Tuesday, May 8, 2012

When I Unintentionally Make a Coffin.

So I have this friend. This friend is having a baby. Poor, poor friend.

Oh, I kidd.  I don't mean it! 

(Or do I?)

So, this friend is also having a baby shower, and so I said to myself,
"self, let's making something crapty."

And I instantly thought, a Baby Keepsake Box Thingy!

And then I remembered how ginormously huge this sucker is. I want to apologize to my sister for giving her something that takes up a whole wall.

So I started thinking on how I could make this just a tad bit smaller. Perhaps a space for a blessing gown and some little things?

So, so sad. I use the term "sketch" quite loosely.

Let's pause a moment to discuss the name "Ruby". Is that not adorable? I have a new niece with that name. . .

Awwwwwww. . . .. ! So sweet!  Almost makes you wanna go get pregnant again, doesn't it?


Anywho, I started making that gosh awful sketch a reality.

And 'twas at this point when I started getting the crazy (and not like "crazy ha-ha", but "crazy-crazy insane") feeling that what I was building was looking a little like a mausoleum.

The Salvatore mausoleum. No, a baby mausoleum. And there's nothing creepier than making a baby mausoleum/coffin thingy, is there?

Almost scrapped this project, despite that I spent tons 'o time on it and was nearly done. See it with Kenna's dress, just for example's sake?

Ah HAH! Now it looks like it's supposed to. Phew. I'm feeling so much less creepy, now.

I'm so glad I could come to my senses.


Truebluemeandyou said...

First off, thank you for making me laugh out loud. Second, love the reference to The Vampire Diaries - when you said the Salvatore mausoleum (you did mean those Salvatores, right?) - because then I knew exactly what you were talking about. I think upright it looks really lovely and stately.

Recently I posted some tables with recycled drawers on top and I thought at second glance, hmmmm... these kind of look like coffins, but then said to myself: it's just your imagination!

SueAnn Lommler said...

Ha! A baby coffin? No...a real beautiful keepsake.
I love the white on white.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

She will love it.... And despite how cute that baby photo is, I DON'T want one.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I love it, Mandi! I did small shadowboxes for my kids {just store bought ones} and put their knit hats, arm bands, hospital name card {the one they put on the bassinets} and hospital picture in them. It made for a great addition to a family picture gallery wall.

Suesan said...

Love it! As per usual, you did an excellent job. How'd you like to make one for me? The inside section only needs to be about 50" deep to account for the hanger and 38" of dress! :D

No problem, right? Right? Mandi? Are you still there? Fine. Be that way. I'll make my own darn coffin, er, I I mean dress shadow box.

Maureen said...


You are the best sister in the world! I'd enjoy a new one. What do you think?
And, yes, the picture made me want to be pregnant again. Sigh. Yes, I know that I'm insane but I have one and want so many more... Not in Heavenly Father's Plan though... Oh, well, I'll just have to pour all the love for the many I don't have into the one that I do.


Maureen said...

Oh, Hey! Mandi, I meant to ask you - you spend a lot of time in the gararge building things - do you have a bed or a hammock as a think zone in there also?
{Neighbors walk by; Mandi is in the hammock swinging away; saying out loud "Now if I cut this piece of crown molding 17" long..."; neighbors smile and keep on walking as to not disturb the creativity}


Lisa Scibilia said...

Yes that sweet baby Ruby makes me want just one more! She's yummy! You are such a nice gift-giver - how sweet will that be in baby Ruby's room?

What's next said...

I love it!!! please come teach me your skills...

WhettenWild said...

I think it is great! I need a couple of those (or more like 5). Doesn't look like a baby mausoleum at all. I love it! You are so nice to do that!

Emily said...

What a beautiful way to display her blessing dress! Ruby is a cute little thing!

COTTAG3 said...

Oh it turned out great. That gift will upstage the others for sure. Ruby is a beautiful name but doesn't make me want another. I just threw a shower for a friend expecting quadruplets...quads....four babies at once. It makes me insane just thinking about it. God bless her.

Laurie said...

I popped over from MCPactions where you wrote a blog 2 years ago about being a photog hobbyist. Loved the article and am glad I found your blog. :)

Teri said...

That is BEAUTIFUL, Mandi! Just don't put a hinged door on it, and you should be fine. ;) I'm sure you'r friend will love it! :)

Teri said...

You'r? Ohhh, I'm so embarrassed...