Saturday, April 7, 2012

All About Me. Me me memememememe me.

I want you to know,

that my Easter Wheatgrass Centerpieces really filled out. Pretty derned happy about this.

(Wrinkled linen! Shield your eyes!)

You should do this next year. You really should. I'll bring you by a cedar box and some wheat. Let me know.

I also want you to know,

that I've been trying to master the art of the frosted cupcake.

And it's been a struggle for me.

Well how hard can it be?

Pretty darned hard, apparently. For me at least.

You ever decorated a cupcake, and then you realize it looks exactly like a poo swirl?

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret:

for me, most things ('specially like this) don't come easily. At all. I try hard. But I "Never give up!! Never surrender!!"

Don't ask me about how my bread/breadsticks/rolls are coming along.

Anyway, I'm on my, like, 7 dozenth round, here.

I'm determined. (psst get those cute Easter toppers here.)

And ya know? I don't hope to be some rockstar cake decorator; I know my limits. But is a couple dozen cute cupcakes TOO MUCH TO ASK??


I had a great friend (Thank you EMILY!!) who gave me a notebook/journal not long ago--

I am loving this thing.

Seriously, ("seriously" must make it in to every post. Thank you.)

this thing goes everywhere with me. It's not just my journal. I write in here.

From thoughts, to lists, to ideas, to my list of "people who annoy me".

I kidd. I don't have a list of people who annoy me. I only have a mental list.

This thing sits by my bed. It sits in the kitchen. I take it in my purse.

I love having all my brain dumps in one place.

And finally--

I want you to know what I've been wasting my time doing. Besides starting 5 projects while none of them get finished.

My 4 year old's new obsession is our Super Nintendo. Yes. We kept our Super Nintendo. We are totally old school. "Old school, great! What's that, like code for something?"

And well, I don't mean to brag or anything, heh, but I'm kind of a SNES master. I can kick some serious Super Mario World trash.

Plus my son calls Yoshi "Sushi", and that's pretty cool, too.


Lori said...

Oh you make me smile... have a blessed Easter. Cupcakes and all...

cathgrace said...

we totally have our NES too! My kids think I am MAGIC because I know where ALL the hidden extra guys are!

WhettenWild said...

I SHUTTER to think of what you may or may not have written about me in your little book. My sister is crazy.....does my sister EVER shut-up.....HOW do I ever get my sister to STOP CALLING me. And such. LOL.

Your wheat grass turned out awesome. Oh and your cupcakes look way better than mine! We still need to take our cake decorating class. Maybe Rachael could teach it. haha.

Rebecca D said...

I totally wanted to do the wheat grass thing... I even made the box, ran out of time to stain it and there it sits... Maybe after wedding #2 I'll have more time... (That's my story and I'm sticking with it!)
As far as cupcake frosting goes... It is one of my mad skillz... I don't do too many things consistantly amazing, but frost cupcakes in one that I do... Everyone ohhs and ahhs and it makes me feel like not such a dweeb for about 30 seconds... I have to bake 60 cupcakes for Katy's shower, maybe I'll add to the madness and take photos for a little bloggy tutorial... (We'll see how behind I am!) That being said, I think your are really cute though and I love the toppers!

Maureen said...


So, do I call you when I want the cedar box and the wheat grass or fax in an order? Do you deliver personally or just UPS?
Neener, neener, neener - I'm more old school than you-u - I still have my eight-bit Nintendo! :) Wait, that's because I am older than you. D&mn! :(


P.S. You guys have the best Easter ever!

Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

Mandy, love the wheat grass, it's so fun isn't it? A suggestion, buy that jump star tip for doing the cupcakes, it is a little easier to cover a cupcake... cupcake! Have a great Easter!

Bon-Bon said...

Speaking of your book and lists, etc. I must mention that I have a notebook for lists that my hubs and I make while traveling. Here are some of our topics: names of people we know for every letter of the alphabet, restaurants in which we've eaten, people we know who have been in jail, people who have died since we've been married...and so on....some are morbid maybe, others funny but ALL are fun!

Emily said...

I was just admiring my awesome wheat grass box! It is actually still alive! love it! My sister in law complimented it today!

I hope I am not on the "people that annoy you" list!! I'm glad that you like the journal/notebook!

Suesan said...

I would count myself lucky to be on any list you have, even it's the annoying list! lol. I love the wheat grass and the box. You can do so many fun things with that. My cupcakes look perfect every time because of my tried and true method...I let the bakery do them for me! Hahahaha.
I used to have a journal like that, bu my hand-writing is not as cute as yours, but I do like to brain dump.

Carla said...

when i'm having a bad day, i read your blog. then my day is better. thank you.

Rachel said...

I've been working on my cupcake frosting technique too! I went out and bought the bigger tip and coupler, but I still struggle big time. I think I'll make cute flags next time to help draw attention away from the frosting.

And now I think I'll go eat one of my poorly decorated but still yummy cupcakes!

Janet said...

Your cupcakes look amazing! For me, the challenge was learning how to make cinnamon rolls. One time I left out the salt, and another time the cinnamon! Yes, that's right! I did better when I learned that I'm not capable of talking on the phone and learning to bake at the same time! :) Your Easter wheatgrass looks pretty amazing too, glad it grew so well!

RobinMK said...

I have two things to say:
1) Your cupcakes look a LOT better than mine ever do!
2) I am SUPER jealous that you still have your Nintendo! I mean super duper, extremely, absolutely, REALLY jelly over here!!

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I think you need to read Cake Wrecks. Everything looks like poo swirls to Jen too. And, after you are done reading Cake Wrecks, head over to Jen's other blog, Epbot, for your snarky, nerdy reads. She would probably catch your Galaxy Quest reference. ;)

Lisa Scibilia said...

Oh I love all your little touches for Easter! You are a softie, you. The cupcakes look fantastic, you totally sell yourself short with the cake decorating abilities - and those cake toppers you found are so cute! The wheatgrass boxes are awesome centerpieces! Mine totally failed me, or I them, I can't decide which, but we went centerpiece-less, it was scandalous.
Hope you enjoyed the Easter weekend with your family!

Teri said...

Sushi was always my favourite part. :)

Mallory said...

Please tell me you have Yoshi's Island! That was my favorite.