Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I neglected to mention something when we discussed this travesty last week.

Good grief it just gets worse every time I look at that picture.

It's not just that this was a "close the door and fuggedaboutit" type of room.  We had given up on this room.  We weren't even shamed into cleaning it when we had company over.  Friends?  Family?  An appraisor?  It didn't matter.  We never cleaned it. 

I guess it took me posting this picture to finally, finally feel shamed enough to exorcise the demons in here.

And I'll tell ya, with how tired I was from the whole "other" house scenario, I am shocked that I got all up on this disaster like I have.  Shock.  Ed.

First stop?  Well, clean it, duh.  That was a project all in itself. You do realize that "cleaning", for me at least, is just rearranging the junk to some other place, don't you?


Cabinets. I am so proud to say that I hung this cabinet all by myself. My entire body was shaking as I heaved it up there. It was like Ahnuld. You know the Arnold yell he does in every movie? I'd love to do my re-enactment if you were here for reals. Jeffro does a real good Ahnuld impression, too.


The hubs and I hung the rest together, and when we were finished. . . we nearly cried.

Held each other for a long, long time.

Or we would have if we were that freaking lame. But we're not.
It probably more went something along the lines of "Wow that looks so much better."
And then I smacked his bum and we walked away.

Did you notice that I decided to throw in some left over glass tile up there, too? This whole thing is just snowballing!  And don't get excited! It's not going to make a page in Better Homes & Gardens. I'm not promising a beautiful laundry room. I am promising a less embarrassing laundry room. And that is all one can hope for!

I mean,


I'm even happy that I've found the tops of the washer 'n dryer, here. I never thought I would see them again. . .
A word on the washer and dryer. Notice that they don't match. Thanks for noticing. Your noticing has been noted. It's a long story, and it has to do with wanting to use up and basically kill that dryer before we replaced it with our other one. And it's about murdered, so I expect it to be traded this week.
Confession: I don't love my front-loading washer. I just don't. Do you love yours? 'Cause next time I buy I'll probably just go with the moldy oldy kind.

Now, let's talk plans of this little laundry room/mudroom of mine.

I solemnly swear that I will keep it clean from NOW ON. And then there needs to be a place for the Iron Maiden to go, too. Because this is a room of torture, isn't it??
Oh, hehe. My mistake. I just assumed.


Pulling up vinyl off the subfloor. This is what I am currently up to. Whole new flooring in here. It'll be a different place. Maybe a little less torture-y. But I highly doubt it.


Maura said...

I am so impressed you tackled this. I would have needed three days in front of the TV with "the flu" first.

I was not blown away by my front loader, either. I thought it would be soooo much better, but eh, it's more of a trade-off (that stupid moldy gasket, urgh). I won't go back, though, because the clothes get spun out so much better. I really can't go back to and hour-and-a-half to dry; everyone would have to go to school naked.

Unknown said...

I bought a new washer/dryer set a year ago and I am in LOVE with it. I, too, did not want a front-loader. My washer is so big, I have to stand on my tip toes to get the socks out of the bottom, but it's worth it. Gets my clothes so clean, super spun out and it was a great investment. It's the Samsung Top Loader from Lowes. 4.7 Cubic Feet of capacity. It's practically a hot tub! :D

The laundry room is coming together. My "laundry room" is really our family room with a washer and dryer in it. I have laundry all over my house now. It's totes annoying.

Unknown said...

I'm with ya on the front loader. It does a decent job with regular, but if you've got a stain, you might as well like it, cause the clothes will wear out before it goes away! I still have the old dryer as well, and it is limping...
And I'm jealous that your laundry room is bigger than mine. Ok, I'm better now. Have an awesome day!

Erin said...

Totall not relate to the remodel, love the glass tile, btw. But my little 5 y/o Sullivan has the same backpack as Johnny. I love LL Bean backpacks. They last forever! Our 12 y/o twins used their first ones from when they were 4 till 11. The only reason we got them new ones is because they needed more room. Go Bean!

Staci said...

I am with you on the front loader. I hated mine so much I went on Craigslist and bought a cheapo Maytag top loader dependable care, super capacity, for $40 and LOVE IT compared to that stupid front loader. I am not all about high efficiency anymore. If it uses more water to actually CLEAN my clothes and not spin them into a balled up knot that is HELL to get out, then so be it.

How's that for my opinion on front loaders? hee hee

kim west said...

The hubs and I hung the rest together, and when we were finished. . . we nearly cried.

Held each other for a long, long time.

Or we would have if we were that freaking lame. But we're not.
It probably more went something along the lines of "Wow that looks so much better."
And then I smacked his bum and we walked away.

favorite part. giggled!

Unknown said...

Love the improvements, and the glass tile is just icing on the cake.

Now that you say you don't like your front loader, I'm not sure I want to ever get one then. We are in the very very very beginning stages of redoing our laundry-area of our basement, and now I'm thinking the money that could have been spent on a new washer should be used for something else. I am so glad I have your wisdom to guide me Mandi :)

Emily said...

I like the cabinets! Man I wish I had a laundry/mudroom!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Mandy, I am amazed at all you accomplish with 4 kiddos...dying to know what flooring you have chosen for the mud room??? I ended up with Pergo in my mud/laundry room and after 7 months I still LOVE it!!! HAd my carpenter install it while I was on vacation and he said it was the easiest thing he has ever installed! Said the kids would be able to install it!! I went with a white washed oak that has a lot of white, grays and naturals and it is very beachy and easy to keep clean! It also has a bit of a distressed finish...which is nice! It is super durable!!! After this project you need a real break!!! hugs, cathy