Sunday, July 1, 2012

The State Of The Union.


I don't know if I was living in an alternate universe or what, but the month of June was ca-razy.

And not like "crazy, haha" but I mean, "crazy-crazy insane". 

I'm not sure what the dealy-o was-- I kept hearing myself say things like, "It's like it's December, and right before Christmas, except it's just June."  I just had . ..  stuff.  Crap.  Junk.

I flipped through thee ole journal last night, and all it contained was list after list of crap I kept writing down to keep my brain from being scrambled with a fork.

So, can we talk?  About the state of things on thee ole Tremayne country farm?  The highlights?  The lowlights?  The in-betweenies? 

I consider silence to be consent.  Great!  Let's move on.

First off, if I did have all kinds of time on my hands, I would soooo be doing this:

it''s on my to-do, in a big way. Can you imagine two of these? In between my apple trees? Next to my garden? Squeal! I am so excited about this project.
Until I dig to put in the posts. Then I'll want to punch someone in the face. Hard. Heck, I might even want to punch myself in the face.

And speaking of my garden!

I have a wee bit of a problem. See, I thought it was a good idea to turn over rotting fruit in my garden last year. Compost 'n all. I assumed that purchased plants couldn't reproduce.

And you know what happens when you assume.
 Jeffro's all, "Um, are those tomato plants everywhere in your flower bed??"
"That's what I thought they were except I thought I was just seeing things!"
Grape tomatoes, dill, cantalope-- they pop up everywhere, but there's room for it nowhere.

Oh. And I can't not point this out.

The purchasing of real kitschy souvenir items from Hawaii was a big hit with the kids. But now I am waking up to a maraca/drum/ukelele band in the wee hours. It's just so awesome. Awesomely annoying.

Oh, oh! And did I ever tell you that I got the kids a parachute? Can anyone say "80's P.E. dream!"?

Um, I just realized that my niece is flashing everyone.

And that makes it all worth it.

Oh! And a little boy's birthday! This year, I went the "Birthday Ballons in a Box" route. Saw it on pinterest somewheres:

The balloons had stuff inside, like dollar bills and clues to find presents. I think it's a keeper tradition.

And the Cousin's Carnie! It will take place this week! At some point! Hopefully! Fingers Crossed!
I am this close to showing you all my games. One more to go, and I am set.
But the game signs did get done, and there's no way I can't comment on this one.

Holy psycho clown, batman. If this clown had a name, he'd be Jeffrey Dahmer the Clown.    No, really--
you need a closeup of his face.

Just so you know, I read a study once that said that 100%, yes, 100% of kids surveyed in a children's hospital all said that clowns were spooky and a bad decorating choice.

So, I've still got a full page of to-do's before this shindig gets rolling. But that's better than the 3 page one I had two weeks ago.


It's the life of a carnie, I guess.


Trina @ A Few Miner Adjustments said...

I loved doing the parachute in PE. My favorite activity next to jump roping!

Shirley said...

My June has been right there with yours, and one of the things that really went by the wayside was getting to read everyone's blogs. I so missed your great humor! I have guest til tomorrow, then I am officially starting MY summer! :)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

And then people wonder why kids are afraid of clowns, Mandi! : ) I expect those kids will have nightmares for a week with that one. Can't wait to see everything for the carnie! I do love that swing.

Jen said...

Oh, you'll want to punch someone in the face, probably yourself, when you start digging deep enough to set posts. The deeper you go, the bigger the rocks are in our neck of the woods, but you probably already know that. I can't wait to see this project done! I can totally picture this between your apple trees! The picture you have posted would be so cute with clematis growing up it!

Meister is currently working on what the kids are calling a sky deck. I think treeless treehouse because his inspiration for this was from a treehouse. An 8'X8' loft, basically, that will be bridged to another smaller loft. Underneath the bridge will be swings. I warned him before he started this little project that he was going to have dig at least 2 feet in the ground to set the posts and that I better not hear bad words coming from the back yard because his hole has to be 5 times wider than normal just to get the rocks out. I really think he's forgotten about the sprinkler trench we had to dig by hand because Blue Stakes said there were underground wires we'd get boned for if we broke them. You know, kind of like how we forget about how bad labor hurts so we do it again...and again. Ha! SORRY for the novel.

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

I totally hear you about the crazy June part. I sat down at the desk calendar last week and realized that June was almost over! And July is starting to look just as crazy! I guess that's just life.

I'm curious to see how the carnival turns out. I'm sure it'll be a blast, especially killing that really creepy clown :)

Teri said...

You've been so busy! :) I love the box of balloons idea - totally pinned that one! I'm looking forward to seeing your carnival in action! Also - super jealous of the parachute and super creeped out by the clown. So there's that.

Rebecca D said...

First of all, I want that swing... pronto!

I too saw the balloon gift thingy on pintrest and did it for my niece's daughter's birthday a few weeks back... Only I mailed it with little scrolls in each balloon, some containing cash and some containing stupid jokes and riddles... She loved it so and it was such a hit I think I've started a new tradition too!

Creepiest clown I've ever seen aside, I really can't wait to see the cousins carnival!

Sarah Ugly Duckling House said...

I LOVED that parachute thing in gym! My favorite part of the day.

Can't wait to see your carnival.

Libby said...

June? there was a June? Oh right that was last week when we actually had no rain.

Parachutes are still a big deal for kids. They actually have books on stuff to do with them. I wish my PE classes had them...much more fun than running in circles and doing jumping jacks & sit ups.

Looking forward to the carnie update!

Emily said...

June just flew by. I hope your July is a little more relaxing! Those kids are gonna love the carnival!

Kimbur said...

I don't ever comment on here because you don't know me. (Yes I am a stalker :) I love the picture where your niece is flashing everyone, but my favorite has to be the guy to her right in the orange shirt that appears to be picking his nose. Just sayin'.