Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Last Vestiges of Summer.

Things are winding down 'round here--
summer's nearly over.  And I just can't move past it.

This is the point where you are scratching your head in disbelief. ("Didn't she just whine and complain about having a meltdown??")

Why, yes. Yes, I did.
When your 4 year old is skipping around the house, and in his best sing-song voice saying, "Mommy's crazy. Someone's gonna get it." You know there's a problem.
Okay, okay-- he was only saying "Mommy's crazy." I was singing "Someone's gonna get it."
Try it at your next meltdown. It's quite soothing.


even though my meltdown persists, I still love summer. I will still feel a huge loss when school starts back up. Tears will be shed. Clothes shall be rent.

And it's because of this, that I changed around my mental. Oh my heck-- did I just spell "mental" instead of mantle? That would actually be funny if it wasn't so disturbing.

Got all nautical on y'all.

Did you know my boys' room is a nautical theme?  No one goes in there.  Except for said boys.  That's kind of a shame, isn't it?  Having cute stuff no one really sees? 

I am really, ree-hee-heally into the whole "shop your own house" dealy-o.  I've been moving crap around for weeks.  This trend of mine also coincides, coincidentally, with my personal annoyance with spending cash on stupid little tchotchkes.  So, this is working out great.

Had this photo you see here printed onto canvas eons ago. Finally found a use for it after an entire year. Go me.

Slapped the world's cheapest and crappiest frame on my canvas, and now I've got a whole new look. Ta da. It's fun for now.

Until I change it into a "back to school" theme in a couple weeks. Gah. Let's not talk about that.


Ashley said...

Very nice look -- I love that canvas print and the whole nautical theme.

chariskalee said...

Very cute theme and great print to frame. Fun!

Teri said...

Your mantle is adorable! I have JUST discovered "shopping your house" and my downstairs bathroom looks 10 times better than when I put stuff in there that I actually BOUGHT for that purpose. I too am staring down the end of summer. We don't go back to school until August 29, so I have exactly 19.3 days to squeeze out every last drop of fun. My sister and mom arrive with my niece and nephew tomorrow, and I can't wait! Enjoy! :)

Rebecca D said...

I do natical in the summer too... The girlies say it's a bit predictable... Living in Maine and all, bt I don't care... The sea shore is summer and I want a piece of it in my home! I love the picture you used, such a sweet shot of your kiddos!

Deidre said...

Aw dont fight it the end of a blissful season will be ending soon,lol you made a "SLAM DUNK" with your mantle Im lovin the canvas frame too!!! Way to shop your house as Im all over that as well...Come on over and well share a coctail and talk shop:)great job!