Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun with Freezer Faper.

Um, so I have this compulsion to cover everything with stencils and paint these days.

It was really hard for me to admit that.

I don't know what the dealy-o is; I just like painting something while I view my reruns and chuckle over Britta, Pierce, Abed and Jeff.

Anywho, remember this little diddy?

Well, this little baby (my niece) is on a countdown, here. Let's see here. . . we're 1,2,3, . . .10 days away here. She's their number 6. And she's the final.

Ever had a c-section? Can you imagine six??
'Mmm hmm. Whooooo. My sister is a serious trooper.

So I felt like she needed another lil onesie.

Sienna. Ain't that cute? Like Sienna Miller. Er, I guess that's not the best example of the name.

I guess I should point out little Sienna's last name will be Whetten. Just so you understand the back of this.

See, we have:

Um, so this onesie- it's a total Monet. From afar it looks adorable and up close it's a real mess. Those little letters are a booger. But I figure it's an under shirt, and it'll do real well for some adorable snaps of her.

And nothing more.

But moving on . . .

I've had these on my idea board for a little over 6 months now:

I love 'em! They're just so cute! (major high pitch squeal at the end of "cute!")

(ooh. . . or these if you had a beachy themed cottage or something)
They are also $23 (on sale). Wha, huh? We go through hand towels around here like we go through baby wipes. I'm gonna spend 23 smackeroo's on something that will wipe up Jace's spilled apple juice? (Seriously son, can you have a bevi without spilling it?? Seriously.)

Well, on an anniversary shopping trip that included Ikea (and a very bored husband, who when I said "let's go-- but I'm lost" changed from bored to relieved, spent less than 2.8777 seconds staring at a map, and then said: "we're going here, then turning here, and here, and we're out") -- I bought some tea towels.

You know, those 50 something cents tea towels?

That's my kind a price for mopping up John's goobery cereal.

And I went about personalizing them.

'Cause, frankly, I needed something to do while I watched Community's "Modern Warfare" episode for the 187th time.

And we're done. Will they mop up hot chocolate? Will they be washed 100 times and totally faded?

Heck yes, bro-chacho's. But again, they were 50-something cents.

I think I'll personalize some more.


1 Funky Woman said...

I want some! I hope for 50 cents you bought a ton! I love the whine part. How about is it 5 o'clock yet?

I need to do some of these. You should see my to do list after this cast is off! I think it might be from here to you!

Teri said...

The "whine and diner" - love it! :)

Leca said...

I love it. My sister has been going hog wild doing freezer paper on all kinds of clothes and accessories-- but towels? That's awesome! I think I need me some of those.

WhettenWild said...

The onesie turned out SO cute! I love it!!!! Thanks!

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

I would like you to make me one that says "Make your own damn tofu-burger, we're having STEAK."

The kids might not think it's as funny as I do, though.

Dede said...

Kay, I have to know how you do it. I'm really a craft dummy. Do you use regular fabric paint on it, or what? I've been wanting to do "napkins" for awhile:-)

gina3 said...

Congratulations on your newest niece! Her onesie is really cute. Your kitchen towels? LOVE them! You need to include a tutorial...or sell them!

dena4kids said...

best episode EVER!! I could watch it everyday and still be cracking up!I heart Senor Chang!=)
I love the towels and the onesie too!

Anny said...

ROFL I bet they save that onesie for Sienna - even if she is 6th and they have 5 other boxes of savables ;)

I think I've said it before but its such a good thing you love your married name because it shows up everywhere! Did your parents monogram everything too?

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

oooh, love it! Where do you find 50 cent tea towels?

I haven't tackled the freezer paper method, but this post has me dying to try it!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

This would be a great gift for Christmas! You could personalize them for friends/family. Love em!!