Sunday, September 23, 2012

When Scraps Are Coming Out Of Your Butt, part 4072 of 974175.

Have I showed you a picture of my lumber holder lately?

I think things are really getting under control, here. Dwindling down, fo sho.

(Hubs just glanced over at my screen, and, I quote: "Holy crap is everything really that out of control out there?!?")

If you ever, like, need just one more little piece of molding to finish up something, I am your man. Crown? Baseboard? You need it-- I got it.


for the last while, our family has enjoyed reading a good novel together at bedtime. I do the reading, the older ones do the listening, and the younger ones do the annoying. It's an interesting dynamic.

For instance, we went on a Roald Dahl kick, and when we finished up "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory",


we watched the movie, along with any and all Willy Wonka candy I could find.
Can I just say? You should read and watch this with the kiddos. Because from then on, every time your kid acts bratty, all you have to say is,

"Do you know who you sound like right now? Veruca Salt. Yep. 'Now now NOW'!!!"

Drives my son insane.

I have a point, here.
The point is, is we had books all over the place in the boys' room. Remember the hanging pallet bench I put in earlier this year?

Well, I got to thinkin'. And when I get thinkin', then things really start getting kinky.

A simple shelf from scraps, next to the hanging bench. That's what we need, here.

Picked up a little a this and a little a that,

stained it in Rustoleum's "Early American", because I'm kind of obsessed with that color lately, and bada bing,

bada boom. (Do you remember reading "Encylopedia Brown" back in the day? Ahhh, the memories.)

Three scraps down. That'll make a dent.


Mel said...

Huge dint! Love the book case. Daddy, I want one now!

Glad you went with the original and not the creepy Johnny Depp version.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you're making me feel kind of good now with my husband's scrap wood pile. His "ain't nothin' compared to yours"! Whoo! hoo! After looking at your pile, I'm feeling so much more organized now, lol!

By the way, love the hanging furnishings!

SueAnn Lommler said...

You hang on to that thought...Ha! It may come true...eventually.
By the way, the shelf!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

LOL! Yes, I'm sure three scraps made quite a dent in your supply, Mandi. : ) Love the idea; you may need to make more of those.

Emily said...

What a cute idea to have a party to go along with the books.

Janet said...

I need to make some of these shelves, love yours!

julie - eab designs said...

Love the book shelf! I need a few of those in my kitchen for the cookbooks that are spilling out of my bookcase.

Jen said...

Have you ever tried the chewy sprees? They are so yummy! I try really hard not to buy them because I can't stop eating them. :)

I am totally going to make me some of those little book shelves! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Michelle said...

We use the Veruca Salt comparison all the time with our daughter. Anytime she utters a phrase starting with I want, such as; "I want a pony", "I want a horse", "I want a great white shark", We just call her Veruca and explain we are not getting it for her own good. After all, we don't want her to end up being pushed down a hole by squirrels!