Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Falling Up The Stairs.

Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

The Stairs.

Ho, man. The stairs. Allow me to explain my insanity:

you know when people tear their carpet off, only to find beautiful hardwood treads that beg to be stained and lovely-fied?

'Snot my stairs. My treads are particle board. And the crazy part? I knew it. And I still pulled the ole carpet off.


Holy schnikes, can you blame me??

Pretty sad when you like your stairs bare and nekkid and all particle-y better than carpeted.

So what to do when the treads are particle and they've been primed with the rest of the house a decade and a half prior?

Well, ya don't stain. That's fer sure.

Take a tip from me:

when the paint dude at Lowe's hands you a brochure for floor paint, and then tells you the only choices for paint color lie in said brochure,

Call him a liar. Also, his pants are on fire. Possibly hanging from a telephone wire.

Still kinda mad/frustrated about this. One dark colored choice for the two-tone look I craved? When in actuality, I had the entire selection of paint choices at my disposal?


I've made peace with it, I 'spose.


regard one of many issues with this little venture of mine. Chipboard landing? That's not something ya just paint over.

It got a veneer of plywood. And for kicks 'n giggles, a little monogram action.

Expect my blog post on just how many "T"'s are in this dang house to be forthcoming.

Now, I deeply considered a runner up my stairs for a few reasons.

1. Our stairs are now louder than heck. (Robbers take note. I also sleep with a Smith & Wesson.)

2. My children plummet down the stairs head first as occasion permits. Perhaps a runner would soften the blow. Maybe. Probably not.

3. The stairs still aren't that pretty and sometimes runners are.

So I copycatted. I found Loft & Cottage's awesome stairs re-no via Inspire Me Heather, (thanks ladies)

and I decided to make my way over to Ikea. 2 hours later, some Svedish Meatballs, and one screaming 2 year old who wanted to walk and touch everything later,

and I picked the exact same runners. They were the best. If it ain't broken, ya know?

Casey probably does it the right way by using carpet glue, but I went the lazy route and used carpet tape. Fits my personality: you know, lazy. Plus, the Daddy-o suggested to.

I'll let you know when people slip on my rug and thus down my stairs for my poor choices.

To sum up:

Why did I take this route?

1. I'm cheap
2. I'm cheap
3. I'm spending massive amounts of money on a massive project this week, and I have zero desire to replace my treads and spend a wad of cash right now. (translation: I'm cheap.)
4. I'm out the cash for a can of paint and a few (reusable) runners. Big deal. (i.e., I'm cheap.)
5. This can always be replaced later. Some day when I'm feeling frisky. And bored. And insane.

And finally, please cover your ears for a moment. I'd like to yell at the contractors who built my house for just a sec.


I'm done now.

You know, stair trim?

That's next-ish on the agenda. It's sooo needed, and it's gonna be sooo freaking hard with the angles and the cuts 'n stuff. I'm gonna get right on that. Just like I'd get right on an elective root canal. Or, say, busting out my calculus book and studying for the heck of it.

Hey, it could happen.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

AGHHHGEHHEHEHHE!!!!! It looks so great Mandi!!!!!!! OMG(osh) OMG(oodness) OMG(osh)! So excited about the runner - it really looks fantabulous!!!!! You are totally making my day right now. Ya know, seeing as projects take me weeks upon weeks to complete and I'm still repainting my trim. I love the whole effect of the dark treads with the runner, and the monogram on the landing!!!!

WhettenWild said...

It looks awesome! I like how you did the T. I think it looks good that way instead of the opposite....if you know what I mean, from our phone conversation.

Jennifer said...

Princess Bride reference.... =) The stairs look great. You're braver than me.

Emily said...

Looks awesome and amazing...just like I knew it would!

love letters to e and g said...

waaaayyyyy better...u totally rocked it. It was a great quick and cheap fix. LOVE the runner...

Lesley said...

Another blog that I follow posted a stairway redo today. lol Go figure. I still need to do mine. You guys are making me want to run!!! Don't get me wrong...your results are amazing. It's just the struggle I am trying to avoid!! Check her post out. Red Hen Home at Blogspot. Her name is Korrie.

