Thursday, December 8, 2011

When I Get Bored, Drywall Starts Going Down.

I'd like you to know, that it's the one year anniversary of my spice shelf creation. 'Mmm hmm.

I celebrated with chocolate today. Not that I do that every other day. 'Cause I don't, okay?

Anywho, in honor of this, I decided to put a plan into action--
I've toyed with the idea of having my very own, built-in, apothecary cabinet.

It'd be like my spice shelves, 'cept taller. And thinner. Maybe the spice shelves should be jealous.

Now, if you've been with me a while, this may confuse you. The apothecary cabinet I did for Crafting with the Stars, as seen here:

is actually in the parental unit's house. And I need my own. Don't I?
And this spot in my bathroom, as seen here:

where my robes used to hang is thee perfect spot. Let's do this. Let's get cuttin'.

Borrowed a sawzall from the Daddy-o--

I'm telling you, using those things makes you feel like Ahnuld, with a machine gun. You're just mowing people down by the dozens. It's totally awesome.

People, don't take pictures of yourself like this. I had no idea I had muffin butt. You did?? Well why didn't you say anything? Geez.

Cross my heart, and hope to die-- I checked this wall with the stud sensor a dozen times. It's a 17 inch wall. So imagine my shock when I discovered studs placed 8 INCHES APART, HELLO.

This is where I said things like,
"Oh. . . ssssnnaap." And, "Oh. . . .doodoo." Because, even though I believe that a well-timed swear is reasonable and oftimes hilarious,
the parental units have told me otherwise and told me to clean up my language.

So. . ..

"Oh, Poo. There's another stud in this wall."

But that didn't stop me.

There's no reasonably reasonable reason why there's a stud there, so I removed it. With my Ahnuld machine gun.

And I started making my "box" to put inside that hole I just cut out. I wanted to make it just like the spice shelves ones. I wanted to be like the Daddy-o.

Grooved some slots in some 1x4 with "Severus" like so:

and then the shelves just slide inside for a "perfect" (huge air quotes) fit.

Wanna see the box? I made it all out of scraps. Never headed to Lowes for nothin'.

And ya know, I think it looks just fine like this.

I'm just gonna leave it. We're good, here.

Alright fine-nuh. Ya know, I joke about how many coats of paint 'n all, but this really did take one meeeeelion coats.

Yay! It's done! Now I can display all our bathroom things. Like our Tucks! And "Nads" hair removal cream! And Tinactin! And feminine products and such!

I kidd. I don't use "Nads".

Et Voila.

We are done, here.


Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

I LOVE that you just cut holes in your walls, take out studs and make things beautiful! You ROCK!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...


ellie g said...

Ummm....the "built-ins" jealousy from this department is INTENSE! Like holy cow. (the spice rack is heavenly too by the way) I have built in envy. I just adore them. But now, since I hope we will move in the next few years....I refuse to leave precious shelves for others. I'm stingy like that!

SueAnn said...

That is so cool!! What a fine job you did! And I too love using my sawzaw!! It is a mean fighting machine for sure!!
But this cabinet is awesome!! Totally! You are my hero for sure!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Ok I just thought of what you need to do! Write an E book and call it A Girl And Her Saw. I am still freaking on making a hole in the wall. You have guts girl and it is a good thing too! It looks great. I didn't notice a muffin anything. I was too busy being jealous over your small thighs.

Kari said...

So, I just recently found your blog and began stalking you. You may be my new hero. My husband will not like it, but I could care less! So, today it is likely I will stalk your blog looking at all your past posts and pinning the crap out of your stuff :) That's right, I am not your typical stalker who will hang out in your bushes...I am making my love for you public!

Kari @ The Sunset Lane

JJ@SundayInTheCountry said...

I love the labels...but it's bugging the pieces outta me that I can't read 'em all! Was there a method to your madness in choosing them?

WhettenWild said...

I am completely disappointed that you don't use NADS. is perfectly safe to eat! LOL.

Looks good...........but where did your hemmoroid cream go?

Oh, and I don't think you are allowed to say "poo" either. Just sayin'.

Amanda said...

Your posts often leave me speechless... in the very best way possible. Please ignore the inherent creepiness in this next statement (I promise I'm not creepy), but I'm quite certain I could sit in your house and just gaze at your handiwork - for days. Days. Now to convince the hubs to let me cut a hole in the drywall...

Layne Bushell said...

OMGOSH....My husband has purchased Nads before to use on his hairy back so when I read that I started busting up and I'm still laughing. Thanks for the smile today. Oh and ps...the ole' hole in your wall is fantabulous!

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Love love love how you have added character to your whole house. How do you know if a stud is needed? If I took that sucker out the whole house would come tumbling down around me. Hence, no stud removal over here. You are just the woMAN Mandi Tremayne!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

I cannot believe there was a stud there! That is so odd!! I love it and think it is awesome!! you loooook fantastic!! hugs, cathy

Emily said...

I love it, want to come make one for my bathroom? Where do you find all of your awesome jars? They are so cute!

Stephanie said...

One word.. Amazing! with a capital A! I really do love all of your handy work. I would be a lucky woman to live in a house like yours someday. keep up the fantabulous work !!

Tanya said...

Ah, Nads. My very first credit card purchase ever. The credit card that was supposed to be for emergencies only...surely hairy legs count?

Anyhoo, another great project! Love how everything is displayed.

Teri said...

OMG! Beautiful! The glass jars with the labels are the perfect touch! :)

Christine said...

Ha! I feel your poo! I encountered my own stud-in-an-inconvenient- place, but I didn't have the new saw yet. Yep. I cut that sucker out by hand and it was not fun. My second "oh poo!" happened when I encountered the diagonal brace going across and behind the studs. I have to work around that one! My cabinet is not quite done yet...
I'm going to go mine your archives now for some diversion!

Linda Penning said...

I was wondering, how did you get the box secured in the wall? Did I miss that part?