Sunday, September 30, 2012


You are going to have a heart attack and die from this surprise,
but with all my talk and reminiscing and frankly annoying goings ons about summer. . . (I'm sorry-- please indulge me. . .it's my favorite thing to talk about. . .)
I actually love fall.  My only problem at this time of year is that winter typically takes over our fall really early.   I hate you, winter.
And if we haven't been friends for very long?  Then you might not know that Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I like to think of myself as Claire Dunphy.

Except not half as hot. And I'd like to think I'd be a lot nicer to Phil. And hopefully a little less uptight.
Anywho, last year . . . last year was a doozy.

We had zombies on our lawn last year. Please say you love this game. If you haven't played, what is wrong with you??
Oh, I kidd. Go download it, though. Really.

This year, plants and zombies will probably not grace my lawn. They were such a pain in the butt to figure out how to keep standing. Plus kids can't keep their hands off them, and I was repairing broken necks and legs every other day.

So, so sad.

I am also that nerd who likes to dress up every year.

Last year, I got all crafty.
This year? I have some big things going on in the month of October. "Big. Huge." I am not going to have much time for anything. Tell you about it later. Ooh, I am so mysterious, oh la la. . .

Thus, I shopped for a costume. Took the easy way out.

I'd like to take a moment to offer up a little suggestion to all online shopping establishments:

--Please offer a refining search along the lines of:


"Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." (Name that movie!)

With this new, refining search in place, it ought to cut my search time down by, oh. . . 99%, I think.

So! Wanna know what I'm going to be this year! Do ya? DO YA?? Rizzo.

("Rizzo! Hey! Rizzo! I wanna talk to you. . . nooooow.. . ") I love "Grease".  Did I just talk about non-trashy costumes and then just pick the costume of a very trashy character?  How ironic.

 And speaking of which, friend who took my Rydell High cheerleader costume all those years ago, I want it back!!  Like, now!


my gourds 'n pumpkins have come inside, finally. I wish I would have grown more. You can't ever have too many little pumpkins, can ya? I mean, really.

And then, for my new hallway shelf dealy-o,

I thought it would be fun for the kids to make a little fall/Halloween bulletin board, of sorts.
All the pictures I could find of them, slapped on there. . .

aww. . . my kids are getting so old. . . sniffle. . .

This party is just getting started, people. Now don't snow in October this year, for the love!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I know what you mean about the costumes, Mandi. We were invited to a Halloween party this year and need costumes. Every one I've seen on-line is "Sexy something or other". I told my husband that would be really scary ~ 48 year old me dressing up as a sexy something or other! He suggested pirates. Unfortunately, he's not very creative when it comes to costumes. Two years ago he suggested pirates; 7 years ago he suggested pirates . . . you get the idea. I told him we can go as pirates if he can manage to look like Johnny Depp as Captain Jack. : )

Dudette said...

So you're a mean girls fan, eh? ;)

Christy said...

I am also a HUGE fan of dressing up for Halloween!! I love to do family themes but don't think it'll last much longer. I thought this would be our first year where the kids did something separate but they want to be the Hulk and Black Widow. So I COULD do a themed year but am totally stumped! There aren't enough girl Avengers! Plus I have a 6 month old girl. So you see my dilemma? :)
I love your costume though! That'll be awesome!

Jen said...

Nope, you're not half as hot as're 10 times HOTTER!!! ;) Nuff said!

Oh, and the movie....Mean Girls! My 13 year old has only watched that 587,462 times this past week!!!! :) She knows every line by heart and recites them with the movie! Just like Meister does with Star Wars!!

calikas said...

Mean Girls!!

Aww your costume is so cute! love it!

I absolutly love Fall, cant wait!

Emily said...

I love that you are going to be Rizzo. That is awesome!! Ahh the memories of watching that movie everyday at your house!

I'm going as a HUGE Blue October fan this Halloween!! Ü

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Same page girl, I freaking LOVE the fall, maybe because I'm a big fan of layering clothes and because our winter and spring is awful and rainy. I can't wait to see what you have in store for Halloween. Riddle me this though, is a two week old baby too young to take trick or treating? I've never been before and really want the candy.