Leca Unplugged said...

Your stairs-- really? LIke the thing you walk on a gazillion times a day? That takes some balls woman! Impressive! Next time call me and I want in on a project. All my kids are at school all day and I'm itching to rip something out. I love a good project. You are so dang creative-- and did I mention, ball-sy? Wow!

Jill said...

Agreed. The stairs are awesome...You're Awesome! Ohmygosh...I get anxiety wanting to paint a chair.

calikas said...

it looks great.

debisblog said...

Beautiful!!! We are building a home and when the contractor asked about stair trim I said (to myself) "uhh... HUH?" Didn't really ever notice it! In looking around I found a great site explaining how to do them easy (the ONLY way to do stuff, right??) anyway, in case this helps... www (dot) thisiscarpentry (dot) com/2011/04/16/scribing-skirt-boards/

Connie @ Measured by the Heart said...

It's beautiful! I'm so pinning this so I can do mine someday (carpets still nice right now so i'm not gonna fix it till I have to lol)

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

Well the stairs look fantastic!!! {of course!} and I'm LOVE LOVE LOVING the monogram!!! And the runner! Awesome! I'd bust my butt head first down those gorgeous stairs anyday!

Janelle said...

I love it. I also love all the T's.

Shirley said...

You know you make me wish i had stairs, cause those look seriously awesome! Love, love, love that runner. Way to go, girl!

Miss Kitty said...

Thanks for posting this GREAT project for us. I loved the text also...very funny (but also imformative).

Dara Lynn said...

Ridiculously fantastic girlie!!! Soooo much better than before!!!

Attempting Aloha said...

You say the word "cheap" as though it's a derogatory thing, dude! As far as I'm concerned, you were just bumped from awesome diy'er to supuh-stah. ;)


S. Anderson said...

We just did this same thing at our house last spring. My carpenter pulled our treads and installed the skirt board (that's its official name) before reinstalling and leveling the treads. He said it was so much easier than trying to do it the other way!

The project was pricey, but the treads weren't that expensive (and if I wasn't such a wimp and done more of it myself, the whole project wouldn't have been nearly as much).

SueAnn said...

Ooooo! Love the stair runner!! Fantastic! Excellent solution!
And the stencil is fabulous!!

Karen Jerread said...

Love the beautiful "from rags to riches" looking update.

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

I've been trying to figure out how you get the energy to start these large projects one after another. I look at the many large projects I want to start and turn the other way. Where does your energy come from? Love the stairs. Looks amazing.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Okay, how is it that you always 3 steps ahead of me with your projects? Like literally everything I want to do, you do first! But I am not complaining because then I can use you as my inspiration to start my projects. I love that runner too. I'm trying to figure out what to put on my stairs after I refinish them aka get the stank out.

And let's be clear, I am copying both your board and batton, and your stairs project, officially. I am so glad we are friends.

Celeste Lux said...

Your stairs look awesome. Carpet on Stairs is so gross, we have pets, and I have to 'groom' the stairs to get the pet hair off. I'm taking your lead and ripping the carpet up.

Teri said...

Your stairs look awesome! And no vacuuming! :)

Cindy said...

We are doing our basement stairs now. Treads are a beautiful stainable wood, but the landing is hideous chipboard complete with a improvement store black painted grid. Was thinking if putting the laminate wood flooring on the landing if we can find a bull nose to match. For the stairs, did you do the white first? Do you recommend that way or stain, then paint white? I would imagine worrying about vertical drips would be worse. Just wondering.


Jen Greyson said...

Um, yeah, just pulled up the carpet in my living/dining room to find glad I found this. Pretty sure I'm going to have to do the plywood overlay.

How's it holding up with the kids? (I have two boys and two boy dogs . . . and one boy husband!!!)

mickey said...

I feel like this blog entry was intended just for me. We just moved into a new (to us) home and the carpet HAD to go and I HATE carpet on my stairs, and just like you I'm cheap. I feel like we live in a very similar house, so I'm glad to see that someone else has done this before. Thank you!