Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's a sickness.

Vinyl love, that is. Speaking of vinyl love, check this place out. They take awesome vinyl ideas to all new levels. Stuff like this.

Or this.

So yeah- -I mentioned months ago that I'd crossed that thin, thin line of too much vinyl in my house.
Hehehehe. . .

So, um, I might have added some more.

But wait! They're in inconspicuous places. Umkay? That doesn't count.

Take my laundry room. It already had this.

I felt like it needed sumfin' more. Some buddies, if you will. And when I saw 1 Funky Woman's totally awesome laundry room,

It was like. . . yeah. But this is just not gonna be on such a cool level. I know! I need a hoodie. Just like that picture all the way up top.

Ooh, and some boxers! Sweet.

Yes, I said boxers. . . are you thinking what I'm thinking?

'Mm hmm. Definitely.

And finally, this quote-- It just rocks. I had to use it, and place it right underneath thee ole idea board.

Is the quote, the idea board, or me crooked?
I'm thinking all of the above.

I really am done with vinyl in my house now. Cross my heart.


kim said...

ooo, I LOVE that quote!

Dara said...

You just got me thinking of some ideas to "fun" up the playroom!!!!

Layne Bushell said...

so when are you going to start on mine? I have no vinyl...hint hint hint. he.he.he

Emily said...

There's nothing wrong with vinyl. You always do the cutest stuff with it.

1 Funky Woman said...

Oh, so cute why didn't you tell me you had done something! I want that quote "she believed she could so she did" Where can I get it?

I love the heart boxers! Are you letting us know what your hubby wears? Ha


Creative Decor by Brooke said...

I love the boxers. You have to take another picture from farther away and show us where you put them. I just loved looking at your idea board, neat ideas on there for sure.
About my keys, I wish I could do something as cool as your hotel room key thingy. Love that! But I saw a simpler thing at Rod Works I want to try.

Anny said...

ROFL I heart the boxers!

I logged in to pay my Comcast bill and there is a "Contact Us" button. Under that there is the option for live chat. I told the guy my last promotion was over in December (the $20/month one) and asked if there were any new promotions I qualified for. He offered the $35 without my even having to mention how loyal we are (pay bills on time, customer for X amount of time, etc.). My friend got a cheaper offer calling the 1-800 number so I'll have to remember that for 6 months from now ;)

He did try to sell me phone service through them but I said my cellphone has too many minutes as is and he dropped it. No pressure and because it was over on-line chat, very easy to do.

Anny said...

Oh - forgot to say that the promotional $35 rate is only for six months, which is why I plan to call again in 6 months and a day LOL

Pressed Petals said...

You are too kind. Let me think, now my mind went blank! heehee! Really you made my day!

Teri said...

Mandi: I have changed my mind. I will forgo my (hopeful) adoption if you will pretty please come and vinyl my wall! I love that quotation. It definitely suits you!

Teri said...

Just wanted to let you know that I tagged you in my post today, Mandi!