Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Badder Homes & Gardens.

So, now that you've seen the swings by the garden. . . can we talk about the garden itself?
See, my beloved garden was last year's baby. Huge amount of work, but definitely a labor of love.

Just in case we haven't been friends for that long, I wanted to re-create this from This Old House:

And mine kinda/sorta looks everything, and yet, nothing like that. But moving on.
So, my garden.  Let's start with the ugly.  And work our way on up.  Shall we?
Thee, um, window boxes?  That started out like this in May?

I had such high hopes. They were so lovely, and then. . .

"Dead things, Mikey. Dead things." Annnnd, I planted not once, not twice, but thrice.
Actually, it was just twice but I really like saying "thrice".

I've got a couple ideas about what went wrong. ("It's called 'water'!") But I'll be waiting to execute those next year.
So sad.
On a brighter note,

two out of three of my new fruit trees gave forth fruit. So that's cool.

And despite that I can't keep some simple flowers alive, the garden exploded.
I felt ridiculous putting ginormous tomato cages down a couple months ago, but looky what we have here:

Happy to report that I didn't buy one thing for the garden. All of it was grown from seed. By Moi.

Who loves Butternut Squash? Raise your hand! ("MEEEEE!") Oh, and. . .

you must know that I love LOVE to decorate, come fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving with little pumpkins and gourds. But I hate HATE to pay $1 for each one. So I'm growing my own.

Already got a plentiful amount of veggies, and personally ate a plentiful amount, too. (Excuse me while I go DESTROY my toilet.)

And Oh Em Gee, did I ever tell you that I finally got an arbor this spring to go inside my garden?

Why yes, yes I did. The little lanterns light up at night. . .aw. . .

Um, anyways.

Thanks for looking around my garden like how a little kid dutifully looks around his great grandma's garden and says all the right things at the right times. It means so much to me.

But here's where you really come in.
Someone pointed out to me the massive mowing headache I've created for my boy toy on this side of the house. Garden gates and pergola swing 'n all. I feel kinda bad. And really, it's been in the back of my head to really, really landscape this area anyways.
 Only problem? I need a rock solid, totally BAD TO THE BONE, idea.

A little help, here? I'm not gonna bother with it this season, but come next spring, I am gonna hit it hard. You'll like the way I work it. No diggity. I'd like to bag that up.

So, I'm gathering up ideas. Storing them-- letting them percolate in the brain for a while.

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

Like this awesomeness. Because this would sooo help with the mowing problem I mentioned. Of course.

I'd like a little a this DIY fountain somewheres:

Oh gosh, let's just go all out.

Source: via Mandi on Pinterest

So, help me? Give me ideas! Inspiration! Something that keeps me up nights, planning! Anything goes!  No idea is too big!  (well it might be, but it's called "scaling down.")

 You know I can (occasionally- from time to time) work hard. You know I'm good for it!


Jessie K said...

My petunias look like your petunias. I also had high hopes for mine and, well, the culprit may or may not be me and the murder weapon may or may not be lack of water.

ANYWAY, go with the whole cottage garden and stone pavers thing cuz I wanna do that really, really bad but live in a rental, so I just wanna live vicariously through you! :D Plus there'd be no mowing cuz the "overgrown" look is "intentional!" Or that's what you can tell everyone and they'll think you're a genius! I tell that to people about my lawn, but they ain't buyin for some reason... Could the weeds that are so obviously not supposed to be there... I grow weeds, okay?? This IS Montana after all!!!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Visit Pinterest!!! They have tons of ideas!!!! That might help.
Love your pergola!!

WhettenWild said...

Your garden is awesome! I want some I can make a vaggie tray. haha.

Toilet.....better or worse than after the loco moco plate or whatever that Hawaiian plate was?

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Go with a fireplace big enough to cook smores and the occasional hotdog with some nice benches surrounding it. As for the grass under those benches... I don't know either. Sounds like a you may just need a nice patio foundation and then deck it out all ninja style.

Samantha said...

Saw a blog post once that had a nappy in the hanging basket before you put the soil in to keep the moisture in so your plants don't dehydrate. Alternatively you could get an automatic watering dude thingy but then you'd have to remember to refill that with water....

I'm glad I've taken this time out to be of little help :)

You're welcome.

P.s. maybe I mean diaper, I'm British, we call them nappies....

Kimbo West said...

i have a story:

my dad has a garden. a giant thing that produces enough food for his five grown children and their kids. (talking about me) and a beautiful yard with flowers and bushes and they mow it weekly and it's always lovely looking.

so my dad gets the bug killer and sprays everything.

turns out it was weed killer.

and now it's all dead.

and did i mention my sister is having her reception in my parents yard tomorrow.

it's been a fun couple of days.

Kimbo West said...

the end.


your yard is lovely.

don't kill it.

Cathie said...

Do the checkerboard, but with synthetic grass! Not the astroturf, the good stuff. you can just leaf-blow it off!

Julie Johnson said...

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