Friday, October 29, 2010

It's a No-No.

Well, according to marriage therapists and decorators alike:

-no TV or computers in the boudoir.


Or, as my friend Lori has said on the topic:
"doing it all wrong in the bedroom."

Well, ahem,

what I never show you on the other side of this boudoir,

is not one, but two computers. One for me, one for the hubs.

It would get seriously ugly between the two of us if we had to fight over one comp. Take my word for it.

not long ago, we decided to put a TV on the wall above my computer.

And I am telling you, man, it has taken my laziness to all new levels. TV in my room? AWESOME.

TV and Playstation in my room? RADICAL.

TV and Playstation and Netflix in my room?


See, we've been Blockbuster Online customers for years, but we tried out Netflix,
and it was twoo wuv.

You can see that my kids love it, too.
Seriously, there is not enough time in the world to watch all the shows I can stream on my TV, now.

Dude, I could stay in my room all day. 'Cept for potty breaks 'n stuff. I love you, Netflix.


Kristi said...

I love Netflix. Check out this site. It's awesome. I find way more here than on the Netflix site. Plus, you can add to your Netflix queue directly from this site. (

Anyway, I never had a TV in the bedroom until the past year or so. We don't watch in there much, but sometimes, it's nice to go in there and cuddle up to watch TV.

calikas said...

hahaha my husband and I have also just done this, but with the xbox, and my laziness has also gone to a new level. its awesome.

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

that is for reals, wuv, twoo wuv! I always wish I had the dvr in my bedroom, but then I'm afraid I'd just never leave the bed...too tempting! But def. have the tv & dvd

Layne Bushell said...

Hey guess what?! I knew the movie reference in this post. you should be so proud of me!!! We've thought about signing up for Netflix. It would probably help my lacking knowledge in the 1-liner category! I think I could cut the cable/satellite completely!

gina3 said...

Yep, we're a tv in the bedrooms family and Netflix addicts (especially my husband). My son grew up with a small tv in his room and as a result, doesn't watch much tv at all.

dena4kids said...

I love netflix! Welcome to the club!=)

kim said...

lol, that's why i don't put one in our room, no one would ever see me again :)

1 Funky Woman said...

Haven't done the Netflix thing but the t.v. yes. Come on being in your cozy bed watching a chick flick oh yea!

Enjoy your movies, but video games really?

Emily said...

We have a TV in our room with Netflix too. I love it!

Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Ditto times infinity. Minus we don't have it in our room because we only have one super boxy TV from my freshman year in college that ways about a million pounds.

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

I...I...I can't tell you how relieved I am to know that we're not alone with our little "problem."

I feel so much better now.

You're better than a Cosmo article!

Leca Unplugged said...

I can never give up my bedroom tv. It's perfect for falling asleep to the news. I'm old enough to have to watch the weather before I can go to sleep. I just can't stop!

Mandi said...

I too have a tv in the bedroom but have never tried netflix... I dont even have time to watch the show I DVR (stupid projects) But now I might just need to try it!

love your guts

WhettenWild said...

The fugitive was filmed in Chicago. Hope you thought of me while you watched it. Not that I am a fugitive or anything.

I need a list of good movies that you have seen recently!

Anny said...

I've always been in the "no tv in the bedroom" camp but I recently rearranged it and now want to stay in bed all day...but the tv is in the living room :(

Teri said...

Sweet! I've banned TV in our room because Cliff would fall asleep to it every night and I would just be kept awake by it...or sucked into each consecutive show. But that's awesome that you're getting such a sweet setup! I've thought about getting netflix but haven't tried it...hmmm...perhaps I should check that out now...