Friday, March 2, 2012

The Furry Mole. With The Long Hairs Growing Out.

Perhaps you remember my references to the more. . . ugly spaces in my home.

The nasty carpet in my family room, perhaps? The "armpit" of my house. The stairs: the "crotch".

Remember I had one other real nersty spot? The one dubbed "the furry mole, with the long hairs growing out" ?

Yes friends, it was the master bath. I swore back then that it would never see the light of day.

And we all know how that turned out.

Well, suddenly,

everything's changed. We suddenly love our bathroom. Yeah, it's 'cause we replaced the flooring. Urine-colored carpet just wasn't my thang.

Wanna know one of the other things we've been meaning to get to in this water closet?

This totally awesome "Holy Light Bar!!" bar. You could turn that light on, and it would seriously start warming you up. Remember that part on "Christmas Vacation", when the auxillary power button's turned on to compensate for Clark's Christmas lights?

I always imagined that happening, every time I turned that light bar on. Also, we liked to think of its tarnished look as "antiqued". Thanks for humoring us.

So? I pulled it on down this week.

My totally awesome boy-toy replaced it with some cool lights I picked out at Lowe's. Jeffro, you got awesome electrical skills.

Now, let us all pause for a moment of silence.

My glass-frosted messages I put up on this gigantor mirror eons ago,

were in the way. They were collateral damage. They had to go.

(But not you, you dirty shower message, you.)

But I digress.

My part in all this? Besides giving the hubs yet another thing to do for me?

This ginormous, builder grade mirror needed some molding.

Yep. I love it.

So much less furry. And hairy. This bathroom is really starting to shape up.


Lisa Scibilia said...

The trimmed out mirror looks awesome! Are you going to miss your hollywood lights just a teensy bit?? Come on you know you are!
I just still cannot believe that someone would choose carpet for the bathroom. WHY oh WHY???

Terry said...

Uh Oh, you just gave me an idea for my guest bath with that mirror and the wood above with the crown. And did I see a pony on that cute hubby of yours? Sexy! Smile

Layne Bushell said...

please please send your boy toy to my house....we have bar lights too and I hate them and we don't have mad electrical skills....

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Oh my heck, do I totally understand. We are in the process right now of removing carpet in the master bath, who does that. I am also getting rid of the light bar with the hundred bulbs, who does that. Already an improvement. Much more to do though. Yours looks great.

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

another home run!

meganwiser said...

Looks great! I think the cabinets would look good with a dark stain too :) Expresso maybe?

Dara said...

What is always amazing to me when reading and looking at your blog is that you have the smarts and the balls to change almost every SINGLE thing I HATED about that house and it just continues to look amazing!

Shirley said...

ok, can't quite tell from the pic....did you put the molding down the sides as well? Cause that is the one woodworking thing I did do in before last, no, no, 3 houses ago. Anyway, just regular door frame molding and those little bullseye squares, and the hubs liquid nailed it right to the mirror! And, oh, what a relief it was. :) Thanks for all the smiles you give me with your great stories!

-Lisa said...

It all looks fantastic! Love the faucet hardware and the mirror molding rocks! So does your boy-toy !

Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life said...

Those new lights are so much better. The people that owned our house before us thought they were DIYers - and use that term very loosely! Our hideous bathroom is way worse than yours, if you can imagine! She decided to add "texture" to the walls by adding sand to the paint. So any time you bump against them, you potentially are going to lose some skin. Awesome, right? Plus the paint color is like baby poop yellow. I will let you use your imagination. And we have one of those crappy light bars too. But they painted it copper to match (well, nothing, because there is no copper in there) and now it is starting to scratch and rub off. One day we will fix it, I swear.

Teri said...

It's gorgeous - I love the dual-lights! :)

Emily said...

Looks good!! Putting molding around your mirror...genius!

Rebecca D said...

The lights look so good, but I do think it's the molding that makes it! PS... You could never be demoted... Well you could, but I'll warn ya! ;)

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I'm so happy my builder put up those awesome mirrors like at the stores, with the three different mirrors, so you can see your butt in those new jeans. You know which ones I'm talking about, right? Well, really we have medicine cabinets with mirror fronts that turn into three way mirrors when you open them, but, the best part-CROWN MOULDING! at the top. Sure, we still have a light bar, but it's chrome, and not nearly as large and ugly. Besides, I've got storage space behind my mirror. Yours looks much better though. Now, is it me or the camera angle that makes your cabinet knobs look out of line? ;)