Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time me.

Please join me in the hallway, my friends.

I mentioned earlier that I was up for a hallway transformay-shon. And today was the day.

Remember when I welcomed you into the boudoir? That doesn't sound right. Remember when I showed you the trim I put up in my room?

Well, that, my friends, is the easiest, cheesiest trim there is to do on the planet.
It takes 10 times longer to paint it then it does to put it up.

This time, I'm going for a double decker look, though. I like it better.
So! Time me! How long does it take to do an 11 foot wall? Huh, huh?
I've got my strips of wood,

my friends: mr. nail gun, the air compressor, level, tape measurer (it only took 5 minutes this time to find it!) and pencil.

Let's do this mess.

And go. (it's 1:10 pm).
("This isn't even a stop watch; it's a thermometer." name that tv character)
1:37 pm.

(Mommy hint: fill up your air compressor in the garage, then bring it inside. You won't wake the kids up that way)
2:05 pm.

I just need that one last piece over there. Wha? The saw battery is out? Son of a. . .

4:50 pm.

Hey now, waiting for the battery to recharge doesn't count. I say it would have taken me 1 hour, maybe 70 minutes to complete that wall.

Now I just get to paint it. . . yay. . . (sarcasm implied)


Creative Decor by Brooke said...

You have to stop! How is it that you do BIG project after BIG project? I am amazed. I have to do this trim thing somewhere. Please tell me what the wood strips are? Did you cut them or did they come that way? How thin are they? I love that look.

Teri said...

Crafty AND quick! You really are Wonder Woman! It looks great, Mandi! And to answer your question, no, I haven't used it for scrapbooking yet...I've abandoned every attempt in frustration, and I haven't invested in any digital scrapbooking stuff because I wasn't sure if it would work in Gimp or if I could use the same instructions to figure it out. :)

WhettenWild said...

It's gonna look great!

Amanda said...

I too want the details of the project. I think I want to do something like that in my very white and undecorated bedroom.

Can't wait to see the finished product.

Emily said...

That's going to look awesome!

Mandi said...

Brooke & Amanda-- I'll post on the how-to's tomorrow!

Audra said...

As always you rocked this hard and I am diggin' it...You know I wanna copy cat this in the worst way. I don't have to worry about the kids...but I might anger a fur baby or two while they are sunning themselves or tearing up the house.

I appreciate that you could commiserate...It was eerie how easily I slipped back into major mad mom mode. My nerves!

1 Funky Woman said...

Loving it so far! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the awesome comments on my mental status, oops mantle! Wow, BH&G, I'm flattered! I put the tulips back on the table and moved the urn with artichokes to the living room coffee table.

I'm going to paint the GW table black and then I will post again!

xo~ meg

dena4kids said...

I really love it! I like the double.=)

Anny said...

You always make stuff look so easy :)

chris w said...

Dang, that's gonna look good!