Monday, October 31, 2011


Years ago-- years and years and years ago, (I believe it was the Jurassic era),
I blogged about this totally awesome! and totally expensive! Pottery Barn mural.

I swore when I moved home that I would photograph the Mommy-o's and the Daddy-o's place. You know, for comparison sake.

And I'm not saying my childhood home is haunted, but. . .

perhaps you see a similarity?

But on to the present.

Go ahead and judge me,

'cause my boys shun anything but the spooky Halloween costume.

Therefore, I take all my costume creativity out on the baby girl.
And you can call it exploitation, as seen here.

Yes, she was Pebbles last year due to her red hair.

And yes, this year (and probably the next) she's the little Orphan Annie.

I can't help it--

there's too many doggone cute redhead costumes out there.

So, would you judge me if I had Daphne

and Lucille Ball all lined up?

Would ya?

Man, I love Halloweenie.

From the massive amounts of decor,

(my garage overfloweth),
to the pumpkins,

and the 4 year olds who go cross-eyed looking at them. Sigh.

But on to the sucky side of things:

I think you should know that the only surviving Zombie in my yard is the one hanging from a tree.

Let's just say, they fought my kids.

And the kids won.

"So, son. . . lemme get this straight. You say you just walked past the Pea Shooter, and his head just. . . 'fell off'?"

'Mmm hmm. I've glued and clamped them, I've splinted them, and now, I've had it.

But perhaps, perhaps, they can be repaired for one last night of Halloween. Plants Vs. Zombies: fog level. If I can find the corresponding music to play. If.

And finally, in this terribly long "Ode to Halloween", I'd like you to know what happens when I scramble for a costume for the family Halloween party 'cause my paper doll costume lost its arm.

And you do whatever just pops into your head when you're staring into your closet. And you fail miserably.
Yes, like Ray & the Stay Puft Marshmallow man,
Eddie from Christmas Vacation popped into my noggin.

And the only thing I got right from my recollection were the dark socks and the hat. Merry Christmas. Crapper was full.


SueAnn said...

Adorable and hysterical!!! I am still laughing!
Fun stuff for sure!
And Christmas Vacation is my all time fav Holiday movie!!

Rach said...


Happy Halloween!

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

How do you do it? Your mind must never rest. Funny funny girl.

Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Your movie references are the best!! Happy All Hallows Eve! I want to come trick or treating to your house.

Emily said...

Happy Halloween!! Ü

Teri said...