Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Brain Is Like Oatmeal.

I've got so many projects started and/or camping out in my noggin right now, that between my brain and my garage, it's cats 'n dogs living together. Mass hysteria.

  But instead of starting something new, how about I finish a couple things these days? Isn't that a novel idea?

one thing I certainly haven't laid aside, is thee ole Cousin's Carnie. Oh no.

That's going full force. I mean biz-nis.

And behold my redneck snowcone holder I whipped up in 10 seconds flat! (and then spray painted out on the lawn, to my husband's everlasting dismay).

I know, I know! I should sell these, right?

So- I've got 4 games being built, allllatonce. It's how things are done 'round here, yo. And they're all mostly done. ("He's only mostly dead.")

It's the physics of the games that've got me stumped, and have left me scratching my head.
Someone please say they know the game "Plinko" from The Price is Right. Please. I keep having to explain it to everyone.

Well, while I wrestle with the mechanics of my games, I went ahead and sent out the cousins' tickets.

Games be danged, this show will go on!

And you know what else this carnie needs? Some bags for holding your junk. 

That doesn't sound right.

They can cash in their tickets for a whole bunch of crap, and I wanted to make some bags to hold all that crap.  There.  Better.

I turned to iron transfers to make this happen. It's the lazy way. 16 bags later,

and at least I can check one dang thing off my list.  Now if someone can give me the perfect formula to ensure that those little pucks can bounce down my "Plinko" board correctly and randomly, that'd be pretty awesome, too.


Rach said...

Love plinko! are the coolest auntie ever. Bowing down now.
: )

Maureen said...


What exactly is the problem with the Plinko game? I need for information in order to help you - Anytime!!! Just curious - How fast can you type because you sure can quote movies amazingly fast and I wondered if you can type as fast as you think. I can't. :(


Christy said...

We made a Plinko type game several years ago and found that large bouncy balls worked well. Or any similar size ball, but we never could get the flat disk type object to work. Hope you get yours figured out!

TheFurLife said...

air hockey pucks work pretty good on the plinko board, but they are quite large, so your board would have to be big with space between the "nails"/

Sueann said...

Fabulous!! And yes I know the game. Fun to watch...frustrating to play...just saying!!! Ha

Lori said...

Love the bags, you need an "established date" you now. So, every year you have a keepsake that is dated.

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That game sounds very familiar, Mandi! I wonder if it is the one that a lot of people had in their basements when I was a kid/teen. It seems I remember that something made its way down from the top to the bottom. Those bags look great! I love the transfer and the font you used, especially for their names. I'll bet they are getting all excited!

Janice said...

When I saw "to ensure that those little pucks can bounce..." I thought you were talking about the cousins! But then I read the rest of the sentance...

Rebecca D said...

I love that you are doing this for your family! You are such a rockin' aunt... And yes, I did feel like a poser saying "rockin'" Don't be so judgemental!

Unknown said...

Ooo it's going to be the bestest cuz carney ever!!! As for Plinko, we made a giant one that we use at our youth group, I'm not exactly sure what angle it's set at but most the time the pucks they use seem to stay on the board. Maybe one out of five will bounce out, but that's where re-dos come in. I feel the only way to really keep it in though would be a giant piece of plexi-glass over the top.

WhettenWild said...

Do I get a bag? Just kidding. Holy cow I feel bad you are putting in so much work. What can I do to help?

Unknown said...

Plinko pegs are in an equilateral triangle pattern (60 degree corners), with an inscribed circle being just larger than your puck.

Holy cow! My highschool geometry class just came in HANDY!!!!

Unknown said...

Oh, and the angle of the BOARD will effect the speed and bounce of the falling puck.

Ashlee said...

I just had to comment. I pretty much love your blog. I made my husband look at a whole lotta projects last night and we stayed up WAY too late laughing. Seriously I was laughing out loud at the 90's references in the piano bench post! Love the blog!

Emily said...

This is going to be one awesome cousins carnival! The bags are such a cute idea. I love that they are personalized! I think you have officially won the title of best aunt ever!

Maureen said...


My husband gets ideas like that also. So many that he can't get a hold on any of them. I tell him to get out the butterfly net and grab one. Sometimes it works! The hurt comes is that once you get one out of the air, the other thoughts become like the flying keys on Haarry Potter and bombard your brain.


Katherine F said...

your posts are worth reading to laugh very loud once you find the Princess Bride reference(s)! Bags o' crap are fantastic too!

Teri said...

You are THEE best auntie ever in the history of aunties. I better not show my neices and nephews this post; they don't need to know that their getting ripped off with me.

Barb said...

I am SO glad I found your site! I laughed out loud (by myself) as I was reading it! You do some amazing work but even if you didn't I'd still come back, just to read your blog! Thanks for putting a smile on my face today! I'll be back....!! Barb from Little Rock, AR
(By the way, I have a 3rd nipple
but I'm not as mean as some folks
I know....) lol