Friday, September 24, 2010

He's wearing a blue leisure suit.

The werewolf is.

And it's so, like, original Scooby Doo, don't ya think? Stylin' 60/70's? Chest hair and all? Finally got this one done. Now it's time to cut out the faces and make a frame to hold 'er up.

And now that I've spent the time on the faces plus it's kind of the best part of the picture, I kinda don't want to cut them out. Dang it!

So I've been hard at work here on Halloween crapts. 'Cause we like Halloween a lot. Maybe you haven't noticed.

I've got a whole mantel montage going on in my head, and I knew I wanted old, spooky candles to be a part of it.
So we're currently working on these big chunky ones, dripping wax all down them.

And Jeff's all, "just leave them alone now and let them burn all night and hollow themselves out."

Hellooooo? You've been married to me a for a decade and you haven't picked up on my terror/paranoia/psychosis concerning fire?

"Pants on fire" jokes and "Roof is on Fire" song aside.?.

I relit them in the morning so I could keep an eye on them.

'Mmmm. These are the rolls I made last night.

What does this have to do with anything? Nothing. Sorry.


Anywho, I've jumped aboard the bloggyland train and have decided to do this totally awesome Inn sign for both me and the daddy-o.

Isn't it cool? Found my crows already at the dollar store.
So I took some strips of wood I have for another impending huge project (project! squeal!)

Cut them down to size, glued them together, and put the strips of wood on the back to strengthen this bad boy. See the pencil lines? I cut along those with the jigsaw. And dang-- you's who use the jigsaw a lot-- it always sounds so easy but I felt like I had manned a jackhammer for 2 hours when I was done.

spraypainted the back just to be lazy, and the front I gave a greywash of paint. 80% water, 20% paint.

Then it had a date with Mr. Sander to make it look more old. So, have you ever, like, sanded your hand?

Oh, well, me neither. But I'll bet it hurts. Anyway. . .

After some vinyl we are nearly there. . . Ta da.

Am I confusing you? I made my dad's first. Thought that would be less, oh, selfish.
And no, it's not going on the mantel. The frame to hold it up is the next step. I'm off to make my own now. Tee hee.


Spencer & Lorilyn Crum said...

Love it love it love it! Just save the faces and put sticks on the bottom, and boom, masks.

I have a saber saw, which I guess is like a jig saw??? But ya, kind of a lot of work.

Your Inn sign is awesome, and I love your maiden name. It makes me think of Burton snoboards which is legit.

Makes sure to do a huge post of all your halloween decorations because I want to see what it looks like all together! And I'm excited to see your next big project!

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

You know I don't like Halloween, but I love that sign. And that picture thing will be so fun at your Halloween party. It turned out very Scooby Dooish.
Oh and the candles, very spooky.

Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Oh this is soooo fun. I might have to do my feature on you on a blog post so I can show this off to anyone who missed your post. I can't wait to see yours all done. You are the funnest person I know that I have never met. You make me want to be more fun. I am not fun at all.

Angela said...


WhettenWild said...

WHAT? You aren't making ME one of those signs.........Well I never. Just kidding. They are super cute though!

Is it just me, or does the werewolf remind you of Teenwolf. Dude. He rocks. Love it.

Oh, and the candles are pretty nifty as well!

Holly said...

Lovin that sign and those spooky candles. I wouldn't have let them burn all night either. Husbands can be such freaks!

Emily said...

I love that your family gets all into halloween. I wish I had cool halloween decoarations.

BTW those rolls looks super good!

Rachel said...

I love your inn sign, I think it will look great. I am excited for the Halloween party!!

Mandi said...

I dont know why your blog never shows up on my blog roll. I makes me so mad!! I am in love with that sign. You are getting pretty handy with those power tools my friend! When you cut the faces off your scooby sign will you please send them to me? I have no halloweenie decor up yet. I am totally going to make one of these signs though.

love your guts

Teri said...

Mandi, your ambition and skill is so inspiring! Love the Halloween stuff you've been working on - especially that sign! When you're done, can you please post a pic of your house all decked out? I'm so interested to see how you make it all come together! (House number blurred, of course...I am not a stalker! LOL)

Anonymous said...

LOVING the spooky candles!

Rebecca D said...

I think you should leave the faces on... I mean, cut them then re-attach them with a hinge... I agree they are too cute to discard!

Your sign turned out so cool! I picked up that same magazine in the check-out and have been bugging the girlies all week to let me throw them a halloween party... Alas they are "too cool" or some such nonsence... I may throw them a "surprise" halloween party... Afterall, all their friend's phone numbers are on my cell phone bill... Wouldn't they just *love* that?

Teri said...

Halloween invitations DEFINITELY count!! So this might be a party of two...but we can make it work. ;)

dena4kids said...

spooky candles who would have thought.That is what I need! I love the sign and the cutout. Man you are a busy bee! Looks good!=)

gina3 said...

oh that is cool!! Make me one too while your at it for you blogfriendy-o :)