Sunday, March 27, 2011

Come along with me.

For a little family getaway, would you?

I like to call this one,

"Forget the scenery, we just drove hours in a car with a broke-stuck, full blast heater, man."

and this one,

"State law prohibits persons under the age of 16 to operate an ATV."

and this one,

"State law requires that at least one Tremayne be sick at every outing, vacation, short trip, et cetera."

and this one,

"You take me off this thing and I will go full out, 1 year old, ape crap on you."

and this one,

"A Table Tennis Tourney. Or as the Chinese call it, 'Ping Pong'."
(name that movie!)

and this one,
"I feel like I'm gonna die."

and this one,
"Just go, man. Oh. . . wow. . . that's really warm."

and this one,
"You boys git on out there and play out in the frozen tundra like we tole ya to."

and this one,
"We drove away from home to watch basketball??"

and this one,
"Finally a little quiet-time reading. And now I am completely obsessed with having a pergola in my backyard."

and this one,

"Tremayne girls in the hizzouse! Get your crapt on! Emphasis on 'crap'!"

and this one,

"A Portrait of the Artist as an old, frozen cold woman."

and finally, I like to call this one:

"Mandi's customary side-view mirror trip shot."

Did you feel like you were with me? Did you find it refreshing? Are you relaxed?

Oh. Just cold, huh?


slommler said...

I am now totally frozen but still laughing!!! Ha!
Those pics and your words cracked me up for sure!
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! What a fun (not) trip!!

Lori said...

Pretty cold, but the family fun part warmed me up!

Tiffani Rose said...

That looks like a great short trip!! Is the movie, Balls of Fury???

Pressed Petals said...

so pretty! bummer about the sick kiddo. you look cute in you winter gear!

Layne Bushell said...

So fun! I have wanted a pergola in my yard for years! And with a west facing backyard...I actually NEED one!

Emily said...

That looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Even with it being cold.

Lisa said...

What a great trip - looks like all but one had tons of fun! Bee-oo-tiful scenery - the snow and lake (?) in that first photo!

Dara said...

A pergola would look great in that yard. Not that you would, but if you do need help, Jon built the one in our back if you need plans or want to come take a peak, let me know!
And the trip looked fun too!

Dede said...

Holy cold!!!

Teri said...

Looks like a great time! Where did y'all go?

Libby said...

I like the pergola. And the clock beside the TV. The snow I have--and it is STILL coming down! Didn't anyone inform Mother Nature that it is almost April??

ps. You ain't old Mandi...just frozen.

annie valentine said...

You are the best camera operator ever. Also my feet are now freezing. (Seriously, that looks freaking cold.)

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

I live in a land of rain. I know nothing of this frozen white stuff.

Although yesterday, briefly, there was a giant glowy thing in the sky.

But it's been so long since anyone here has seen it, we can't quite remember what it's called.

Shirley said...

so I'm totally impressed with the pic of the speedometer and that it was in focus while the wind was blowing on it! Obviously, a Canon is the way to go. Or is it the photographer? :)

Jen said...

Oh, I think the Morgan's fall under the same state law that the Tremaynes do. EVERY year on our camping trips (we usually go 2-4times a year), at least one of the kids gets sick. And they don't puke during the day. It waits until they're all snuggled down into their sleeping bags, are disoriented when they wake up because they forget they're camping and puke all over their sleeping bag!!

I love your self protrait! You're so adorable!!

Pamma said...

Ahhh...looks like a great time! Day by day girl! You're doing just fine.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

That mantel is SICK, in a really good way.