Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Snow can suck it.

I hate cold. I hate dark. And even though I grew up in this great state of Utah ("greatest snow on earth!"), returning to the cold has been a serious shock to my system.

That's why I decided I need an Ode to Summer. Yes, that's right-- a little summer crapt to display my love of warmth and sun.

So, of course, I raided my dad's house for scraps. I don't know what to say except for. . . I am a dirty, dirty thief. Also, I stole that shutter.
Found myself an awesome, big piece of plywood and painted it white.

So my son could park his skateboard on it. Thanks a bunch for the wheel marks, dude.

Considered all the words I wanted on here and had the machine (Megan and ye other folk who are wondering just what machine, this is the machine) cut it:

Sunshine, ocean, seashells, fireflies, campfires, lemonade, watermelon, sprinklers, popsicles, sunsets, flip flops, sunglasses. . .

Yep, I found a happy place.

I would like you to know that

craft paint comes off of tile, hardwood floor, and marble. Just so ya know.
Wait? Isn't that what I have a crapt room for? Huh.

Began adding these bad boys with whatever paint I had in the house,

and of course, it had a date with Mr. Sander.

Not sure where I'm gonna put this, but I'm ready for summer.

And then I'll move come November.


Emily said...

I hate the snow and the cold too. I am such a wimp when I come that that stuff.

Carisa Knox said...

I left WY as soon as I could to avoid ever living in the cold and snow. I thought we would only ever live in southern CA and then my husband decided that the economy was going to crash in CA so we ended up in VA and will probably stay here until he reitres. HOWEVER, the minute the party is over the moving truck will in the driveway and no less than 20 big and burly guys will be in my house packing our stuff so we can hit to road back to CA within the hour. Think White House moves on inaugeration day.
Anyway, enough of my drama, I love your sign. Absolutely perfect in every way!

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

I live in bloody California and I need one of those.

We had rain last Thursday.

JUNE people, it's JUNE!

WhettenWild said...

That's so cute! Wanna move to the Southwest with me?? I'm moving back I tell ya!

Krista @ Craving Some Creativity said...

Oh fun! love the pop of color in the house...having trouble getting motivation to decorate in our house since we have to move end of the month...what's the point??? :) Loving everything coming out of your crapt room:)...and the story of your bum pinching son, haha:)

Kim said...

adorable!!! inspired me!!

gina3 said...

Those colors really liven things up. That's really fun. Great words you chose. I like the lemonade. My son drank two huge glasses of lemonade yesterday in record time. We already had our first 100 degree day down here in Texas.

Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

Ah! I know how ya feel. I grew up in the wrong state considering how much I hate the cold... I'm in the Chicago area. Weather S.U.C.K.S! Why am I still here? Got me!

Anonymous said...

Okay, A. that is super cute. And B. gosh I miss winter. I miss snow. Want to try Florida in June? It's been 85+ degrees-feels-like-105-due-to-humidity since early May. There has GOT to be a happy medium somewhere, I just know it!!

dena4kids said...

come on back! you know you want

Leca said...

I just discoverd your blog and I've got to say-- color me impressed. You are stinkin' funny! I will be coming back for more. You are my kind of lady!