Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

There's a few things I'd like you to know about the last 4 weeks--

Life was kinda put on hold during the CWTS olympic games.

Kitchen looked like so,

90% of the time. Kids didn't really even flinch when the air compressor filled back up. Kinda like how you ignore the fridge turning on and off-- background noise, yo.

Laundry piled up. I hate you laundry.

Had my little helpers, though.

(please puhlease do not gouge my pantry with that sharp piece of molding, little dear)
Hands looked like so,

(hey, sometimes you can't find a piece of paper)
and/or paint splattered.

Don't you talk about my hairy/gramma arms!

Kids got used to craptastic dinners of burgers/pizza/mac 'n cheese. Although they thought they'd hit the jackpot.

There was a little boy's birthday, the plague swept through the house,

And so on and so forth.

But now, as I step out of my land of crapting, I step back into life as usual on the Tremayne country farm.

You know, self-made tat's.

Human sacrifice, cats and dogs, living together,

mass hysteria.

The usual. Aahh it's good to be back.

I think.


MMB Creations said...

Sounds like fun. That's from a grandma who can love em and leave em.

Cindy said...

LIFE...hectic, busy, crazy, exhausting and precious!!! Ain't it grand!!!

Lisa said...

Oh yeah the laundry and meals. Forgot about that stuff while I'm busy doing projects that I deem "essential". How AWESOME is it that those 4 sweet cherubs of yours have a mama that has a COMPRESSOR? That's pretty stinkin cool as far as I'm concerned. (okay I'm biased, I have one too.)

What project is up next at the Tremaynes? That's what I wanna know.

Janelle said...

Such a sad face on Johnny. I love the random shots that you get all the time. I need to do more just random things. Yet again I am not worthy of you!

Jen said...

I can't believe that the ONLY mess in your kitchen was your tools and painting crap! My sink would have been full of dishes, my countertops full of pb&j smears, crumbs and canned ravioli(GAG!)drips. Not to mention the messy, dirty floors to boot!!

Looks like your little, hard working hands need a little lotion, dear! Didn't even notice the hair you mentioned. =)

Oh, and, I'm totally jealous of your grandiose tub!! I hope to someday have one like it. ;)

Crafty Housewife said...

I love this, it sounds so much like life in my house, lol!

gina3 said...

Don't ya love a tub that can fit 4 kids comfortably. My one son could practically go swimming in ours (it's just like yours) since he was an only child. Welcome back to reality and enjoying the Tremayne country farm :)

Teri said...

:) Looks relaxing. Are you going to take a hiatus? Selfishly, I command you to say no. I need more inspo. Gimme, gimme!

calikas said...

You are left handed?

UBee said...

Woman, you are awesome! I just found your blog and have taken the last three days to read through it and I stand amazed!! These last few projects certainly take the cake though, and I am even more amazed that your kitchen and laundry don't look worse than that! You ARE wonder woman. I have a mountain of laundry at the moment (OK, I admit it, almost any given moment) to put yours to shame, and no fabulous Olympics to blame it on. I am totally jealous of your nail gun, saw, and the I'm-not-waitin'-for-the-hubby attitude...oh, and thee machine. :)

BTW, I have a third nipple, what are you trying to say???

Laura said...

my kids stumbled onto your blog somehow--through some craft links, i think. have to say i love it! i just read your santa clause post. we don't do santa, either. thanks for letting me know there are others out there!

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

Glad you are back to "normal"! I hate laundry! ick, I wish I had a laundry fairy!

Daddy-O said...

You have some of the coolest friends commenting on your blog and, how do they ALL have such an amazingly creative writing ability?

Libby said...

oh come on Mandi, you must've hidden some of the laundry! That's barely a load! (jus' kiddin' ya)

Love the can of paint and tool on the island...doesn't every mom have stuff like that hanging around their kitchen?

Jen, I agree...my kitchen would look like your, moreso than Mandi's (oh who am I kidding? It looks like a DI drop-off most of the time)

Mandi...looking forward to your next adventure with the compressor (can that thing be hooked up to a kitchen appliance?)

Lori said...

Real life, gotta love it!

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

But if there isn't a giant marshmallow man, I ain't playin'.

Emily said...

My house looks like that, and we have dinners like that all the time and I don't make all the amazing things you make.

Brooke said...

lol! loved reading through this whole entry

Madame Samm said...

Mom of 6 here, sew I can sew identify, I remember those days. Honey child you will get through it, we all do and someday you will be smiling at someone elses laundry and bath time and say..
"whew, glad I don't have to repeat that again " lol You are, your brew are simply adorable...