Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm Feeling Surly Today.

I'm gonna apologize ahead of time:
I'm sorry because I am a whiney, ornery brat today.  Sorry.  Forgive me?
It's just that, I've had a bad headache from the change of weather (major sinus pressure-- do you get it too?), My kids have been home from school for weeks and have finally gotten awfully whiney and difficult to please, ripping up the vinyl in my mudroom has taken me a long, looong time, fall is officially over today and it's a dreary, dark wasteland out there, and finally,
because I have to drop another serious chunk of change on my "other" house, when I've already threw 10k into that freaking house,
I am in a bad mood.  Bad.   I know, waaaaaaa.  Nothing's really wrong here-- I just need a change of 'tude.  Be a pal and help me get out of it, will you?  Let's talk about happy things!  Rainbows and unicorns and chocolate!
Let's talk about my favorite things.  Brown paper packages, tied up with string. 
First off, let's listen to one of my favorite summer songs.  Yes.  Let's.  It takes away from the darkness out yonder.

All summer, kids in the hood were like, "Are you listening to that song AGAIN?"

Why, yes. Yes I am.

 Okay, now, let's talk while this awesome song plays.

I'm really enjoying watching Season 1 of this on Netflix:

Almost didn't give it a chance.   But I'm really liking it.  And I really like her hair.  For some reason I fall asleep watching it every night and then have to be half-drug up the stairs by the hubs, but it's good.

I don't do this very often-- I'm not that kind of girl,

but I've read these before, and I'm reading them again.  I liked them that much.  Try them.  You'll like them.  No man can live up to Valek once you've read these.

 And you know what?  Let's talk about exciting, on the horizon, as soon as my mudroom is un-humiliation-ated, next project in line.

'Cause that makes me happy.

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

I believe my bedroom should have its own faux mantle. Yes! YES! Can you see it?  Below my TV? 

Okay, I'm feeling a bit better.  Gonna go steal some extra Halloween chocolate from the kids, and I'm ignoring laundry and ripped up vinyl floors today.  Plus, I think I won't cook tonight, either.  I'm thinking Chinese for the adults, pizza for the kids.  Ahhh yee-ah.  Thanks for your help.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Yep you totally need a night off from cooking and night ON pinterest daydreaming about your next projects! A fireplace in the boudoir? Why of course! I think you need to plan a warm weather destination trip while you're at it!

Amy said...

OOh, I love Once Upon A TIme as well! You will be ecstatic with Season 2! :)

Sethrin Tatu said...

LOVED the Study trilogy as well - and of course Valek...Maria said he was based on Ice Man from Top Gun. I'm still in love with that is all.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That's one of my favorite shows, Mandi! I like her hair, too. Glad that's not weird. Or maybe it is and we are just both weird. : P I could use some new books to read as I wait on my fav authors to get moving on some new titles.

Camille said...

Thanks for the book share, I have been wanting a new read. Sorry you're in a dumpy mood. It happens. Do you like hot chocolate? (If not i might have to reevaluate a few things about you ;) You could get yourself a nice cup of Stephens and enjoy some more Once Upon a Time. You're dreary weather mood has me in envy mode. I wish I had a snow picture to post today. Instead it was 75 and not at all fall or winter like so if you have a good imagination you could pretend you're visiting.

Berry Family said...

I read your blog everyday and it makes me laugh and it makes me wish I knew how to use power tools. I don't know you but I thought of you at a ward trunk or treat party. The couple's costume that made me think of you was husband - Bob Ross, wife- a pretty tree. It was awesome, had to share, as I always enjoy your Bob Ross commentary!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I love those books!

SueAnn Lommler said...

You're welcome! Glad I could help!
Yep you need a couple days off for sure.

Kimberly from 'bugaboo' said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE poison study! So true about Valek...
I can't find the other two ANYWHERE???!!! :(

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Totally watched all those episodes my second week after Ran Man was born, and I loved it. Now I'm watching Revenge, which is really intriguing.

Then because I'm up in the middle of the night all the time, I totally looked up those books to check out from the library.

Last, I can't wait to see your faux fire place, it will look fantastic.

Emily said...

I haven't watched that show yet. I will have to get on netflix.

And don't worry I have read the study books 3 or 4 times. My books are very broken in! They are the best!! So excited for the next ones to come out!! YAY for more Yelena and Valek!!

Anne said...

Ok I had to laugh at this post because these are some of my favorite things too. I loved that book series and thought it shared a lot of themes with Hunger Games without a lot of the meh and yuckiness (I mean, why did we even like Katniss? I just felt bad for her and everyone). I loved how Yelena overcame things and hope there really is another book coming out! I had to look every where for the third one and even went to two new libraries in our area to finally get it. Totally worth it.

I just started Once Upon a Time at my SIL's request a couple weeks ago and it's addicting! The costumes, scenery and decorations are amazing and the whole thing is super creative. Can't wait to watch more.

Hope you get out of your slump soon! Thanks for sharing!