Monday, May 17, 2010

Close Enough For Government Work.

So, after 342 coats of paint, 5,808 nails from the nail gun later. . .

my crap-t room is done. Kinda sorta. As in, I still want to plank the ceiling. Still. And Jeff won't put in my chandelier until I plank it (now that electrical stuff is something I cannot do on my own). So we're mostly done. But it's totally ready to crap-t!

First things first: Let's get some close ups, here.
Let's start with my favorite, shall we?
The window.
If I did everything else wrong, at least I like my window.

I love the shutters. LOVE. No tutorial needed for these-- what you see is what it is. It's cut strips of wood (use pine or poplar or whatever blows your skirt up) to the length of the window. Space them (I spaced mine 3/4 of an inch apart), and nail those bad boys directly to the wall with a nail gun. Take 2 strips, the same width, and place them horizontally on top and bottom. It don't get easier than that.

'Cept for how annoying it is to try and keep your spacing perfect AND hold a level to make sure they're up and down AND watch that they're the same height. Ew.
I luff the curtains to death. Except they're not curtains. It's a shower curtain. I cut it down the center and my beautiful, lovely, talented, and kind sister in law sewed the ends up for me so they won't fray.

I used the "machine" to cut my "DREAM", using Carnivalee Freakshow font (I love that font, man) and an old music paper for the front. Does anything say "dream" more than a lovely piece of music? I ask you?

Do you feel as though my curtains are wearing floods? Well, screw y thanks for noticing. I'm not sure I care, though.

And moving to the other wall. . .

silhouettes. Which I adore. Used old frames, and so they're the cost of paper. Keep in mind that this project is meant to be dirt cheap, so this definitely fits the bill.

The window. Spotted that with my eagle eye at a yardsale. 3 buck-a-roo's.

They were using it as a message board, which is totally cool, but I wanted it restored to it's old window self. I'll definitely be using all the pieces I took off of it, though.

Now, I want you to know that my chair railing is baseboard. Cheap, less than $1 per linear foot baseboard. (let's see that cost me $8, $12, $16. . . never mind never mind I don't want to know) See, I don't play by the rules of "crown" molding, or "base" or "chair". It's all just molding. And it can go wherever you think it'll be pretty. Which leads to why the lumber dude at the hardware store is a tool. I don't need to feel like a moron 'cause I'm willing to use what I want and not keep to the code.

A few things about this closet wall:
The aforementioned chalkboarded closet door:

I love this doorknob. 3 buckaroo's also at the Hob Lob. However,

this is not a functional door knob. See, there is no hardware inside the door. The knob is a facade. I don't have a problem with that. It's just a closet. Beauty before functionality, here. They do, however, have beautiful, functional knobs for more moolah.
(only $10 a day? What a dump.)

Free signs. Made with scraps.

And, this here's my cozy little nook where crapting will take place. I guess we dedicated it this morning at the butt crack a dawn. In our jammies. With goldfish.

What's that? You were wondering what the quote on the wall was?

So let's do some B & A.







Next stop: furniture, organization shelves, and a computer desk. I dream of a canvas table cloth and cushy pillows on that nook over there.

So let's head on down to the crap-t room! Let's crap-t some stuff! Who's with me? Let's get our crap-t on!


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Kristi said...

Wow! It looks great and I love everything! When I was doing my studio and saw your shutters, I thought maybe I'd do those too, but then I wasn't sure how it would look with curtains. Now I know and I'll probably be adding shutters soon. Great job!! Have fun shopping for furniture and shelves.

Oh, I gave you a Trendy Blog award. Go on over and check it out.

dena4kids said...

Nice job Mandi! I love, love, love your door knob! Makes me want to redo my whole house!:)

Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points said...

OK, Yes I DID squint at the writing on the wall because it didn't occur to me to scroll down just a LITTLE further and see if you'd posted a closer picture of it.

Because sometimes I am a stupid dork.

And it looks bloody awesome!

Planked ceiling? Ooooh....I can't wait!

Emily said...

I love it! I love your quote on the wall, it's totally true!

