Thursday, August 2, 2012

Digging To China.

Wanna know what I've been up to?

Digging to China. In the heat. Sweating to death. Blisters on the palms. Remember this?

Oh, it's on, baby.
Except I tweaked it a bit. Okay, a ton. It's a double swing, and it's next to my garden, and one day. . . my apple trees will give it some shade. . . probably in time for my grandchildren but who's counting. . .aw. . .

So. I had to dig down two feet.
Now, that may not mean anything to you, but if you've ever dug down for anything, and you live near the Rocky Mountains, then you know that you fight for every.single.centimeter of ground.  Told you that I knew when I started this, I'd want to punch someone in the face when I got to work.  Maybe even punch myself in the face. 

Did it all by myself, Jeffro. You should be so proud of me. Your wife is da bomb. I know, I know- - - I create feelings in people they themselves don't understand. I think I deserve my own moniker for this-- that's how cool it makes me. From now on, I want to go by "M. Trey".

Um, what am I supposed to do with the extra dirt? That's recyclable, right?  Just throw that in the recycle bin? 

I kidd, I kidd.

  Blue Stake's even been here.


I was a little surprised by the crisscross of lines all over the yard. Glad I called first. Yikes.

So! Where are we at for now?

Three 4x6x10 treated posts, 2 foot holes filled with 60 pound bags of cement,

some support braces while the cement cures-- and we are about there, man.

Wanna see what it will look like when I'm all done here?
Sure ya do.

Like this. But, you know, wider. And with two swings. Sweet.


Lauras Crafty Life said...

You are amazing with all that you can do and accomplish. In the summer. With small kids running around!

Suesan said...

M. Trey,

You ARE da bomb. When are you going to come build one of those for me? I think that would look awesome at my new place. Maybe you should just come out and supervise me doing the work. I'd be cool with that.

Yours truly,
Fru Gal (there is no cool adaptation of my name or my blog name. I'll have to work on it).

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Well, I'm glad the tough part seems to be done, Mandi! I've got visions of the beginning of whichever Pirates of the Carribbean movie where they are all getting hanged. Thankfully, you can move onto the "pretty" now. And yes, you do have mad skills! : )

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

Great job, M.Trey! This looks like it's going to be awesome and your kiddos are going to love it. Can't wait to see the finished project.

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

M. Trey, I love how you get your groove on in the middle of the hottest dang summer ever! What an awesome workout and sweatfest it must have been to dig those holes! Your kids are so lucky!

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...
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Emily said...

That is going to be awesome!! I may come and swing sometime. Ü

Emily said...
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Rebecca D said...

You are officially the coolest! I have been talking about putting a swing up for two summers now... Not you, you are all do and not all talk, like I seem to be!

Rach said...

I applaud your guts to dig.

It's going to look great! Already does.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Wow girl!! That is amazing!!!

Layne Bushell said...

As always, I'm laughing. I love that you make me laugh. Can't wait to see the chitlins swinging on it....

Teri said...

I freakin' love it, Mandi! I can't wait to see the finished project!

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

Ya know what? When we dig holes, the first six inches are golden, all that top soil we had brought in. Then we hit all the rocks from the construction guys "grading" the lot after building. Yeah, and that's why they carry those long metal sticks at Home Depot. So that those of us that have rocks for soil can dig holes. Dude, once we even rented a machine to dig the holes (an auger, maybe), and that thing just kept bouncing out of the hole. Even with two men manning it. Good work on digging the holes. And I'm so glad you put cement in the holes. Very wise, Grasshopper. I mean, M.Trey. ;)