Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Well that was a tad premature.

(To ye readers of google: this partially completed post showed up earlier today, thanks a 2 year old with mad skills on how to jack up a desktop and publish something; since the cat's out of the bag, so to speak, here it is with some coherence)

So, some neighbors asked me about being part of the local children's hospital fundraiser; this fundraiser is Christmas themed, and is held in November.

Yep. I'm talking Christmas. Christmas in July. And it ain't July yet.

Anywho, I've got all kinds of Christmas decor ideas rolling around in the ole noggin. AND I get to make some Christmas crapts for it, too. (will they take my crapts?)

And then I remembered this moment when the babe was 6 weeks old at that very hospital, and how it was the worst days (and nights) of my freakin' life, and she wasn't even really sick like the other poor kids in there.

(please excuse me while I go have another panic attack just looking at this picture)
And I's all, "count me in, muchachas."

And then I signed up for the Christmas in July gift exchange.

And my mother said, "Why in the world would you do that? Sounds like barf."*
(*not a direct quote.)

It seemed like a good, clean fun idea! I've got all these ideas rolling around in the ole brain for the holiday; why not? *
(*note: should've listened to my mom)

So I started planning and making. Mostly just planning. 's hard to get stuff done only when the kids are sleeping.
See, I made this a couple years ago:

Still like it.
(note to self: make new one with all family members)
I see this

in a ginormous print. Big, chunky frame.
This too.

Or this. You know, if you're a fan.

Otherwise you just might not get it.

I see lots of old-looking signs. . .
(this 'uns in saved "to cut" stencil format only)

Or these ones I already did make.

See, I thought it'd be great to do some signs like these in my kitchen:

but Christmas style. And in English.

Like so. These are going to my exchangee. (If she hates them, do you think I can have them back?)
Or something like this. Well, imagine these without a ginormous pair of dice next door. Envision strings of cranberries, candles, and stockings hanging down, if you will.

Sigh. So many ideas, so little time.
I don't know-- my fireplace just might need this hanging above it.

But there's just so many options.


Carisa Knox said...

I want to be on your Christmas list! Seriuosly, you should sell these signs. I would absolutely buy a couple for my house and for my best friend, maybe my mom and my mother in law..... I have to think about her. (Every gift I have given her that isn't a gift card ends up in storage and I give her some pretty rocking gift, so she may not be worthy!) BUT, I definitely want some if the signs and tags for my house!!! Anyway, great ideas!!! You go girl!

PS... Is it crazsy to think and feel that I know you so well?

Leca said...

The last one is my favorite. Anything with "nuts" makes me giggle. The family sign is awesome. I would totally buy it... but then I'd have to re-name my kids and that would be really awkward.

gina3 said...

I love the first big red/white you did. That's awesome. Seeing that picture of your little one, I can only imagine. Our son was almost 5 weeks premature but luckily was just fine. I understand why you got involved. As for the earlier partial post, it's just amazing what little kids can do these days with technology. I'll email you what my son did. You'll love it!

Dede said...

I don't know if I'll EVER get enough of your blog! I like the last one a bunch too haha!

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

Ok, if you're going to do a Christmas Story, you have to have "It's a Major Award" on it somewhere!

And those are awesome!

WhettenWild said...

Those turned out cute. That last one is cracking me up.

Layne Bushell said...

Hey you...Primay Children's take everything for their boutique. It's Perfect! And they'll sell fast fast fast fast fast!

And, i'm a loser...i didn't know that little Miss McK was in PCMC? Sorry. Not a good friend was I. I had a sick kiddo at birth too...we'll have to share stories sometime.

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Love that first photo of your sweet baby & glad she is doing so well! Then you bring me to laughing!! You are just a great blogger! love your signs & your sense of humor!!

Halls Huddle said...

I had to catch up on the Tremayne happenings today since we've been gone so dang long. I've missed you. Let's have a park day soon and catch up face to face. Thanks for all the giggles this morning as I read through your MAH-VE-LOUS posts!! P.S. I'm voting you don't go on holiday from your computer for too long, but totally understand about the "need to spend more time with my kids" guilt trip we all go on.

Pressed Petals said...

those look wonderful! i never knew your baby was sick. glad she's okay now. have a great day!

Emily said...

I like the signs. They are way cute. I love the Christmas Story one. That would be way cute to make!

dena4kids said...

LOL! I love all of them! I love the christmas story ones!heehee..I love Christmas!

Joanna Taylor said...

Um, FABULOUS! Plus I *got* it. Too funny.
PLUS, I desire that first one "A Child is Born."

Anonymous said...

Ahhaha Mandi you ALWAYS crack me up. Is it weird that I don't know you at all but I really want to be your friend? I feel like I'm in the 3rd grade again hahahaha.

ANYWAY, I love all the signs - especially that last one - but I agree with Carisa Knox: you should sell them!! Those Ginger Bread/Egg Nog/Fudge signs? Way too cute. I would buy one of each, right now.

P.S. I just watched "The Santa Claus" last weekend and have no excuse for Christmas in June. So don't feel bad about the early start. :)

Teri said...

These are all awesome, Mandi! Wish I could come to that craft sale - especially the "food" signs! Love that! What medium do you use to create your stencils? Is it vinyl?

Kady L. said...

I didn't hate them! I LOVED them!! Didn't you get my thank you email?! I did wonder why you never wrote back... thank you!!

linda @ CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Love all your signs! Your giftee HAD to love her new signs! (if not, she can send them my way lol) Thanks for showing off what you made! I had fun checking it out :) The next gift exchange will be in november, I hope you'll participate again!
happy crafting,