Monday, June 7, 2010

It's the plague.

I interrupt my busy crapting schedule to make announcements concerning the ole Tremayne country farm.

Let's start with thee, um, fun ones, shall we?


would be my kindergartner's western dance program.

Or I could just say, "part 2 of 'in the parenthood' nerdyness."

So I smiled and giggled through it; I snapped pictures and waved like the dweeby mom I am.

And then we got to The Macarena. You know? The Macarena.?. Right? You might even have a video of you on your wedding day, if you're like me, doing The Macarena. You might not if you're not a complete nerd. Whatever.

Anywho, my smiles turned to laughing shock/humiliations galore when I saw this:
("Heeeey Macarena. . .. Aye!")

Oh sorry. You might not know which child I'm referring to. The one with a kungfu grip on his cheeks. You know, this one?

Horrified, I tell you. I didn't teach him that. I can just see his teacher now not wanting to embarrass him during practice saying:
"now children, where do our hands go at the end? On our backs. Like this." And she sees no improvement.

Well, at least, after careful review, I do see another child with the cheek squeeze going on. Phew.

And on to. . . the notsofun.

The baby.

What's on her face, beside that alligator tear? Poo. POO. Poo on her face, all over her sheets, on her crib, on her bumper pads, smeared on her binky. . ..
That yellow/green mark behind her face on her blankie? Pooooooo.

I put her in the shower with Daddy. (I do have a picture of that but, um, I think that's where my husband's good humor will come to an abrupt halt).

And that's when he noticed: what the heck is going on with our little girl's skin?

It quickly turned to this.
And spread up and down her bod.

When she woke up from her nap with massively puffy eyelids, I wigged out, man. Thank heavens for urgent cares open on Sundays.

Today, after lots of hydrocortisone and 2 doses of Benadryl, we still have zees:

Yowsas. Could be simple hay fever. Could be a food. Could be that Jeff used ivory soap on her yesterday to clean the poooooo. Could just be the POOO.


Emily said...

OHH poor kid. If you want to Dave's mom is working today at the urgent care I work at, you could take her in there. Josh is the provider and he is awesome. He may be able to give her something else???
I love that they are still teaching the kids the macarena.

Anonymous said...

Is is a sign of my emotional maturity that I would WAY rather be at a kindergarten western dance program than sitting at my desk at work? (Where, as you can see, I am working SUPER hard.)
And, ok, I'm so glad your little baby is okay, but seriously those pictures are HILARIOUS!!!! OMG. You are going to have so much ammo for that rehearsal dinner video, it's not even funny!

Pressed Petals said...

oh my! maybe watching big brother do the mac dance made her break out! heehee.

sure hope she gets better really soon.

Layne Bushell said...

Oh poor baby mckenna...that sounds yucky yucky yucky. Hope she's feeling better. Is she at least acting normal even though her skin clearly is not?

Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

Awww poor baby girl! I hope it's gone quick...
And LOVE the 'kung fu grip' on the butt cheeks, LOL!!

Carisa Knox said...

First things first... My husband loves you because you are WAYYYY more funny than I am and you lighten the atmosphere in our house considerably. Thank you for that!
Second, poor McKenna. I hope she feels better today. I would have freaked out. It's good that you have pictures though in case it gets worse or best case senario, to see it change and shrink as it goes away.
I'll send my questions tonight after Bible study. The Hubs is fixing dinner and it's probably time that I re-engage and get my girls ready to go.

gina3 said...

The macarena pic made me chuckle outloud. The Mckenna pic made me say "oh, poor thing" outloud. It reminded me of when my son around her age had Roseola. He also had a really bad rash from changing laundry detergent. Hope she feels better soon and hope you all recover from the poooarama. By the way, here's a website you might like. It's my pediatrician's website (he's awesome). Scroll down and every bit of helpful info you've ever wanted is right there (in case the emergency care clinic isn't open). It's helped me more times than I can tell you.

WhettenWild said...

That picture of J is as funny as you explained it to me. I bet you are the only one that noticed though! Everyone else was too busy watching their kiddo.

That rash is freaking me out! Does it hurt her?

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

Ummm...are you NOT supposed to be grabbing your tuckus when you do the Macarena?

I should have paid more attention in decorum class.

And poor munchkin! Hope she doesn't itch. Nothing worse than an itchy baby. Poor sweetness.

Sarah and Brian said...

She is adorable! I love chubby legs! I hope she's feeling better and like I always say...better you than me in poo instances. I'm sure going to be cursed when/if we ever have children.

dena4kids said...

Love the butt pick!heeheee!=)

Poor McKenna! We keep dealing with skin issues in this house.It is driving me crazy! I hope she gets better!

chris w said...

NOOOOO! The poo horror!!!

Poor little girl. I hope she feels better!

That bumb picture makes me feel so much better. My little guy has been grabbing his cheeks lately and making them "talk". Just to be clear, he doesn't watch any tv shows that would have given him that idea. I swear it's in the Y chromosome.

Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

@ Chris W - lol... my husband does that - he hasn't grown up yet. Wish me luck :)

Teri said...

Well the first one's pretty funny (death-grip on the cheeks) but the second one is not! Poor little snuggley baby...I hope she's feeling better soon!

Yorgason said...

oh my gosh poor thing..she is getting so big so stinkin cute...I promise we still need to get together let me just get through the month of june i am over young women camp and it has been ya

June said...

I poo part is hilarious! I have nightmares about this but so far we've been spared... knock on wood! I hope she gets better soon!