Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Me in the Oval Office.


to the throne room. My throne room, to be exact.

A few things I'd like you to know about "the facilities":


My shower really does have that frosted on the glass.

And I love my master water closet. I do. It's very large and spacious. But it is in some serious need. Some serious need of attention and updating. And so, little by little, we will be working on "el bano".

First, and most pressing of needs:

The corrosion of the sinks. DON'T YOU JUDGE ME!

Just keeping it real, here. I tole ya the little girl's room needed help. And some CLR and a scrub brush.

So, the hubs got on his horse and picked out some lovely rubbed bronze taps. And then he told me the cost. And I went like this:


No, I wasn't going to spend $125 on each faucet. So we took those back, and then we ordered from overstock, and got these for $50:

Aaaahhh. New. Clean. Non-corroded. Thanks be.

Next up:

I'm not the biggest fan of towel bars. Oh my gosh you can see my reflection in that towel bar! And I'm naked!

Not really. Sorry for the visual. Remember that ebay teapot dude? Hehehe.

So, I had these totally cool, totally cheap hooks from the Hob Lob:

and I had some extra 1x4 that I ran through "the shaper".

Just to give it a little curve, ya know?

And that board, some paint, some screws, and those hooks,

became this.

and I like it. Man, the crapper is looking better, all the time.

This is a really dirty post. My apologies.

And last but certainly not least, the epic failure.

The tub's faucet. My, oh my.

What you can't see is how that brass was just peeling off the end of that faucet.

And I had this great idea to save a little $$ and spray paint it with krylon rubbed bronze.
For the record, the first coat looked good. The 2nd coat looked like this:

And so I broke down and get ourselves a new one.

I love you, faucet.

What's next in the "Oval Office"? The "John"? The "Privy"?

Removal of the "Let there be light!" bar, framing in of the jumbotron mirror, and much, much more. But "The Library" is looking better all the time.


Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

Ooooh, those faucets are HOTT! And I must be a perv, b/c when you said you were necked in the reflection, I totally looked! Anywho, your potty room is looking awesome!

slommler said...

I love the oil rubbed bronze finish. Looking good girl!! Your WC is going to be fabulous!!

Kristi said...

Lookin' good! I love that new tub faucet!

Lori said...

I need the same faucet redo! Help me! I thought about spray painting them. Maybe not.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures/Treasured Moments said...

Great changes. I love the oil rubbed bronze and off course your diy towel rack. I am not a gold fan at all....glad the corroded and got changed. :)

WhettenWild said...

I love what you picked! It looks great. I see what you mean about the bathtub faucet rotating around. That could be a real disaster!

gina3 said...

I swear the same builders must have built our houses. First the kitchen looked the same and now that is our exact bathroom layout and similar fixtures. Looking good so far. Be sure you do a tutorial for framing the mirror because I want to do that in our bathrooms. said...

Love it! the faucet is perfect, and I love the hooks too.

Dara said...

Seriously....I LOVE IT! You have transformed almost everything I HATED about that house!!!! I might want it back after you are done....thoughts on a trade? LOL
Great work Mandi!!!

Leserlee said...

OMGosh. You are hilarious. I wish I could write like you. And have access to the woodworking tools that you have access to. I'm making some coat hanging rack things similar to your towel hanging thing right now, and so wish I could add some interest to them, but with a skilsaw and circular saw it just ain't happenin'. And I'm too cheap to by moulding at the Home Depot.

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

I don't do those kinds of faucets.

I'm a modern, gear-shifting faucet kinda gal.

But those do look...well...lovely.

Yes, I do confess.


Anonymous said...

Awesome updates! It's nice to know someone else's bathroom needs as much updating as mine. Think red marbled counters, a bathtub sunk into the ground that only holds about 3 inches of water and is also red marbled. Sad...Can't wait to start updating some stuff. Looking forward to seeing more of your makeover!

Emily said...

Those faucets are awesome! I love the brown!

Dede said...

Ooh, I love that towel holder. And I'm ashamed to admit this, but I totally looked closer in the brass reflection to make sure you really weren't naked. :-)

Ruthie said...

Okay, just got sucked into your blog....seriously I think I just spent an hour reading all your older posts. But I don't feel guilty. I was totally entertained, got some great ideas and I laughed out loud at least a dozen times. Glad I stumbled upon it!

Miranda said...

Wow! Gorgeous! Great idea for the towel holder. :o)

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

I am jealous of those updates. They are needed at my house too. I am a fan of hooks for the towels too. Love ORB. It is so rich looking.
Your little boy is not going to love you for that shot. Ha.

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

I have something very similar planned for my towel rack as well. Mostly because with a towel rack I never actually end up properly folding a towel into thirds before hanging it. I like the hooks, it's the lazy man's version.

Also, your bath tub facet looks very majestic.

I had a really rich friend who's parent's bath tub facet was a giant swan head. That was also majestic.

Teri said...

Oooh! I love it! It's so funny that you're posting this right now, because I was just researching faucets a few days ago for our new place! It's amazing how taps can totally change a space, and since we won't be renovating the bathroom completely, I'm hoping we can do the faucets soon after moving in. I LOVE the bronze!! I'll have to check out Overstock...because faucets are even more expensive in Canada!

The Coys said...

Haha - Love the humor, and the faucets. I may have to take down our towel racks too and replace with hooks. I've never thought about that.

Audra said...

I am in need of a faucet overhaul in this house. All builder grade caustic gold. I am going to have to check out Overstock and get me some of them pretties to make my WC look Ahhhh-mayyy-zing! can come junkin' with me anytime! I know you would love the weather right now! 66 degrees today! Perfect junkin' weather!

Lisa said...

Shaper show off!!!! Okay I'm just jealous. I want to shape some wood in a bad way after your last post about shaping. That hook thingamajiggy is fab, you could sell them on Etsy and use the shaper all day long! My master bath is in need of love too, what with it's beautiful brassiness that it's sporting right now. You've inspired me to give it some love.

annie valentine said...

I love this, overstock is my faucet home as well. And good try there with the self-inflicted bronzed bit, it made the new one well deserved.

Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

Your pretty much my need to come visit...we have a whole tub, toilet, sink and vanity overhaul that needs to be in? haha, seriously, nice updates:)

Pressed Petals said...

we totally have the same style faucet! i am jealous of your tub!!! one serious your towels dry okay hung like that? we never seem to have any luck.

Queen Bee said...

I'm not really sure how I got here, but I'm staying. :) You have given me the laugh I sooo needed today. So if you need anything, I'll be hanging out here...reading away.
BTW....Good job on the "Office" and your $$$ saving PB mirror was FAB!

Autum said...

Hee hee! No third nippled loser here. I got nothing but love for you!
Congratulations on your CWTS win. Awesome!!
I have been scrolling through, really enjoying my visit to your blog, and then whoa! There's my tub. I have that same swimming pool, I mean tub in my master bath. We had to get a larger water heater just to be able to fill the beast with hot water.
Same fixtures too, but mine are chrome. Funny thing is, I wanted the brass but had to go with the cheaper chrome. It was 1995 and I didn't know any better.
Love your humor! I'm off to go read more.