Layne Bushell said...

another smash hit by Mandi...looks great!

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

Just keep it are making me more jealous with each post. I want that room! Love the "Dream" in the window, and the shutters.

Shellie said...

oooooooooooohhhh! aaaaaahhhh!

so jealous that you have your very own crap-t room. so jealous.

love it.

1 Funky Woman said...

I bet your husband finds you sexy when you hold a nail gun, I would! Wait, not that I'm saying anything, seriously! Love the old window and you haven't told me what machine you use for your vinyl. I love the quote you put on the wall! You are kind of making me want some in my house!

1 other question: Do you have a follow button for your blog? Its a good thing I love you and go and find you everyday, ha ha!

Me, Meg, Megan, 1 Funky Woman 1 Crazy Woman and 1 woman that could really use a cocktail!

Don't you want to put my giveaway at your side so you have another chance to win?

Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

Really cool!!! :)

Dara said...

Looks GREAT! Funny, I don't think I ever stepped foot in that room....or any of the basement for that matter!!!
Love the window, treatments and all!

Great Job!

gina3 said...

Let's take this point by point.
1. this is looking awesome!
2. "butt crack a dawn" made me laugh outloud and my family's looking at me funny
3. LOVE the curtains and no they are not waiting for a flood, they are waiting for you to paint that little bench I spotted and put it under the window or some other cute thing.
4. I can not believe you got that doorknob at HL. I was just sure there was some old story behind it.
Can't wait to see if you can manage the ceiling on the cheap. That's something I would love to do.

WhettenWild said...

Love the shutters. That's so cute! The room turned out great. I love it.

Halls Huddle said...

K, when can I come over and see it in person? I saw that window in your garage and was very curious! You are amazing.

The Autocrat: Haley said...

Love the "DREAM" letters in the window!! Thinking of doing something like that for my room too! You did a great job!

chris w said...

For real. How are you that cool?
It looks SO good!

Love the ruffly curtains -not too short, perfectly a little bit longer than the window. :)

Love the christening with the goldfish.

Love the "loading" bar on the chalkboard.

Can't wait to see the crap, I mean awesome projects that come out of that room!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Yes that's it! The window & curtains are waiting for a bench with pillows so you can look out & dream!! This is just an amazing transformation & so inexpensive. You are so funnnnnnny!!! Where did you get the old sheet music? Need some for a project in my music room!

Janelle Bartlome said...

I love the title of your blog... and everything else. And I love that you will be crap-ting.

Miranda said...

I'm so jealous of your crap-t room! It's looks great, btw. I love the shutters. I may have to 'borrow' that idea too.

Anny said...

It looks absolutely awesome! I love how you have grown up silliness everywhere :)

Angie @ The Country Chic Cottage said...

This looks FAB!! Crappy to crafty -- love it!

Cathy M~(checkitoff) said...

Mandi, I would love to know your source for the sheet music. I will see it if you post it in these comments. Thanks!!

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

Wow, turned out great! Love the loading bar, I literally laughed out loud at that. I've been wanting to use shower curtains as curtains in my room forever, but my mom tried to convince me it was weird. Thanks for letting me know it's not, I'll be tackling that and it will be our little secret, haha!

Rory from Tools Are For Women Too! said...

This room is full of the greatest ideas, but I love the shutters best. Great job! Crafters everywhere have craft room envy! Thanks for sharing and see you next week! Rory

Teri said...

Did you ever know that you're my hee-row? You're everything I would like to beeee!

Seriously, woman, your skills rock my socks!

Stephanie Lynn said...

Stunning transformation! Love each and every detail! I can not wait to see what else you have planned for this room! The b&b is gorgeous! Fabulous touches! Hope you are enjoying your weekend! ~Stephanie Lynn

handbags*n*pigtails said...

I love every single element about this room! Can I ask where you got the silhouettes? Was it online?

Anonymous said...

That window really is bee-yoo-tiful!! i love the way it looks with the light coming in and the exposure like that, too. What a fabulous sight to enjoy while sitting there crap-ting. ;)