Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Not-So-Great Expectations.

I keep referring to the fugly side of my house,

and today I'm gonna suck up my pride and show it to ya. Sorta. Kinda. Don't judge me.


this is the side my ginormous window boxes reside (why did I have to make them so huge??),
and also the place where my craptastic potting bench needs to be, too.

But, see,


this is also where all the electrical box/contraptions/wires/total crap resides, too.

Oh my heck. Allow me to tell you a little story, here.

I wanted that satellite gonzo. We weren't using it and had no plans to. So here I am, minding my own business, rearranging a few things ("if we could just get up in the kitchen, rearrange a few things, then we could certainly party with the Haitians". . .), when this random handyman stops at my house and tells me how I need his help because I'm "gonna be out here forever doing what I'm doing."

Let's just say to make a long story short, I don't think I've ever been talked down to so condescendingly in my life.

"You need power tools to do what you're doing or it's gonna take you another 45 minutes. . ."

"I've noticed you've already been out here for-EVER. Are ya trying to get a tan or what?"

"You're gonna need to fill in these holes in the stucco. . . "

"Pfft! What is this fencing for on your garden? Are you afraid of DEER??" (obnoxious, snarky laugh).

And you know, all the while this dude "helps" poor little helpless ole me, he's patting himself on the back for being such a great guy. A good samaritan.

It was at that point that I punched him in the gut, pistol whipped him with my drill, and then walked away like a boss.

Not really.

I thanked him very nicely and then flipped off the back of his head as he swaggered away.

Okay, all but the flipping off part.


poor little helpless ole me finally got both my ginormous window boxes up and filled them this weekend:

Show ya when they fill out. I've got some itty bitty sweet potato vines in there that I have high hopes for.

So, um, I guess I can't cover up the electrical box meter thingy, huh? Electrical company wouldn't like that? Darn.

I moved my flag decoration thingy (I'm going for a world record for the use of the word "thingy" in one blog post.  "To the Thingamajigger!"), over to this side for kicks 'n giggles, and. . .

ta da.

Yeah, I know. Still kinda ugly. It's the best I can do.


Suesan said...

Looking good, lady! I love it when I go to the home improvement store and the "helpful" men talk to me as if I haven't remodeled two entire houses and partially remodeled another 5 houses.

Yeah. I'm a girl. I have noooooo idea what to do with all these big ol' tools! You showed that guy who's boss.

Go Mandi!

Rebecca D said...

It looks really nice AND at least the ugly side of your house is kinda hidden... Ours is on the driveway side!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Not at all, Mandi, I think it's looking good. Love your flower boxes. The only thing I can think of to block that box a bit would be to move your bench over a little bit and have some kind of lattice or see through thingy there. Where it's attached to your bench so if it has to be moved to get to the box, it can be. You could have flowers grow up it or attach some little gardening tools or thingies. {Cause I know you understand "thingy"}. : )

And, really? I would have been like, "Is there something I can do for you? Otherwise, I'm kind of busy." Not only does he sound like a real jerk but kind of weird, too. I wonder if he thinks that's "sweet talk".

Jen said...

Still kinda ugly??!?!?!!! I think not!!! It looks FABULOUS! HA! You didn't need me to help you buy flowers!!! I think you know what you're doing, chick! And thanks for the potting bench visual. Meister is going to build me one! I'm so excited. If I were awesomesauce like you, I'd build my own, but I'm a pansy and am afraid of things like JAWS!!! ;) Are you going to hand water the planter boxes? Just curious because I want to attach one to the shed Meister is building and he doesn't want me to for fear water drippage will ruin it. WTH??!?!?! I thought it'd be easy to just run some drip hose up to it, but he doesn't like that idea. I just know if I'm left to water it by hand, things will surely die because I'll forget to water them!

Anonymous said...

Love ita nd really love your choice in garden fencing. Unfortunately we do have deer so the pretty stuff doesn't work. As for the electrical box you can paint it, but I know holding a sticky ole paint brush might dirty your pretty little hands...insert sarcasm. I am impressed your alien dish is gone. We have ours disconnected but have yet to remove. Maybe I will go try some of those scary ole tools this afternoon?

Thanks for the chuckles!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Girl what are you talking about, I think it looks great! If it would help, I could send you some shots of the exterior of my house, but I wouldn't want your eyes to start bleeding.

Sue said...

Fabulous as always! And congrats for not showering Mr Handyman with a string of expletives and introducing his keister to the asphalt. You're a better woman than I would have been.

As for the electrical thingy, I wonder if you could build a cabinet around it. Surely Mr Electric Reader Dude (or Dudette) wouldn't mind opening a cabinet door.

GustoBones said...

It is so cute. I now love the view outside my kitchen window even more!! You are so talented.

Lisa Scibilia said...

The window boxes totally distract the eye! So pretty - love the pop of color and your potting bench.

Emily said...

I love it. When I was over there the other day, I didn't even notice the electrical thingys. All I noticed was your cute garden, cute flower boxes and cute little girl in cute slippers! Oh and the awesome music in the background!!

R- said...

Try painting your electrical box the same color as the house. It might visually "disappear".

murphyboysmom5 said...

Mandi, I think it looks great! I agree with the previous poster. Since you can't cover it, you could try painting the electrical box the same color as the house to make it blend in more. Quite frankly, though, we all have them, and I think the other stuff you have going on really draws your eye, so you don't really notice the box. Looking good!

Carrie G said...

I love it! Are there rules about painting the electric box? Perhaps the same color as your house? Maybe then it wouldn't stick out when you look at it. Or in a flag pattern? (just kidding on the flag)

amy and helena said...


jtatiana21 said...

looking good. Just an idea, I’m not sure if it’s something you would be allowed to do, but to cover that ugly power meter, you could make something like fake cabinet around it and use your new flag as a door. Meter man, could just open it, when he comes to read numbers.

Libby said...

I like to throw some technical terms about to confuse the male chauvinist pigs.

Your ugly side is lookin' good!

As for your electrical box I like the idea of painting it...and putting some great quote or label on it that you're so great at. The glass thingy has to be visible so it can be read and it isn't so ugly. (BTW your box is huge! Ours are only the glass thingy and the tubes into the ground-the gas meter on the other hand...is grey & ugly and cannot be painted)

Teri said...

Mandi, I think it's beautiful! And you are a saint for using that kind of restraint. That dude is lucky you're so nice!