Monday, July 30, 2012

If Ya Want It Done Right, You Shouldn't Do It Yourself.

Lemme 'splain.

No, there is too much.  Lemme sum up:

you think I should get a rug in here. I do, too. But I am too cheap. But that's not what I meant to say.

What I meant to say was-- back in the day when we house shopped, the main, clinching decision on our house we know and love and call home and sleep in and cook in and yell at our kids in,
was the open-ness of the floor plan. All the windows, and the natural light, baby.

I have this thing about not feeling like I live in a cave. It's part of my mental situation.

Now, let's get to the problem, here: it's summer. That wall of windows are west-facing.
Imagine, for a moment, what kind of heat there is at sunset in this room, if you will.
Are you thinking: frying eggs?
Are you thinking: Hell's Kitchen/Family room?
Are you thinking: boiling lava hot?
You're about there.

I was actually waiting for my family room TV to burst into flames one of these days with that kind of sunlight. It was a very magnifying glass/ants type of dealy-o.

So, I mulled over the possibilities: blinds? window tinting? How dark would my house feel after the windows were tinted? Hmm. . . ?

And then the Daddy-o said,
  "Your house is waaaaay too bright anyways. I have to squint every time I visit."
And then I put him in a headlock and squeezed and told him to take it back. My house has feelings too, dang it.
He never took it back.

Okay, so here's my public service announcement. You know, if you were considering window tinting.  If you had a wall of west windows that you used to make s'mores at sunset.  And because I paid for mine like a normal person.  I don't get kickbacks like those fancy cool bloggers.

-It's pricey. I called a lot of places and got a range of $4-$6 per square foot. I could have covered my windows in a pretty nice grade of hardwood for that cost, dang it.

-If you wait until winter the prices will drop, because they are bored. They are now busy tinting the windows of people like me who might spontaneously combust.

(This is my window tinting dude. He was totally cool and very well priced. He only made fun of me a couple times. And he told me that he's "been in a lot of houses, but yours is the most unique of any I've ever been in." I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm still pondering on it.)

-You can pick between gray-ish tones of tint, or beige tones. These will affect the coloring of your home. (The Gray tint will give your home colder tones, the beige warm. You're like, DUH.)

(Look! Middle and right window done, left undone.  I went with beige.  ("Thank you, Captain Obvious!")

-While the film on your windows does give the appearance of looking "mirror-y" inside, it does not, in fact, offer any privacy. So no, you can't now walk around in za nude. I let the hubs know. Not that he was very careful about it before.
(Sorry neighbs.)

And done!

So! Survey says?

-It is noticeably cooler in my house. Significantly. Hallelujah.
-I can now watch TV at sunset, where as before, it was ridiculously impossible. (it's still not awesome, mind you, but it's doable.  I'm not, like, trying to watch the season finale of Vampire Diaries with a sheet over my head and over the TV.)
-It doesn't feel noticeably darker. Like I don't really notice at all. Maybe just a little. But not really.  But kind of.  But mostly not.


SueAnn Lommler said...

Tinting the windows...why didn't I think of that. I have gray tinted see through shades. They also tone the heat down but not as cool as the window tinted! How cool is that?

Lori said...

You actually have a bit of a view now too, instead of just bright sunlight. Lower utility bills here you come.

Lisa at Shine Your Light said...

Wow those are some awesome windows!!! What a beautiful open room - that big blue sky beyond - that is so spectacular. I love the architecture of your house!! I can see how you'd love it when you are househunting, only to discover that you are melting…melting... like the Wicked Witch of the West once you actually live there. I wish I had known about this film in another house we lived in that had skylights in the family room - it would get so darned hot in there we couldn't even use the room, even with ac on. Enjoy your family room again!

Anonymous said...

Cool house! I love the architectural details. And yes, I can see how you could fry an egg in there! Glad you and your family are now able to get the most out of the room now, and not get heat stroke, lol!

WhettenWild said...

That is so nice for those high windows in a two story. Wish I would've done that in my last EP house. Not Chicago though........the sun didn't shine enough and I'd take every bit I could get!

Attempting Aloha said...

My windows are really jealous right now. Not me...I'm not a sinner. But they've mentioned that they wish they were in your house and got treated better than here at my place where they get covered with ugly blinds and feel excluded from the rest of the house every summer. Whiners.


Mrs. Mund said...

I love your room!!! I wish I had a room that was that open and big.
We just moved into a place that has laminate floor in our front room and it was cold and echo-ish. We went looking for a rug and I was frustrated because all the patterns were borish and not very nice to work with the furniture in our room.
We got a very nice basic brown piece of carpet with the edges sewn like a rug. It's the perfect size at about 6 feet by 8 feet.
Home Depot for about $78. Beautiful.
Just saying. ;)

Dara said...

Since this used to be my house, this post is cracking me up! We had the windows tinted, beige as well. And the people that came to do it said they have never seen windows like it either.... Luckily we did not design the house, so I didnt care, but I do feel better that you got a comment as well. We also tinted the slider doors and the little window above it as well..helped with the heat! If I had to do it over again, would totally do the master windows as well! Glad you got it done!!! More importantly, Im glad you can see the TV, it was horrible before the tinting!!!

Veronica said...

We just bought a new home and also have west windows for frying eggs. I am so glad you mentioned window tinting! I would have never thought of it.

Layne Bushell said...

Great idea.

Teri said...

This post made me laugh. That tinting looks great! Cliff also seems not to realize that the neighbours can see through our windows. The man has no shame.

Mame said...

I just found your blog ... And I love you! I was Brushing my teeth while reason this post [on my iPhone] and spit my toothpaste out from laughing at your "Vampire Diaries with a sheet over the tv and I$

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