Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Post About Urine.

There's a toilet in my bedroom.

So far, it hasn't gotten old to tell the hubs how excited I am to be able to go in my own bedroom.

So, why is the toilet in my boudoir? ("Why is the cork on the fork?")

We are finally, FINALLY tiling the master bath. After many, many water incidents, it's just baaaadd (total sheep bleating voice). Please regard the stain near the tub.

And the smell? Oh, the smell. Let's just say, the last time I was sucking up water with the steamer, (this took an hour), I tooted a couple times. It improved the stank.

(On a side note, whenever the hubs asks if I tooted, I always say, "No that was you." He believes me, 50% of the time.)

But I digress. Let's talk about a carpeted bathroom for a second, can we?
(I know; you're jealous of my brass shower. I get that a lot.)

First off, carpet? In a bathroom? Why? WHY? For the love of all that is holy, why?

To the builder of my home: you must have assumed that no one of the male gender would be using this bathroom. Ever. There's no other reasonable explanation.

Second: cream carpet? Light, cream carpet in a bathroom? You should have just chosen something more in the urine spectrum. Might I suggest, *"WeeWee", by Benjamin Moore?

*not an actual color.

It was my job to prep the floor. 'Mmm hmm. It was me, pulling out that carpet. Gloves on my hands-- clothespin on my nose--

I felt like I was on "Mr. Mom", you know, where he's all: "Where does Mommy keep the extra diapers? Cowards."

(Um, bathroom? Your subfloor is showing.)

Dragging all that carpet out was eerily similar to dragging out a dead body. Not that I would know. . .


hubs and I went shopping for some purty tile. Hit it to the Home Depot, and now I feel strange-- I feel like I switched teams, here. You know, like if I drove a Chevy all my life and suddenly switched to Ford. Went from Pepsi to Coke. Like that.

Someone help me stay on track.

So as we hemmed and hawed over ceramic tile, then we saw it.
Travertine. On sale. We were smitten.

We were in deep smit.

We've been working our buns off this weekend.

Gosh, I like it better even with just the backerboard down, for crying out loud.

You're such a professional, Jeffro.

We are soooo close. I'll be completing the sealing and grouting Monday, thankyouverymuch.

Show ya when I'm done. (rubs hands together- laughs evil laugh)


Catherine G said...

I have that exact same brass shower! When we moved in I was all UGH! but I actually decided to embrace it, and added a couple of gold accents and painted the walls a darker color, and I hardly notice it anymore (I'm gonna leave you a link because I think you are gonna laugh at what kindred spirits we've accidentally been with a couple of projects, I used dollar store mirrors for a project, and I tiled my bathroom back-splash)

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

I will never understand why people put carpets in bathrooms. Ugh. I saw a post where this decorator sprayed oil rubbed bronze on a brass shower. It looked great! I can digg it up if you're interested.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Major major improvement. Gotta love that you and your husband are so handy! Were you covering a professional butt crack? :)

WhettenWild said...

I don't think I've ever read a post about tile that was as funny as this one. Yo funneh! Pretty tile. Good choice.

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

I just about died laughing when you admitted that you blame your husband for tooting... I might just have to try that one myself. :)

I definitely don't blame you for wanting tile in your bathroom instead of carpet. I like the tile you chose, too! I'm sure it will be beautiful when you're done.

Rach said...

Love mr mom! Glad I read the comments cuz I have the brass shower of shame also, and was hoping YOU would come up with an inexpensive fix.....but above someone said a decorator sprayed theirs...hmmm.....will you try that for me first and let us know how it goes??
Pretty please?

SueAnn said...

You toot?? I never toot!! wink!!
Love the travertine!! Gorgeous!

Lori said...

We have the same carpet, color and all. When we moved in we did pull it up from around the toilet and put in adhesive tiles, thinking we sould re-carpet soon. That was nine years ago. I do have a $$ fund started and I want heated tile in there so I need a few more dollars. Plus I don't own my own handyman, so might have to hire one.

COTTAG3 said...

I swear we have the same builder. We have the same carpet in the master bathroom and similar stain on the stupid carpet. They didn't put carpet in the other two bathrooms, just the master which is the one all three of use because of the shower. It's going to get ripped up as soon as I have the time.
Look at what a few days off here and there is doing for you. This post was one of the funniest ever!

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Carpet in a bathroom? Gah. That's a mold inspection waiting to happen, right?

Glad to see your bloggy break has you back in full form.

:) Remember we all love even your non-demo/creation posts too.

Meagan said...

Love the tile - it's what I want in our kitchen. Also, not to add to your project list, but have you ever thought of hitting the brass shower surround with a liberal dose of ORB paint? It would look soo purty with your faucet!

Lisa Scibilia said...

Bow chicka wow wow? I love you!

Carolyn Dennis said...

I have pulled up carpet before... It was horrible. I feel your pain.

LOVE the tile!!

So when are you gonna do the shower?? hehehehehehehehe

Terry said...

We've had carpet in our bathroom too...yuck. Notice I said HAD!

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

nothing creeps me out more than vacuuming around our toilet - {shudder} -- tile is on our to-do for sure!!

Mommybreath said...

Um... Mandi? Your subfloor is shiny. LOL

Looking forward to the reveal. Glad to see you're back.

Trina said...

Doesn't matter what you're posting about (or how often you do it), your blog is my favorite to read. Favorite!

Kimbo West said...

excuse me...may i go the bathroom...?

(yes of course)


thhhank you.

DressUpNotDown said...

I had to drag my Husband to Home Depot to look at tile...he didn't believe me that they have a better tile selection than Lowes! He kept saying, "I can't believe this, Lowes is always better. Who knew to look HERE for tile!" (Um...I knew...that's why I drug you in here) :o)

Nicki Rocky said...

I totally agree about the grossness of carpet in bathrooms, ugh ! Nothing like a good dose of builder's bum to make the job go more quickly though!

Rebecca D said...

I think anyone who puts down carpet in the bathroom or kitchen needs to be medicated because clearly they are out of their minds... Like break into your house while you are out of town just to do your ironing crazy... just sayin'

jtatiana21 said...

I love your floors, I want to use travertine in my bathroom too, but have to get rid off brass shower first :( However I absolutely love you fixture on your tub, did you change it? and Where did you get it, if it’s no secret?

Heather said...

I NEVER stop laughing my a** off when I read your posts! Totally get the boys and pee thing in the bathroom...gross.

Teri said...

That tile is beautiful! :) I agree about the carpet in the bathroom...blech. We once moved into a house with that and it was the first thing to go!