Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of Pipe Chimes.

I love other people's pipe chimes. Tell me you played Christmas pipe chimes as a kid. Did you not love it? It's the shizzle.

You know, kinda like when you get to try the recorder in elementary school, and suddenly you feel all, musician-y?

Well, as I was talking with my sissy, we both decided we want our own set of pipe chimes.

Not because we don't want these:

because we do. But they are the cost of one of my limbs plus my firstborn, so I'll stick with the pipe chimes, thankyouverymuch.

So? How in the heck do you make 'em? I turned to the trusty interwebs and found out. And now I'm gonna find you out. Er tell you.

Get yourself some EMT conduit pipe. Don't be a dufus like me and first go to the pipe aisle. Go to the electrical aisle since this is conduit pipe.

My electrically inclined husband hangs his head in shame.

They come in 10 foot lengths, and you need two. Guess how much they cost?

$2 each. I may have done an Elaine dance in the aisle when I saw the price.

Now, you need your lengths list for all your notes:

I got my lengths here. Thank you, Roger, for taking the time to make this awesome list/instructions. You're the bomb diggity. (psst: he also lists some songs to try out.)

You're gonna cut these down to size with a pipe cutter.

Fear not! I'm going to tell you the secret that will keep you from wanting to tear your hair out after messing with this pipe cutter for 40 minutes.

Yep; my annoyingly frustrating mistakes become your advantage. 'S what I'm here for.

When the hubs heard me screaming from frustration/my abandoned pipe, he suggested this:

Hold the pipe down with channel locks or pliers so you can get a good grip, and then you can EASILY! EASILY! twist the pipe cutter to make your cuts. (Twist the pipe cutter around and tighten each time. If you can't twist it, you've tightened it too much. And watch where you're putting the blade-- it really needs to be on the exact measurement. 1/8th of an inch off, and your pipe chimes will be only good for a tone deaf audience.)

(Wanna see this awesome guy cut pipe chimes like butta?)

And voila, you are in biz-nis.

Drill a hole (you can use a drill with a good drill bit) about 1 inch down from the top, run some string through,

and you've got yourself a pipe chime symphony.

New Christmas Eve tradition, baby!

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Emily said...

I can't tell if thats an A sharp or a B flat ... If you hit the wrong note we will all be flat!!

I bet your kids are having so much fun with these!!

SueAnn said...

So cool!

Shirley said...

You can gasp in horror now, cause I've never heard of pipe chimes! Looks really cool, though!

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

ah, memories!!

WhettenWild said...

You rock! Can't wait to play 'em. And I so could have never done that by myself.

The Clegg Family said...

My Dad made some chimes for my Mom years which I have inherited :) They are fun!

Jamie said...

Awesome! My hub's aunt brings hers to the Christmas Eve party every year. Hub groans and rolls his eyes every time they come out but we all know he secretly loves them. It wouldn't be Christmas Eve without the chimes!

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

you are amazing! how fun I love the new tradition!

Layne Bushell said...

I love mine too! We play them every christmas eve. They are so fun. If you want a pure sound to them...use a wood striker (I bet you have some of that laying around your house!) Metal (Which I used for years) makes the sound a bit "tinny". And there you have my tiny bit of experience with Bells. I just make a chart from the Children's Songbook. It's really fun! You're welcome to borrow my charts if you wish!

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

You so need to make a video of these in action. Pretty please!

Holly said...

Ah-mazing! Love this! And I have to say, I just stumbled onto your blog and your header is pretty hilarious! Love it! I'm your newest follower! -Holly @

Billie said...

We got ours finished today! I can't wait to perfect our performance for Christmas Eve!

Teri said...

That is pretty awesome. And I wish I could have seen that Elaine dance.