanted was to be the wife of a guy who really like me..check! The mother of wonderful, healthy children...check! And a home of my I can decorate it to my heart's content...check! I have everything I want, as well.

Debbie Gisle said...

Well said. It's the small things (and I'm still working on that house for me, the hubs and the 4 crazies). You're inspiring.

Cox Family said...

Perfect post. :-)

Libby said...

Beautifully said and illustrated. You've worked for something much better than a PhD or a corporate mogul. And it can last for eternity. (I think it's better than being a bubble gum flavour maker).

Lisa C said...

Beautiful. Thank you for that. I feel just the same. We'd be bud's if we lived in the same 'hood. ; )

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

You are blessed many times over, that is for sure. It's awesome to be friends with someone who genuinely loves and appreciates their life, you are a breath of fresh air Mandi Tremayne!

Sonjiatx said...

Girl, you brought tears to my eyes reading this beautiful post. Your priorities are exactly right. Life is so sweet when you want what you have and you have what you want. I feel exactly the same. All I ever wanted was the hubby that likes me and the kids who wanted to be with us. You are blessed beyond words.

Emily said...

Thanks for bringing the "thanks" back to thanksgiving. I hate that Thanksgiing gets overlooked. I do love Christmas, but we need to remember what we have and be thankful for it! And you definitely have it right. You have everything that matters!
Happy Thanksgiving Mandi!