Thursday, September 13, 2012

Everybody's Doing It.

I'm still tweaking the whole dang house.  It's my thing lately: the tweak.
This week's tweak?  (Oh my heck.  I rhymed.  No more rhymes now, I mean it.  Anybody want a peanut?)
Won't you join me in my music room?
I know, I know-- the mirror's dirty, there's a half inch layer of dust on my piano, and urine smell wafts from the bathroom, and no amount of bleach can touch it.  I know, okay?!

If I wanted your 2 cents I'd a beat it outta ya!

This is my favorite room in my house. I consider my gigantic mirror to be the crowning jewel of my home. (Haven't heard the story of my mirror? It's a goodie.)

everyone's painting fabric these days. Furniture, rugs, curtains, you name it.
 My bestie, Lisa, painted her drop cloth curtains, and they look fabulous.

Don't they look great?

I wanted to do this myself. I'm partial to stripes. 'N I figured stripes would be super easy.

Famous last words, people. Famous last words. I'd rather build a piece of furniture than mark, tape, and paint curtains again. This sucked.  Not sure why-- it just sucked. 

Also, may I suggest not working on your kitchen table?

My music room has been like so for about a month now.

I can't decide if I should suck it up and get to taping off the other curtain, or run my butt over to Ikea to replace my curtain.  I like it, but I don't.  But I do.  But they hang weird, so I don't.  But I like it, mostly. 

I figured Jeffro would be the deciding factor.  He'd give me his preference.  So far, he hasn't noticed.  Or he's shutting it out of his mind.  Either one.


Stephanie said...

I love the stripes! Keep them! If it were me, I'd add another panel to each side. That's a big ol' window and the curtains look a lil bit sparse. Those are my two cents, not that you asked. :)

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

Oooooh I love the black & white stripes!!! The panel looks great!!! ya gotta do the other one…….they are perfection for your music room! As I've said a thousand times before, IF ONLY you lived next door to me. I'll knock out your painted curtains for you and you could show me how to cut angles properly so I don't have to fill in the gaps with a half inch of caulking!! That's my dream right there!!

As soon as you get them hanging right, the munchkins will hide behind them for hide-and-go seek!

Libby said...

I agree...stripe away!
If Lisa is right and the kid's will play behind them when they hang straight then, maybe just maybe, keep them askew. Of course if they're like my boys (I have the same configuration of kids as you) wouldn't notice they were askew until their sister pointed it out when she was 19yrs. and then they still wouldn't really care.

Looks good, ok, really good & maybe if your assembly line (using the garage floor?) whip out 3 of those goodies to give it fullness. (that's easy for me to say, I'm just hanging sheers with clothes pins to my curtain rod...lazy oaf that I am).

Tami {Curb Alert!} said...

Keep the stripes. I'm sure your bestie won't mind finishing the other one for you. It looks great in the room!

WhettenWild said...

I think it looks really cool. Do the other one.

Hayley said...

I like them! Just hang them a little higher. They hang better.

Kari at A Grace Full Life said...

OMG those curtains! I have curtains I "made" that look just like it. You gotta go to my blog and read the post about it. I dont even remember the title, just search my blog for curtains and it should come up. It was AWFUL. Your home is gorgeous!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I agree with everyone...keep the stripes. Hang them a little higher or cut a little off the end (if that won't mess up the pattern too much and bug you) if they are flush with the floor they will hang better.

Kim said...

You'll laugh, but I have a comment about the bathroom smell. Have you tried popping up the plastic knobs that cover the screw the secures the seat to the toilet? If you pop them up, spray with you cleaner, then use an old toothbrush to scrub in and under that plastic peace, it will do wonders! Just wipe up with a paper towel when done scrubbing. Just a thought! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yes, paint the other one/three.
Agree it needs more curtain.
Yes, hang them higher, and have the curtain rod go wider, at least to the end of the upper molding.
The black stripes really balance out the black happening with the mirror and the piano. The stripes are magical. The hubs is probably mesmerized and has been rendered speechless.

Emily said...

I like the strips. I think you should do the other one

Julie and Andy said...

Love the stripes!! Hang higher above the window and that will fix the "funny hang" of the curtain. Def keep them, and do the other one too!

kathi @ traybella said...

going with everyone else (and usually i'm not a follower of everyone else) but they do look good in that room. i like them because they remind me of piano keys! paint on! :)

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

I love the stripes!!! If you fly me to out to come visit you, I'd paint them for you... I actually really like to paint, weird, I know...

Stuff Parents Need said...

I think they look great, but if it is an exercise in misery to make them, then do go to Ikea. It's worth the $ to save your sanity!