Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Get Bored Easily.

Yeah, I've already changed up the mental.  Sheesh.  MANTLE.  Mantle.  Sorry.
I don't know what to say, except I just get bored easily.  And it's been fun to keep shopping my house. 
I'm tellin' you, the only things not getting moved around is the furniture.  But you never know.  Table in the living room?  Piano in the kitchen?  It could happen.
Plus, I just had to have a "school" mantle change up.  Why?  I'll tell you why. . .
it's because I made the WORLD'S BIGGEST PENCIL.

(psst: I have two. One is here:

and the other was just sitting there. Waiting for me to decorate with it. And scratch my butt back with it.)

And plus?  Plus, I've had this picture I've been meaning to use of my boys forEVER, and I thought this might be a great combo.

Made a rustic frame out of a cedar fence slat,

and I even left the more "rugged" parts face up. I'm a rebel.

OH YEAH. I love this picture. It's so "Marty McFly". Except my kids cannot skateboard at all. Still like the picture.

Ginormous pencil and the little bike finished it up. And I liked it. I really, really liked it.

And then it's been up for less than 24 hours, and you're only out in the garage for like 30 minutes, and somehow while you're out there, all heck breaks loose, and you come back inside, and kids have multiplied in your house like gremlins, and they're screaming and yelling and banging things and running through the house, and your entire mantle-scape is on the ground. 

And your picture frame is in pieces, and your bike is all bent up.

So you freak out on your kids (and all those other kids who aren't your kids), and you fit your frame back together, and you sit it up on the mantle.  And while you bend the bike back into shape, the frame falls on your head and breaks completely.

I'm not going to tell you what word I screamed.
 It ends in "it". 

And you know that's going home with all the neighbor kids completely out of context, and now no one's allowed at the house anymore.

And now, the mantle looks like this.

But this is good, too. Whatever.


Lori said...

Hey the TV stayed in one piece! Who needs neighbor kids anyway.

LeahTN said...

Pencils are awesome! Musgrave Pencil Company has a huge pencil prop on their front porch that I would replicate in a heartbeat if I had small children. The one they have would make an awesome chair. I tried to find a pic online, but no luck.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, it was very nice, Mandi. While it lasted. : ) I can understand the mental/mantle slip now! Love the giant pencil. What a great prop for kids' pictures.

Emily said...

I'm sure I would have used a way worse word than spit. Ü. There would have been tears involved as well. Your picture is awesome and I am sure you will get it back up there in no time!

WhettenWild said...

I love the sad that it is broken. Maybe it was time to take a break from having the whole neighborhood at your house anyway LOL.

julie - eab designs said...

Who doesn't love Marty McFly? I do! Gotta love the big pencil too, as I only write with Ticonderoga #2's!

LeahTN said...
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LeahTN said...

Found it! Oops, I mean, pulled over on the side of the road and made hubby take a photo! :)

cathgrace said...

You are so much better then me about neighbor kids, my secret confession is I don't like to allow them in the house. I hate it when little hands touch my stuff, and I cannot abide screaming and out door play in the house, so I'm the mean mom and no one foreign gets inside (by foreign I mean anyone who hasn't had years of we don't trash or move stuff Stockholm syndrome, I like to think of it as a safety briefing, because my project crap is always everywhere.)

Up til now that hasn't been an issue because we have never lived near other children (military) so all play dates have been carefully scripted to happen at parks or play places - but we just moved to Korea into a high rise, that is one of three high rises within extremely close walking distance of each other.....and there are children everywhere. I'm a little nervous about walking out my front door in fact as you never know when one will come whipping past you on a scooter. In the hallway. Inside the building.....I can actually hear them all creaming as I pass each floor on the elevator, until I get to my own quiet serene floor of scouts and teenagers (well and the two scooter kids, but at least they don't scream)...... Now before you think I'm the mean mom of the neighborhood - I have to tell you, I am. Kind of proudly..... My mom was strict, what can I say?

I guess I am going to have to practice my impression of a nice mom for the next 3 years and let them in with a smile and hand sanitizer at the door......."we only eat in the kitchen" *smile*cringe*twitch*smile*

Rebecca D said...

I think the mantle was amazing... Good thing you got a picture of it first... I don't miss the days of having a house full of kids who aren't mine... Well, sometimes I do, but I remember the frustration too. I think every mom in the neighborhood voted when I was absent that I would watch and feed their kids all summer... I remember one day telling a friend of the girls that she had to go home since we had stuff to do, and being informed she couldn't go home because her mom went grocery shopping! She actually sent her daughter over to our house to play and LEFT... Without even ASKING me!! I wish back then I was as bold as I am now... But alas, I don't think I even said anything to her next time I saw her.

DressUpNotDown said...

I hope you get the Marty McFly picture back up there!

Does the piece of wall under the TV have "control buttons" painted on it? I so want to do that now. :o)

jmontibon said...

I have just found your blog tonight from a link on pinterest. I read this post and could not stop laughing. I even had my husband read it. very very funny stuff. love the blog.

Jessie said...