Saturday, November 6, 2010

And That's How It's Done.

Saturday night:

Laid out:
-1 not-so-little boy's dress pants, white shirt, vest, and socks.
-1 boy's dress pants, white shirt, vest, and socks.
-1 little boy's dress pants, white shirt, vest, and socks.
-1 lil girl's dress, diaper cover, tights, and hairbow.

Hung out and ironed:
-1 big girl's dress and slip.

-1 *diaper bag with:
-baby toys

(* diaper bag must be placed inside car).

-Sitting to the door:
-5 sets of *shoes
(*Daddy is a big boy and doesn't lose his dress shoes, and therefore, needn't have his laid out by the door; wish I could say the same for the Mommy).

-On the counter near the door:
-1 comb.
-1 spraybottle.
(for 3 squirming, screaming boys).

-Loaf of bread, 1 knife, toaster, and plate out and ready on the counter.

-10 minute contingency preparation plan:

-In the event that 2nd child will meltdown, insist that he hates church, doesn't feel good enough to go, refuses to get dressed, put on shoes, etc., time must be set aside and proper threats must be prepared.

And THAT is how we get to church before 9:00 a.m.

Oh wait, Daylight Savings ends tomorrow?

Dang. Wish I coulda been reminded of that before prep time.


Teri said...

Ha! What a job. I have a hard enough time just getting MYSELF out the door on time. Way to go, girl!

Mandi said...

Lol our Sunday mornings consist of lots of yelling, crying, searching, and more yelling. Hmmm maybe I am doing something wrong.....

Jen said...

Uuuuuugh. I'm going to have to do that come January. UUUUUUUGH. :/

I was at Big Lots this morning and they had some really cute peppermint christmas trees. It made me think of you and the darling frames you made for your mantle.

Hoosier at Heart said...

I'm exhausted just hearing about it. I hope you nap in the car on the way to church.

gina3 said...

I think I would be the one too tired and not feeling well, coming up with excuses not to go after all that. I'm guessing it will be a similar routine when all of them are in school. Whew, I'm getting tired just thinking about it for you.

Lori said...

But, we all still do it anyway. Good for you.

Janelle said...


Every Saturday night I get in bed and remember that was going to get everything ready for church. I have never dne it and I always wish I had. I am so impressed that you do!

Less then 2 months to go. 11:00 church here we come!

Emily said...

WOW! That is amazing. I am always unprepaired. I am jealous that you get all of that done.

Halls Huddle said...

And where were you? Your seat in Relief Society sat very empty and I missed you!

FastForwardingThroughLife said...

Wow, we think too much alike. Except for the spray bottle. Darn kid always looks like Denise the Menace.

WhettenWild said...

I hear ya! If I didn't get everything out we'd never make it out the door.

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

No, hon.

All you need is the big hose.

Saves LOTS of time.

Leca Unplugged said...

You rock! I love it!

dena4kids said...

lol! I love that you factored in threat time!=)