Monday, July 11, 2011

It's all fun and games until someone roasts a weiner.

I'm jealous of y'alls fabulous green, gigantor, 10 acre lawns with mature landscaping.

See, besides that I live in the desert, I also have a relatively new-ish house with no mature landscaping, and a teeny weiny backyard.

If you have a huge backyard, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore.

Anywho, lush foliage is just one of my favorite things. And so, today, I thought I'd live vicariously through the Daddy-o's backyard.

Olive it.

He's lived at his place for. . . how old am I? Oh, right, 31 years. And now I'm depressed.

Allow me to show you around, would you? Give you a little look-see?

How you indulge me.
First off:

The Daddy-o's deck. It is massive. It is the Mother Ship of decks. Last year, he went all out and recovered it with trex. Cheap? No-ho. Fabulous renovation? Yes, please.

You can find us out on the Star Deck Enterprise shootin' the bull, stuffing our faces, playing cards, and/or making fun of each other every other Sunday.

Oh, and how the grandkids love it out there.

See, Grampa's put in a little swing,

which hangs from one of their mature apple trees.

Apple, peach, pear-- they've even got a plu-ot tree. Or however you spell that crazy fruit.

You know what else the grandkids like?

All the beautiful raised beds Grampa put in that line the back of the house.

Ingenious, that Daddy-o.

You know, not because the grandkids can now easily reach it and eat dirt,

but because it's an awesome use of space.

One of my fave things?
He's growing grape vines over his arbor. Love.
(late spring,)

(and today)

Allow me to wax nostalgic:

this gazebo has been here since I was a little one.

Sigh. Oh, the memories of me sitting in there with my feathered bangs and the high heels I took out of my mom's closet. Again.

And finally, what I can only dream of, for now:

The Daddy-o put in twinkling lights for those warm, late night summer evenings.

Oh, the ambience.

Are you thinking "17 Again" landscaping like I am?


Thanks for joining me today. Come visit and roast a weiner or two with us, won't you?


Miss Kitty said...

I so enjoyed your entertaining commentary on your daddy's back yard. Your photography is just great. I thought I might see former Rep. Weiner over in the back yard too (especially after seeing a guy with his pants down in the header).

Jen said...

LOOOVE it!! I too, dream of outdoor lighting! I am so hoarding the white C7 or C9 lights after Christmas is over this year!!! And that arbor! A girl can dream, right?

BTW.....does the daddy-o live on Yorkshire, just south-ish of the church? I SWEAR I saw him outside in his garage one day, cutting wood on his saw, as I drove my princess to a friends house. I promise I'm not creepin'....just curious. ;)

Nina said...

Your Daddy-o is truly amazing! I mean does the man do anything else...can I borrow him? because while I have a husband we call "Daddy" because we are in the south he is definitely not a "Daddy-o".

Leslie@leserleeslovesandhobbies said...

I used to love my backyard. Until I saw your Daddy-O's backyard. Thanks a lot, Jerk. ;) Although I think I still like my deck better than your Daddy-O's. It looks like mine was less complicated to build. But I am super jealous of the mature fruit trees and the twinkling lights.

Emily said...

I always loved your parents backyard, but I haven't seen it all redone! That is fabulous!

Rosemary said...

What a beautiful back yard! You'll have something just as beautiful, if a bit smaller, in years to come.

Teri said... I'm not the jealous type. But if I was? Wow.

That's the kind of yard I aspire to! You know. Once I get "mowing the lawn on a regular basis" down.

gina3 said...

I have a tiny postage stamp backyard with zippo landscaping so I can only dream of a yard like your Daddy-o's. Love that gazebo, the twinkling lights and the pathway. Jealous :)